Friday, December 17, 2010

It's the bees vagina homie. It's DEAR SARA!

Yee haw- grab your Moonshine and Moonpies and let's get this shiz rollin'.

1. How/when did you start blogging? I had to look this up because I couldn't remember. My first post ever was in May 2008 and you can see that HERE. I originally started it because I was really overwhelmed right after Jackson was born and I just couldn't keep up with everyone wanting updates. I mean, yay for wanting them.. but jesus fuck people. It's really hard to have two kids, be potty training one of them, and then recovering from having a baby. It's a lot of work on top of all my jobs as a wife and head bitch up in here. So that's how we started. Clearly... I've moved away from that. Mostly because family weren't checking it so I figured to hell with it- we'll change it all about me. Well, it's not really that, but you get the point. But NOW suddenly family reads it and gets mad at things I write sometimes. Which is unfortunate because I'm just being who I am normally with my friends.

2. I love bad dating stories- did you ever have any bad dates? I've only been on one really bad date and it was in college, while in between boyfriends. I knew the guy and he was really nice. What wasn't nice was that he took me to Grizzly's, which is restaurant near me I like, and proceeded to do weird stuff. First it was flossing his teeth at the table. Then he kept putting his finger in his ear and shaking it... like he had an itch or something. Then proceed to eat off our appetizer. Um.. disgusting. Then he would chew and talk at the same time and that is just so gross because then you have food flying from his mouth onto everything else. The topper? He learned over and totally farted. Now.. I get how sometimes it will not quietly into the night. I get it. But come on. At least not make it obvious. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. THANKFULLY this restaurant has a cool set up so I didn't go to the bathroom, I went out the side door by the bathroom and went home. And before you bash me- I DID pay for my food/drinks at the bar so I didn't leave him hanging for my stuff. He never called me again thankfully. A few weeks later I went on a date with Matt and that was that.
3. What is something you do that you are embarassed about and don't want people to know, but will share with your lovely blog readers anyways? Hmm... I don't know? I can't think of anything I'd do that I wouldn't do in front of people. Well... masturbating but that's not really embarrassing. Oh- one thing I do that I get teased about is every time I get a cup out of the cupboard... I blow into it. Actually, any cup I use I blow into before I fill it. It started when we lived at a house that had weird cupboards, and you'd get dust or pieces of the cupboard in your glass. So you'd have to blow to get it out. Well... everyone else has stopped doing that but I continue. And for no reason-- I just can't use the cup unless I blow into it.

4. What keeps you motivated to get on the fuckmill? Not being a fat fuck? That helps. And I gave away all of my size 14's and 16's... so I'd be half naked if I gained any more weight. So there's that. After doing it for a full year... I still hate every second on there but I do feel better. I like feeling sore the next day.

5. What's one thing that keeps you, you? That keeps you who you are even with all the roles you play- mother, daughter, friend, wife etc. Maybe it's something that grounds you, maybe it's something you do for yourself etc. Honestly? It's my friends. No matter how crazy I get, how overwhelmed I get.... my friends are never afraid to say, "Sara- stop being a fucking whore". They keep me in check far better than Matt does. He'll just take it and my friends are the ones to reel me in. At the same time- they make me feel better when I feel like I'm being raped sideways by life. My whole thing is that if I'm not having fun, if I'm not smiling or laughing, something needs to change. I can say that I haven't really changed as I've gotten older. My personality is the same as it's always been... I'm just at a point now where I don't mind if people don't like it. I'm not going to censor myself because it makes something unhappy. To them I say- fuck the hell off... I don't need you anyways.

The things that keep me from going crazy are: reading, scrapbooking, music, writing, and walking. If I'm really having a hard time I turn to these things to get me back on track.


THANKS for the questions! I know someone asked me about meal planning/grocery shopping kickassness and I will do an entire post on that. Mondayish.

Please come back tomorrow because I am having a hilariously appropriate giveaway and you need to play along.

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AmberLaShell said...

I totally blow into my cups before I use them too! OMG, I thought it was normal, but now i'm not so sure... :)

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prettylittlereckless said...

haha I love that these were all my questions :)

and the farting date guy- first off- eww, that WAS a bad date, second- I'm guessing he felt since he knew you and that he felt it was ok? At least you escaped!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

The only really BAD date I ever went on was a guy that seriously insulted me the WHOLE time. Like... do you think that's going to turn me on or something? WTF.

Anonymous said...

lol... shiznit

Anna @ the owl and the phoenix said...

I blow into cups before putting something in them too! 3 of us...I deem it completely normal =)

Nikolett said...

I actually think it's really cute that you blow into your cups before you use them - this is why I tend to put mine upside down to avoid the dustiness. And methinks I still owe you a graphic or two, please e-mail me and refresh my crap memory and I'm so sorry for leaving this blog of loveliness for so long. Hope you have an awesome possum weekend :)

DLK said...

LOL - Sara to all of it!

I'm a blower, too. Oh, and I blow into my cups, not my everyday ones, but the wine glasses in the dining room (even tho I do use them everyday, too - weird).