Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Tree. RIP.

Every year one of my favorite things to do is decorate the Christmas tree. A lot of my memories from childhood, at least my favorites, are from Christmas. Like decorating with my mom, making cookies when we had to use cups to roll dough because we couldn't afford a rolling pin, going to my Grandparent's on Christmas Day, etc. So every year I'm determined to make the entire Christmas season fun for my kids.

The day after Thanksgiving is when we traditionally put our tree up but this year we waited until Sunday because life got in the way. Matt HATES doing the tree so I let him off the hook as long as he carries all the decorations in from the garage and puts our tree up. I'll take over from there. We have a 6.5 foot pre lit tree we've had since we've moved into our house- so it's 5 years old. It's like the perfect size for our house and I like it.

Anyways- so here is me and the kids on decorating day. No makeup allowed on decorating day and we dress like bums. It's fun.
 So we get the tree up and almost immediately Stumpy and Batman think I've given them the best toy ever. You see how the top third of my tree is separated from the rest of the tree? Yeah- because Stumpy, who is grossly obese for not even being a year old, sits there. Like a fucking squirrel.

Then Batman and Stumpy fight with the tree so you'll notice the whole thing is tilting to the left.

But the best part? Is that Batman chews on the wires for the lights, while it's plugged in. The bottom third? No long lights up so we had to get REALLY white trash and put a string of lights on the tree. But after we did that we've noticed that half of those blink. So the bottom right hand side of my tree blinks.
 And you'll notice that Batman is tearing those off the tree by seeing the string hanging off the bottom.
 Sad tree. :(

This is the first year that our tree is decorated ONLY with ornaments with meaning. No crappy bulbs on this baby. Every year since Matt and I have been together we've had a tradition where we'd buy an ornament that reminded us of our year. I have a scrapbook and I take a picture of the ornament and then write why we got it, what happened that year, etc. And when the kids were born, we'd include an ornament for them. So this year, our ornament is from Chicago. I bought it back in March when we were there to see the Muse concert.
 Olivia picked out a Hello Kitty ornament for her:
 Jackson got a Woody ornament.
 You'll notice we have no topper on our tree. We once had a star, but last year it wouldn't do anything. So we threw it out and Matt bought a really ugly looking piece of shit from Walgreens for $5. Yeah- not surprisingly, that thing broke this year. Here's what I found when I realized Matt shoved it in the box with the tree.
Honestly, a few days after throwing it out I decided maybe it would really be awesome being all ghetto and broken- it kind of fits in with the theme of our tree. BUT the garbage man already took our garbage away. Sad day. And Target has pretty ones... but I'm not spending $30 for a fucking tree topper Stumpy is just going to dislodge from the top anyways.

But this year it's a White Trash Christmas. OH!!!! And I got a cool shirt for this year's festivities.. it's bright green and says "Griswold Family Christmas" and has a picture of the station wagon with giant tree tied to it. AWESOMEBALLS. I can't wait to wear that baby. I'm going to take pictures of our ghetto outdoor illumination (I'm channeling my inner Clark Griswold there) this year. It's shameful and almost embarrassing to light up.


____j said...

I just haven't gotten in the Christmas Decorating spirit yet. But I hope it hits me before it's too late. I HATE decorating trees, but we have this small cutesy one, so it's not so bad. Maybe when I get a house I'll like it me when I can get a reaaaal tree.

Jennifer Kay said...

We have had many a year with a ghetto Christmas tree...we've had an artificial one that dates back to the days we lived in a real live TRAILER.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Monte is trying very hard to knock our tree over. I'm thinking you can have him for the holidays if you want ;-)

I love that all your ornaments are ones with meaning! We don't have nearly enough of those yet so we still have icky boring ones too but one day...

Danielle said...

I don't mind the decorating aspect, but I really am not looking forward to going to get the actual tree. Needless to say, I'm going tomorrow morning, with my mom and JC. *sigh* I hope you enjoyed True Blood and icecream tonight ... I'm super jealous! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have one of those cheap tree toppers too-it's a star that changes colors. Only half the lights blink on the tree, and my 3-year-old is constantly rearranging the ornaments so they're all on the bottom. Looks lovely. Oh and mom got me a T-shirt with Clark Griswold's entire rant on it, you know the "I wanna look him straight in the eye and...." Can't wait to wear that!

Stacia said...

What a great story! And the tree looks great. I get an ornament for the kids and I each year, too. When we're decorating, it's so nice to think back and remember those times. :)

Anna said...

My beautiful, sparkly star tree topper was too heavy for my cheap-ass tree last year so I made a star out of a bunch of scrapbook paper. It looked pretty awesome except for the ghetto part where I had to cut one of the spikes so I could get it on the tree (but you can't really see that anyway).

AmberLaShell said...

We are going to be out of town this year for christmas so we aren't decorating :( I like your tree though, perfect trees are boring... :)

check out my blog @

Helena said...

I don't have a real topper either. Too darn expensive. So this year I grabbed some fat ribbon at the dollar store, and tied a big bow on top. Cheap, and not-ugly.

Julie H said...

Poor tree! I'm hoping the dog doesn't kill mine this year since it's his first Christmas. Shoud have put it up over the weekend but I was too lazy!