Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is where I whoop your ass in productivity and make you feel like a loser.

And it's also where I get my Betty Crocker on homies. Sometimes people just have to be reminded who's in charge in this relationship. So here was my weekend:

First- I got good mail. "Good Mail" is anything that does not come with an envelope and a convenient tear off slip for me to mail in with money. I participated in an ornament exchange and mailed out my ornaments last week sometime. But Friday I got my first one (I should be getting two) in the mail. Kendra sent this to me WITH a pair of handmade earrings. SCORE. Mr. Snowman is being terrorized by the cats but he is holding his own.
At work they have stockings for all of us that work in Student Services, and you can put something in them if you'd like. It's my first year there so I'm not really sure what everyone else is doing, so I made up really quick & easy treat bags full of candy I would totally eat. They aren't nearly as cute as I wanted them to be but I had a lot to do this weekend and I was looking at crossing stuff off of my list.
Then I got busy making what we call Caramel Corn 'round here... but it's really a caramel chex mix. It's delicious and I only make it around the holidays otherwise I would eat it ALL OF THE TIME. I have the pictures and recipe... maybe I'll do a tutorial if there's demand. But I made two full batches of it as you can see. Some go to my mom, my brother, and to friends as part of their gift from us.
I also made Gifts-In-A-Jar things but that's being featured in a few days and when it's up I'll post a link. I own one shot glass and it's only because I use it for these types of things.

The kids decided that Batman was going to play baby. Here is Olivia holding him in a fabric baby carrier thing. Batman totally let her do it so that was fun.
Jackson was playing baby too except he kept shoving his baby into his riding turtle (seen in the background)- the seat opens up. Not neglectful at all.
I also got a little more shopping done. I ended up buying three sweaters for me... but then had a pang of guilt when I realized that after everything was said and done... we have $46 to our name and Matt gets paid on the 21st. I had him take two of them back. I kept one because we're going to do family pictures in January and I'll need that. AND I got it at 75% off. I mean, come on. I am sad my two from Old Navy had to go back. I miss them. :(

Today I finished our Christmas cards, got everything addressed and the letters stuffed in them. I'm completely out of stamps so yeah for that. I need to go buy more tomorrow. I also had an Etsy sale this weekend who was someone who won a giveaway I participated in. So that pretty much made my weekend.

This evening I made chocolate toffee bars. It was a new recipe and I'm waiting for them to cool. But here is a teaser picture for you:
Oh- we also killed Santa this weekend. Well- Stumpy and his fat ass did. RIP Santa's arms. Ghetto Christmas 2010 continues on without a hitch.
AND.... because I need to clean out my dining room of Etsy stuff so I can start thinking about 2011.... I have a major sale happening for the rest of the month. If you go to my shop and enter HALFOFFBLOG as your coupon code- you get 50% off your ENTIRE purchase. So go there and shop right now. Let's move this shiz homie g's.

I'm off to fold some laundry and get my ass on the fuckmill because I've been slacking and it is no longer ok. Toodles, bitches.


Oilfield Trash said...

I have not even started my christmas cards or even shopping yet. Although I did hang up the outside lights today so I guess I am making progress.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

There better be a caramel corn tutorial! And those toffee bars look AMAZING. I am officially drooling.

Helena said...

Whoa, you totally win the productivity competition. I think I've done 5 things total since I got laid off 2 weeks ago.

I need you to come out here and kick my ass into shape. Ok?

Meri said...

It seems to be a great "getting things done" weekend all over the place- which is fortunate considering the proximity to Christmas

I get really excited about "good mail" too- holiday cards, free samples, shipments from amazon, even good catalogs...

Ang said...

LOL, poor Santa!

Anonymous said...

:) I hope you liked the ornament and the ear rings!

Julie H said...

I'll take some food! I haven't done shit for Christmas. I need to gat my act together.

Jen@Dear Mommy Brain said...

I found your blog through Life in the Pitts and I. Am. In. Love. But not in that freaky kinda way.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You need a broken santa really. Your decor was crying out for it and Stumpy heard those cries.