Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turning 30 with a bang... Am I coming to you?

God- just the thought of this is making me scream in happy anticipation!

For those of you who are new to these parts, you need to catch up with us. If I've completed it- I've linked up to that post and you can go there and read the hilarity you know happened. (And for the record-  my big 3-0 happens on March 10, 2012 so I've got time.)
1. Go kayaking
2. Go parachuting
3. Go on a sailboat ride
4. Write a book-- in progress
5. Take the kids to Disney World
6. Try snorkeling again- try not to drown
7. Learn how to play one song on a piano
8. Take a road trip with friends
9. Go to Las Vegas with Matt
10. Complete a 5K-- I'm training. Kind of.
11. Learn how to knit something
12. Attend my 10 year High School reunion
13. See 10 concerts before I’m 30: Kings of Leon (Minneapolis), Paramore, Muse (Chicago), Kings of Leon (Chicago), Lilith Fair, Maroon 5, Anberlin/Civil Twilight/Crash Kings, Muse (Minneapolis), and in 2011 I have My Chemical Romance coming in...April.
14. Go on a helicopter ride
15. Dye my hair
16. Trip to another country (Canada counts) (this is hopefully happening Fall of 2011)
17. Lose at least 15 pounds
18. Go camping. Outside. In a tent. (Happening Summer 2011)
19. Visit the Grand Canyon
20. Wear a bikini (preferably after losing the weight) (note to self: being drunk may help)
21. Read 300 books before I’m 30
22. Create a family tree book for the kids
23. See the Northern Lights
24. Go tubing and/or canoeing
25. Take kids to the Wisconsin Dells
26. Hike through the sea caves in the winter
27. Road trip weekend with Matt to anywhere
28. See a waterfall I’ve never seen before
29. Try skiing
30. Be happy

Holy fuck... linking everything sucks.

But on my list is a roadtrip with friends, wearing a bikini, try snorkeling, etc. I also wanted to celebrate the dirty 30 with a party with awesome people. But because I like to be an over-achiever and I have friends all spread out that I know aren't going to come to dump hole Wisconsin even if it WOULD be the party of their lives... I thought, "Hmm... let's have a never-ending party". And THAT'S WHAT WE'RE DOING.

You know I love you all and many, many of you talk about wanting to meet up and I love road trips. And I have a few friends who are crazy enough to want to join me on a massive road trip. I've always wanted to do a cross country drive... so I'm doing it.

That's right whores! This leader is setting off on the road beginning March 1, 2012! It seems far away...and it kind of is. BUT I need all the time I can get to plan and save money. The trip route destinations are as follows: (leaving Wisconsin)

South Carolina

It's fucking MASSIVE and going to be awesome. Right now I have my friend Lisa and my sister in law Kate on board. I'm going to kidnap them and make them come. I need a fourth person for sure for this trip and I'm working on that. I'll be driving and we're going to have fun.

But this is where you come in. Do you live in any of these states? We are looking for really fun things that are low cost and/or free to do. Where are some nice places to stay for really cheap? Do you have a hotel hookup? LET ME KNOW. I need to get this trip to the least expensive experience as possible. Obviously it's going to be spendy... but I want it to be a fun trip that I'm going to look back on and absolutely love and be thankful that I did it.

Overall, I expect to be gone for about 7-10 days at the most. Anything beyond that would get to be a bit much and we might not really do much in a few stops. Like Mississippi isn't screaming to me, but since we're in Alabama-- we may as well drive to MS to say we've been there and then to LA. My friend Lisa would like to cross off SC, MS, LA, AL off her list since she's seen a lot of the continental US and would like to say she's been to all of them. So maybe we just stop and get our picture next to a sign? Who knows. We are in preliminary planning stages right now, but I would like input. What do you think would be fun?

As we get closer to the date, for those of you interested in hanging out with me and celebrating my birthday, information will be provided. If you are in the area- I for sure expect you to come and see me. Otherwise I'll be pissy.


____j said...

Alabama! WOO! LOL :) I will totally cook for ya'll.

The Insatiable Host said...

hold on! canada fall 2011....details details details!!!!

that is really great you are so on the friggen ball!!!

again i ask details about canada!!!

AmberLaShell said...

I don't see Texas on that list,,, excuse me while I go and cry in the corner... :(


Danielle said...

Ahhhh New York isn't on the list, but perhaps I can make a trip to Florida during the time you're going to be there and meet you somewhere!!! :) I don't have any fun hookups :( Makes me feel like a useless P.O.S. LOL ... no but really it kinda does! :)

Canadianbloggergirl said...

You must let me know when and where you'll be in Canada, I'd totally love to meet!


Anonymous said...

I don't live in any of the states listed, I'm a bit farther :(
I love the idea of a road trip. I have been planning and researching my cross country trip for the past three or four years and I'm still not done. I have many more states to go to find something fun to do while there. My trip isn't happening for at least another four to five years or more so I have some time!! Have fun planning it, I'm told that's half the fun :)

Prettylittlereckless said...

so it's pretty effing awesome that we were both at the same Paramore concert. LOVE them. Paper Route totally SUCKED that night for sure. loved the guitar guy from the Swellers. mmm..... gorgeous. If they ever come back or anywhere near here, I know who I'll ask to come with me :)

Oilfield Trash said...

Just FYI, the South in the warmer months can suck as bad as the winter months up North.

Anonymous said...

Hmm no cow tipping while wearing a chicken suit? that's ok. I do liek your list though.

Lost said...

Title: pun intended?

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dude... I could maybe be up for this. Obviously it depends on what's going on when the time gets closer but hell, it'd be FUN.

Sara said...

Tennessee twice? :) I love road trips! It will be epic for you guys. Can't wait to see where you end up. So sad Ohio isn't on the list.

Ang said...

This sounds like a fantastic trip! Road trips are my favorite and it seems you guys will be busy busy (which is a good thing!).

Lorraine said...

I clicked on your old Paramore post because I saw them in concert this year, and that was counted toward one of my 25 before 25.

Misguided Ghosts live? Amazeballs.

I live in Florida! My first piece of advice but really more of a question is about how far down into the penis state you are willing to drive.


Julie H said...

You're making me want to do a 40 for 40 :)

You forgot California on your list :sads:

FinnyKnits said...

That sounds very very awesome. Even if California's not on the list ;)

Shirley said...

I don't see Arizona on that list but I will forgive you because you are my leader. I hear Alabama is beautiful.

Oh, My Darling said...

Road trip!?!? Awesomeness!