Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why bother changing?

Every year in December I start thinking about goals and things I want to do in the next year. Not really resolutions because I'm not resolving anything, but every year I have a few things I'd like to do.

Last year my main goal was to lose some weight and I have. Quite a bit actually. I'm down a lot AND I've kept it off. Obviously one of my goals is going to be to lose some more weight and I have a bigger reason to do that instead of just being fit.

Folks... this chick? Is going to do a boudoir shoot. I know. I'm kind of pissing myself thinking about it. And at first I had no idea what it really was but yeah.. then I Google'd that shit and I promptly stopped eating the pizza rolls with a side of cookies. Because yeah. I need to lose weight for that. I don't know any of the final things such as date, pricing, whatever but I know I can't spend more than $200 total. I just can't. But I'm excited anyways to say that I did it.

Preferably before I'm wrinkly and stuff starts moving south. Well, more south.

Anyways. But I have other goals for this year.

And keep in mind- this is my last full year before I turn 30... so my 30/30 list? I need to get cracking on that shit. So here's what is on the menu for 2011:

-Camping in a tent this summer. I'm scared of big animals that can eat me if they want. This is going to be a full weekend thing in northern Wisconsin- probably Brule so I can also get my canoeing off the list the same weekend.
-I also want to go to Vegas. I'm going to plan for August because Matt has his birthday then, I prefer heat, and so yeah. I'd like to go then. AND I can get my helicopter ride AND Grand Canyon visit off of there at the same time.
-Canada...somewhere. I need to travel internationally and this is the most plausible for our budget, which is close to nothing. But I need to do it. I even have my passport paperwork filled out!
-I need to find a cool waterfall in Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan to see. Then I can road trip with Matt to see it. Cross two things off at once.
-I need to learn piano. Or something. I just want to learn one song. Eventually I'd like to learn more but one song is all that is required for my list.
-This? Is the year of the 5K. I've been trying to run. Really, I have. I just am not equipped to run very far. I can do maybe 5 minutes max before I feel like I am going to die and my boobs will bounce off of my body. So I am going to say I just have to complete a walk/run 5K. And so my job this winter is to find one near me and sign myself up. And then show up and not embarrass the fuck out of myself.
-Matt is going to take my skiing somewhere around here for a day. He's pretty confident I'm going to suck and embarrass him and I'm just going to proclaim (for the first time ever..) that he's right. I suck at any kind of athletics so I'm going to make a fucking fool out of myself and come back looking like a domestic violence victim on my ass. I just know it. But he's an awesome skier so he said he'll try his best to not let me die or get run over by toddlers on a bunny hill.

OK. So my 2011 is fucking FULL. I am at the slight panic mode thinking I won't be able to fit it all in. I'm going to try really hard because I want to finish everything on my 30/30. It's my main goal.

And here's the fun thing. As I start planning all of these things.... I'm going to post it on my blog. And if you want to... you can join me. But here's where you come in:

- Do you know of a kick ass waterfall in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan? Let me know and I'll see where I can afford to go.

- What are your tips for traveling CHEAP to Vegas? If you have an in, now is your time to be my bestie.

OK. So now I'm off to the calendar to see when we can get this all in. Yikes.


Stacia said...

Yep...do a 5k. And you'll love it. My "goal" is to do 12 next year. I get very bored...3.1 miles is perfect! Just. Do. It.

Jennifer Kay said...

Okay cross the damn canoeing off your list because you will die. Or just do it first, die and get it over with. I did it once and barely made it out alive.

Okay, let's go to Niagra Falls (http://www.niagara-usa.com/) we could meet on the Canada side and camp. Three birds with one stone!

Or Taquamenan Falls (http://www.exploringthenorth.com/tahqua/tahqua.html).

Since I have never been to either and I really want to go (so does Jon), we are meeting there...I just decided.

Jandy xx said...

ooh, looks like so much fun!

vegas- it can easily be done on the cheap, lots of things you can get for free, theres always great bargains on flights and rooms - just keep an eye out - you have a bit of time up your sleeves! and i think i'd best get my bum in to gear and organise myself some flights too!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh you are not the only one needing to lose weight! However I just got done eating a ton of Skittles. Bad Krysten!

Shirley said...

I have a friend with a timeshare right on the strip and she can get rooms in her building for less than $100 a night. Vegas gets expensive if you are there trying to get smashed and end up taking an Australian to your room, but since Matt probably wouldn't like that it really shouldn't be horrible.

Latharia said...

All I can say is ... you got moxie, kid. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds! :D

Jon Hanson said...

If you're interested in running longer distances, there are great plans out there to get a person from running ZERO up to being able to run for 30+ minutes without stopping and you can actually get to that point in about a month if you're dedicated. It's all about slowly building your cardio - worked well for me a few years back.

Vegas is one of my favorite cities - been there a dozen times or more and going back in May. Get a package deal w/hotel & airfare. Start on sites like Travelocity or Orbitz to get an idea of what the going rates are. You can get cheap deals but be careful, you don't want to go too cheap and stay in some shit-ass no tell motel.

Jen said...

Now this is one great list!! And I love the fact you gave yourself a pat on the back for your 2010 accomplisments! Losing weight is a big deal!! Good job girl!!

Oilfield Trash said...

Sounds like a good list of stuff to do.

Shutterbug Mama said...

Boudoir shoots are fun! I personally didn't have mine done! My I photographed one for a friend. We had a blast!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is good luck in 2011! Your are going to be one busy woman.

prettylittlereckless said...

I'm going to Vegas next week and I found rooms for $55/night at MGM. I did end up scheduling everything separate though. The package deals I found were more expensive than doing it separate. But just research it! Also, I'm going at the beginning of the week so maybe that's why it's cheaper too?

I definitely want to do a 5k too! There's one close to me in August, so if ya wanna join- come on down! You're more than welcome to crash at my place :)

AmberLaShell said...

sounds like a great list to me, I can't wait to read all of your 30/30 adventures!


It's Just Me said...

too funny! i posted the same picture on my facebook page with the same comment. "why change now?"

happy new year!

Ang said...

Devil's Kettle in MN is a bomb waterfall. It'd be cheap too, because it's up on the North Shore. Otherwise all the waterfalls on the North Shore of Superior are AWESOME - you could hit way more than one in a day, if you're down to do some hiking. A good website for reference on this: http://gowaterfalling.com/waterfalls/maps/stateminnesota.shtml
If you do go up to the North Shore, you can drive all the way up to Canada - there is a waterfall on the border, so cross over to see the same falls from the Canadian side and you'll be able to cross that off your list at the same time!

Sun Country Airlines flies to Vegas on the cheap - sometimes not ideal flight times, but to save money, it's worth it. Pick a spot South on the strip, if you plan to rent a car, it'll save you money on lodging. All hotels have free parking, so you can drive to the hotels you want to see. South Point Hotel and Casino is a nice place. There are tons of free things to do in Vegas (Freemont Street is awesome, and all the hotels are beautiful to walk around and see - and free!) Walking up and down the strips is enough to last you forever on it's own.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Camping in a tent is overrated. Trust me. Camping in a 4 star hotel is much much better.

Nikolett said...

*whistles* Boudoir shoot, eh? I think you'll ace it, and I love all your goals. I like lists that are less about change and more about accomplishing wickedly awesome things.

PS Niagara Fall is ONE giant waterfall,l that could count right? Plus my city in Ontario is apparently the waterfall capital of the world. Really hope you get to make it here!!

SpiritPhoenix said...

I was going to suggest Taquamenon Falls, but I see Jennifer did already. I was there as a kid and remember them being really pretty.

Miranda said...

I third Taquamenon Falls. You can even see them frozen in the winter - sounds boring but it's stunningly beautiful. Plus it sounds you've got tons to keep you bust during the warmer months. This would give ya something to do im the winter.