Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winners and Light Up Your Life.

Chill the eff out peeps. God DAMN. I have 21 emails letting me know my drawing was to be at 6 and it's past 6. Yeah- I said I'd DRAW at 6 not post. Baby jeebus. I'll tell you why I'm late posting in a bit. But... without further ado before some of you have an ulcer..

EdenFantasys $25 Giveaway...
Random number says 22 so that is... PrettyLittleReckless! (Fun fact- 2 is my favorite number but 22 is my lucky number.) Email me with your email address since the card will come via email.

Stay With Me book drawing...

Random number said 2 so that would be Kassie! Kassie I will email you this evening so please reply with your mailing address ASAP.
THANK YOU to everyone who entered both giveaways and pimped this lil ol blog hardcore- I love you all. And if EdenFantasys lets me do another giveaway you'll be the first to know. But THANK YOU EdenFantasys for allowing me to host. Fun times. :)
OK. So last year we started a tradition taking our kids to Bentleyville which is a huge light up display in Duluth that originally started in this guy's YARD. Last year we froze our asses off and it took days for the numbness in our limbs to go away. And the plan was to go tomorrow night.. but... it was 35 degrees tonight. Which is like fucking paradise compared to last years balmy -27. That's BELOW ZERO homies. So we went tonight with my mom because she had never been to it. The kicker is that we got like ten inches of snow or something overnight, it's continuing to snow now, so the roads were kind of crap.
Anyways. The kids were super excited because Olivia is dead set that this is where the real Santa works. Here's the entrance:
 Beyond the castle you see the new tree- it is MASSIVE and super pretty. It blinks to music too.
 And this is the big tunnel of lights. Olivia kept asking when the big tunnel was coming because it does look pretty cool.
 A big thing to see in Duluth is our Aerial Lift Bridge which is still fully functional. The creator of Bentleyville has a replica bridge (and it moves) and it is set up so it looks like a boat is coming through.
 We saw two of Santa's reindeer so we stopped for a picture. I don't think Jackson really understands that kind of thing.
 Look! I'm officially a grown up with a winter hate AND a scarf. It was a big moment. I had to document it for you.
 OK. So we waited in line for awhile to see Santa. Now, while this picture doesn't show it, Olivia was REALLY excited. She told Santa she wanted "dresses, jewelry, makeup, Barbies and Polly Pockets." Jackson only asked for "guys" which I think he means like GI Joe guys. But Jackson's face is priceless! He totally bought the "it's really Santa!" thing.
 Now, Olivia really thinks this is the real one because this Santa has a snow globe. And if he shakes it and you see snow.. that means you're on the good list. Look at their faces after they saw the snow... :)
 So then we went back through another tunnel..you can see my mom and Olivia in the bottom left of the picture..
 Oh. Then we got to see Mrs. Clause- which was new to us this year. Olivia was THRILLED that Mrs. Clause told her to "cuddle in" and Jackson was pumped to get a candy cane out of the lady.
So there it is. Another year and we made it through Bentleyville. By the time we were leaving it was getting colder and I realized that my boots? Are meant for looks only. They do nothing to keep my feet warm or dry, despite me wearing two pairs of socks. So my feet are really cold and I'm not looking forward to taking one layer of socks off.
We got home a little past the kids' bedtime (usually 7) and they ate their cookies they got from Santa and both went to bed. Neither wanted a bed time story because they were too tired. It is a lot of walking for them so that's just fine.
Tomorrow I'm officially off of work until January 3 so I'm going to begin the slow ride to crazyville with two kids who have cabin fever and continually asking me when Santa is coming. I have a lot of stuff happening in the next week and honestly? I'm so over booked none of it is going to be relaxing or fun. Which sucks. BUT the kids are looking forward to it so we do it for them.
OK. So I'm still sick (yay..) so I'm going to bed. Congratulations winners!
OH!!!! I still need questions for Dear Sara happening on Friday! Email me at: slinkies_r_us@hotmail.com with your question- I'll take any and everything. ;)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That is so cool! I'd never heard of this before but what a fun thing to go to!

Oilfield Trash said...

That place looks like fun.

AmberLaShell said...

I am so sad that I didn't win either one of those... I never win nothing! (said in my 12 year old voice), congrats to the winners!

prettylittlereckless said...

Weeeeeee! I won! Thanks so much :)

and the kids are ADORABLE :) And friggen yay for 35degree weather! It's like a tropical heatwave!

The Mrs. said...

so the christmas pictures are great! jackson's face in the snow globe picture made giggle :) it reminds me of the butterflies i used to get as a kid going to see santa---so cute! oh! i have a solution to your boot problem:


i have these in black. they're seriously perfect. you have to have them.

Unknown said...

Great pictures.

Shirley said...

Have I told you lately that your kids are have to be in the top 5 cutest kids ever!

Ang said...

I really wish Duluth wasn't 2 hours away... fuck, that looks so awesome! My camera would take sweet pictures up there!
And your kids are adorable... I love this time of year for that!

Julie H said...

Oh that's so pretty but brrr too cold. Anything under 40 is too cold to get out lol

Jennifer Kay said...

Nice to see Matt's face, we don't get that too often. He looks like a goat lover so what's the problem?

Dana said...

Your kids are cute. I just heard of Bentleyville this year and almost drive from the Twin Cities last weekend to go see it. I love the Aerial Bridge and ship.