Thursday, January 13, 2011

Air my ass.

First off, I'm sure by now that you have heard there is a new zodiac sign and everyone is basically moved around or whatever. But it may or may not apply to you unless you were born after 2009 or some shit. Basically- I don't know jack about astrology but I do know I'm upset. I'm mother fucking ANGRY that I am maybe no longer a Pisces, but am really an Aquarius. (Want to know what you are? Go HERE) But my birthday is March 10... and the cut off is the 11th. So I think if there is an appeal process I have a shot!

Plus.. Aquarius is an "air" sign. I hate air. Air = farting to me. I much prefer to be Pisces = water. My monthly water bill can attest that I was a fish in another life. Or maybe a whale. WHATEVER. Fact is I'm a water lover. While I fit some of the characteristics of an Aquarius.... I fit more Pisces characteristics.

Anyways. I'm upset and feel like I should hire a life coach and/or counselor to cope with this. And I can't even be bothered to read why this has changed because I'm upset about it.
A few weeks ago, or months, I can't even remember... I was asked for a lot of advice all on the same day, but different people. And they all had serious issues. So I told them logically what they should do and when I ran it by other people they all told me I gave some solid advice. And I knew I did but the fact I never heard back from any of these advice seekers kinda threw me. Like... if you don't plan on taking the advice and you just really want to have someone feel sorry for... don't ask. Seriously. Because I'm going to tell you how it is. If I think you're being stupid, immature, and whiny? Im'ma let you know. Because a DECENT person should. But if you are going to not take my advice? Then that's fine but do not ever bring the subject up to me again because I feel like punching you in the face until your nose looks backwards. Seriously. I'm so effing tired of hearing about people whine about their lives or that their boyfriend dumped them after 3 weeks. Really? 3 weeks? You are not in love and you probably weren't even exclusive. God fucking damn. Or you are whining about a change at work that doesn't even affect you yet you are up in arms about it? Are you serious? Because there are plenty of jobless people that would love to have your job for half of the fucking pay. I don't know. Maybe I really am PMS'ing. Holy shit I need to find a calendar. I hope I am because randomly feeling stabby is kind of scary. For those around me. Matt wouldn't let me cut veggies tonight because while talking about this he said I was getting a little too animated with a knife in my hand.
So next up in my crazy post is the fun fact I learned today. APPARENTLY, not only do we have someone shooting out vehicle windows but we also have people breaking into vehicles. And mine, with it's super unattractive plastic wrap window, screams "easy target" since you only have to peel some tape back to get into it. The only thing I'm hoping for is that they see it and determine I have nothing of value since CLEARLY a normal person would remove such things when they had such a poorly defended vehicle. That person would not be me since I have some stuff in there I'd hate to have stolen. BUT that means going outside in the dark to get it out and I don't like the dark so I'd probably piss myself with fear in the process and yeah. So please Mr. Robber guy- hold off until tomorrow. Thanks.
I'm making more cards for my shop. I had a few sales yesterday (thanks!!) and I feel like I should put a few new things in there. I'm also going to have a set of cards on a giveaway coming up soon, more deets on that when it happens.
I have another EdenFantasys giveaway coming- look for it on Saturday. So if you missed out last time, now will be your chance.
Tomorrow is Dear Sara (woot) and I have a bunch of questions that are random and fun to answer for you. BUT BUT BUT.... I want you to email me more. Keep the tradition alive bitches! slinkies


Oilfield Trash said...

Well I don't follow the zodiac stuff, so I am ok.

As for the rant, I get it. I hate that shit.

And do you live in Detroit, because that type of stuff happens there all the time with cars.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Well I'm a virgo either way so I'm happy. There's no way I couldn't be a virgo, everything I've ever read about virgos is me through and through.

kimberrleigh said...

I'm suppose to be a Taurus which is totally wrong. I'm completely happy with the fact that I'm a Gemini and have been for my 20.65 years of my life.

On your car.. you should probably take your registration card/insurance card out of the glove box if you keep it in there. I've known several people that have gotten that stolen and screwed up their registration and messed up their credit with it through insurance.

So run out to your car now and grab that shit. Lol

And I'm quite excited for the Eden Fantasy's giveaway... because frankly my life is starting to get sad and I need a plastic friend.

Ruth said...

Thanks so much.
I was seeing all kinds of stuff on other sites about people being a different sign and I didn't have a clue what the hell they were talking about.
Lesson learned for today.

Amber said...

OMG! I KNOW!! Not impressed to be moved from a Virgo to a Leo. Dammit I missed the cutoff by 2 days. I agree---that's petition worthy!! Stupid. Who thinks of this stuff anyways? And yes...air = farts. Not cool. Petition!!!

middle child said...

Shit! I don't want to hav,, be Cancer! I'm a Leo, of course. So is the new astrological sign meant to placate us because they took away one of our planets?

Anonymous said...

I'm really upset about the possibility of being a Gemini--the descriptions I read just don't fit me at all. I am SO a moody Cancer!

prettylittlereckless said...

haha. lovely post dear! I love your advice. You keep it real and I think everyone needs someone that will tell them the truth. If they can't handle it? That's their problem.


vickilikesfrogs said...

The HELL??? I'm a freakin PISCES now??? What about all the birthstone necklaces I've collected over the years? What about the fact that I've always been an Aries and the birthstone for Aries is motherfukken DIAMOND? They can suck it. I'm still an Aries. (yeah, that's pretty much all I read of your post. i'll be back later to read the rest, tho!)

Sarah said...

My birthday is March 11th! It's listed on the new aquarius AND pisces. WTF?! Do I just get to pick now?

Kattrina said...

I refuse to change my sign - I am a Taurus through and through (hence the stubbornness surrounding a sign change).

Hope your car was safe - when I lived in the city cars got broken into ALL the time but no one ever touched my pathetic excuse for a car (Ford Aspire) even when I forgot to lock it (although homeless people would sometimes sleep in it which was another entirely different matter).

Also, thank you so very much for your beautiful Christmas package. It totally warmed my heart! You are awesome!

Just Plain Tired said...

The zodiac/astrology nonsense is amusing to me. Do people really take it seriously?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

The zodiac change stuff only applies to Indian Vedic zodiacs. Here in the Western World we use a different system & these changes don't apply to us. So don't stress. You are only full of hot air, it's not your sign :)

Haley Dawn said...

apparently I am now a Gemini. I don't fit that description one bit. Once a cancer always a cancer. I don't really read my horoscope though so I suppose it doesn't matter