Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because I have nothing..

I'm going to give you two of my fav YouTube finds from today. Mostly because my brother likes to keep me laughing.

and of course, ferrets.

But I am still sticking with a guard llama. I did ask Matt about getting a llama and if I'm not mistaken his exact words (only after the pained look of aggravation) were, "Sara- you mentally drain me. Jesus christ." And if that's not the pinnacle of success of a relationship I just don't know what would be.

I filed our taxes tonight and am reminded how much I hate the entire process. And TurboTax talks to me like I'm stupid. And really, I am when it comes to math, money, and taxes. Mostly because I'm scared shitless if I mess up I'm going to prison for life. Or I'll get audited and not have that one piece of paper they ask for. What was interesting is that our return is more than last year even though:

-We made less this year, mostly from me quitting my job.
-The fact my current job took exactly 0 federal tax from my check. Which, how did I not notice this since June? Huh? How? I don't know.
-I paid less interest in my student loan and mortgage.

WTF world? Granted, I'm not going to bitch. Because this bitch has a window to replace. But GLORY DAYS I think it's going to get fixed very soon. Praise jeebus.

Oh- but guess what? I realized I only owe $2400 in student loans. HOLY effer! That's awesome! I remember getting my first loan payment book exactly six months from graduating and it was telling me my last payment would be made in 2013 and I remember thinking, "holy shit- I could die by then". Not realizing it was only ten years into the future. So the fact that A) it's almost paid off and B) it's almost been ten years since graduating college.... I'm feeling a bit old today. A little wrinkly. But happy that it's almost done. I might go gangbusta on it this year so long as I'm not the unfortunate victim of another window shooting. Or I don't die. There's always that.

OK- so tomorrow is Dear Sara- email me questions (life crisis? Question for me? Question about life?)... I'm looking for my fun one to do a vlog on.

Also... tonight is the LAST chance to enter into my $25 EdenFantasys Gift Card giveaway. Bitches sign up. Dang. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Kisses & Puppy Chow


Oilfield Trash said...

That is awesome that you only have a little bit left.

I can remember when I was paying on my student loan, I worked out of the country for 2 years straight and I had it setup where they took 10% out of each check. That sucka was gone when I came back from South America. And I tell you it was the best feeling in the world.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I totally read that part about what Matt said about the llama to Dustin. And then we both giggled.

We're getting more back in taxes this year as well even though I didn't work for 6 months and then worked way less when I finally did get a job. Dustin explained why but I don't get it. Just be happy for more money!

I hope I win the giveaway!!

Jon Hanson said...

Good for you on having your student loans paid down so low. I am lucky in that I paid mine off already - unfortunately my lady friend is not so lucky. She owes a LOT... like enough to buy a small shitty house.