Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frustrated times bunches.

So instead of me posting about my window, the freezing house I now live in because of falling insulation, the crack in my living room wall and other weird stuff.. I'm going to vent.

Because I can and will.

1. Olivia is still not sleeping well. Like, she'll stay in her room but I can hear her playing. Then she is downstairs at the ass crack of morning demanding breakfast and my help putting Barbie's pants back on. Which, really? No. I can't function like that right away. I have to wake up, lay there in my bed while I think about the things I have to do while I contemplate the worth of my really doing them BEFORE I can even get up to pee. I just can't be on demand like that. Then she complains that she's tired. I'm just ov-ah it.

2. Jackson not taking naps? Not ok. Granted, Olivia stopped with naps around 3, and Jackson will be 3 in April. I get it. But this kid is like me and needs like 14 hours of sleep to be a normally functioning, chipper, happy person the next day. It's just a fact of life. This blog might be one of those mommy blogs where the mom really loves everything and everyone if I were getting 14 hours of sleep and writing this in the morning. But that's not what happens and that's why this is how this blog rolls. But today he was just non stop screaming, crying, flailing, throwing, hitting, kicking bundle of hot mess from the time I got him at my mom's until this very minute. That's right- that kid is in bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and he is PISSED OFF up in his room. Well, whatever, destructo. Just know that every time you break something, it's coming out of your make believe college fund, homie.

3. I posted it on my Facebook but I'm pretty much over people's passive aggressive/Mean Girls shit. OVER it. If you have a problem with someone.. jesus just say it. Seriously. I had to send a friend an email letting her know that saying vague shit on her Facebook which is so clearly about me is lame, childish, and not going to be tolerated. If you have a problem- you fucking say it so we can deal with it. No response back, but whatever. I'm sick and tired of people doing this kind of crap and then turn around and be nice to the person. What? No. Not ok. You don't have to like everyone, and if you just aren't feeling that person- NO BIG DEAL. You can still be polite and civil. You don't have to be snarky and then talk about the person in such a stupid way that you know they know what you're talking about.

4. Politics. Can I just say- that while I voted Obama, and I'm disappointed that we aren't in a better place right now, I just really wish people would shut the fuck up. Just shut up. Do you realize that he alone does not control everything? Do Americans realize that everything goes through Congress? That if Congress just their whore mouths for an hour and worked together instead of fighting, arguing, bickering, pointing fingers, and dredging up the past.... we could probably get a lot further in a shorter amount of time? The President is giving his State of the Union and ALREADY the GOP has a rebuttal. WTF? He hasn't even spoken yet. How about you just hold your fucking panties, listen to his ideas, and then like an adult, figure out how to make it work or make it better. We tell our children to respect those in authority, to mind your manners, to talk in turn, be respectful of your peers, talk rationally and calmly, yet most of those in Congress, the media, and the general public are completely incapable of doing any of these things. Just because there is something you don't agree with- don't assume right away it's Obama. LOOK AROUND because there is more to running a country than one person.

5. People who use a fast food drive thru for a ton of shit. I sat at McDonald's, clutching $1.06 in nickels and pennies for my large coke crack fix, for 25 minutes. All because some fat ass in a Ford Focus was ordering what ended up being 9 bags of food and three drink trays. I'm sorry- but maybe you should just walk your fat ass into the store and made trips to your car. Drive thru is for a few items, it's meant to be fast. The guy in front of me was totally losing it and screaming at Mr. Fat Ass Ford Focus and I'm sitting in my van laughing deliriously while my caffeine levels were dipping dangerously low. I could have died from caffeine withdrawal.

Ok. So I feel kind of better. *sigh*

I will announce the winner of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets giveaway tomorrow. Because I'm too lazy to do anything with it tonight. And I'm tired. You'll deal with it. :)


Jennifer Kay said...

Do not tell me that Mr. Fatty McFocus treated McDonalds like a buffet line!

And send me the name of this "supposed" friend who is writing around the bush comments so that I can stalk her. I might just have to send her one of your thank you cards for making room for new friends.

Just Plain Tired said...

I'm a big fan of sleeping. Unfortunately I'd like to get more myself, but I seem to function daily on about 5 1/2 hours. Politics just plain suck. Both parties are doing a great job maligning the other party and neither is getting anything worthwhile done.

The Mrs. said...

Vent #4 makes me love you more than I did before.

I've had a pretty shit-storm day myself...we can ride the shit-wave together...

Anonymous said...

aww big hugs. I don't know how to do it sometimes. You always have a lot of things to do. Vent away my friend! :)

and um- the McD's people should've pulled them ahead and made them wait. No fair to you waiting 25 mins at the drive thru.

Shirley said...

I love #4, but I strangely wish that I had seen a picture of your new window so I am deeply upset with the person in #3 for prolonging the story.

SY said...

wow there is a lot ging on here...

I am totally on board with number 3. People, meaning women, need to stop playing these stupid games. If you have something to say just say it. Why people (women) need an audience is beyond me.

you should start a movement against this

- Sy

Oilfield Trash said...

I hate politics as well.

But I must correct you on one point. One man can run it all. I agree stuff most of the time does go through Congress. That is called legislation. However government agencies can dish out regulations that do not go through Congress. That is called regulation. Granted it does not happen often, but it does. And last year with one signature of his pen, the President killed my industry (oil and gas). So yes one man can do it if he or she wanted to.

I would elaborate on it for you but I would be writing about till you and me are living in a nursing home playing keno.

Ang said...

go put on your pearls and grab a toy and make your night better! fuck the world!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I totally want to know who the Facebook person is. And I think I'm randomly going to post vague, passive aggressive posts on FB soon just to see if you catch it. Because you love me.

Oh and I am with you about politics. I love when people bitch about Obama like he alone is the reason things aren't peachy keen. Last I checked he's one man and one man can only do much.

Okay I need to sleep. Gotta be awesome tomorrow so I can make up that $12 I was stiffed.

middle child said...

Jeebus (to use your funniest word I've ever heard) you need a day off. I started getting a tightness in my chest just reading this. I think we should start a new holiday that occurs every month. We'll call it "Run away for a Day." It'll be for women only. Sound good?

Danielle said...

Not sleeping sucks. Not sleeping and having to take care of children, go to work, take care of a household, a husband, do schoolwork, laundry, etc FUCKING REALLY SUCKS. I'm sorry, Sara. For lack of better words and at the risk of being obnoxiously repetitive it really fuckin sucks.

I would love to know who the heck this fake friend is, because the reality is that real friends don't do that to other friends. They talk their problems out, and more importantly if they were your real friend there should be no issues sayin' yo homie ______ is really pissing me off so please stop doing it! Ugh! I can't stand when people hide behind the internet!!! Where the hell are your balls??? Ridiculous. But really, you don't need people like that.

Josie said...

AMEN! And Obama has been in for two years. Guess what, people! It takes more than two years to drag an entire country full of idiots out of the shitter!

SpiritPhoenix said...

I've always thought of Congress as a high school drama fest. It's amazing that we vote (again a popularity vote for everything) to put these idiots in a job where they just whine and complain 98% of the time.

Talk about a cushy job.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Unfortunately it is the nature of elections for candidates to make it sound as if they, the one person, can do it all. "I will do this" all presidential candidates say & get the hopes up of people who don't stop and ask "how? You can't write legislation? How will you work with others?". No one in politics above the local level ever says how they intend to do things. Both sides are equally guilty of it so I feel they don't have anyone to blame but themselves when people accuse them of failing to follow through.

As for the sleep things....9 years of insomnia...that's all I have to say. I'd say I dream of 14 hours of sleep, but I'd have to sleep in the first place to have that dream. :)

Candice said...

AMEN to #4 my friend. You said it better then I ever could.

Julie H said...

1. UGH TG my kids never did that, you have my sympathy.

2. Earlier bedtime sounds like a good plan.

3. I hate those drama Facebook posts. If you have a problem try the phone or you know at least send a message, don't put your dirty laundry out for the whole world to see.


5. Oh sorry I was really hungry.