Monday, January 3, 2011

It sucks as much as I thought it would.

Yesterday I mentioned the awesomeness that is having your window shot out by vandals because they seem to think we live in Compton and not Wisconsin.

And today I'm going to tell you how much that sucks. Which is more than I thought it would because I apparently forgot about the weather and the role that will play until $250 magically appears.

This morning I went outside to start my van because I didn't really drive it much in the last few days and I knew I probably should just let it warm up a little. Upon walking outside of my door, all of the juice that is around your eyeballs immediately froze as well as my boogers. This is my internal gauge telling me that the current temperature is below zero.

While that sucks for obvious reasons and just general unpleasantness, it also sucks because it will freeze all of my doors shut on the van. It does not matter what you do to that van, the doors will ALWAYS freeze. And when I was in the habit of leaving at 6:30 a.m. so I could get to work by 7:30 (after dropping kids off) I had Matt open all of my doors before he left. Since that isn't the case, it's pointless because they just re-freeze anyways.

I had to put all five bags that I was carrying down into the snow and brace my legs so I can yank at least one open. After about 3 minutes and falling on my ass, I got the driver's side door open. Praise jeebus. Then I try to start it. And of course- I hear the really slow and deep "woo..... woo..... woo...." noise of this bitch not wanting to go anywhere today. After a second try, it starts and that's when I notice what I forgot.

The inside of all of my windows are frozen.

You see, it's bad enough having to scrape the outside of my windows since I'm short, I have practically no arm muscles, and I hate physical labor. But to have to scrape the inside? Because again, some asshole thinks petty crime is fun, really just set me off.

I turn my defrosters on super high hoping that would help.

It obviously didn't so I had to resort to using a gift card I had to scrape it. I can't afford to break my driver's license or my debit card, and I don't have a credit card... so I had to use the gift card. Yeah. It was fun.

After that I got the kids into the van and the drive to my mom's, which takes maybe 2 minutes at most since we're only a few blocks away but cross a major road, was weird. It's really difficult to drive when all of the road noise is exponentially louder due to plastic wrapped on your window.

It's also difficult to change lanes or merge when you can't see anything on your driver's side. I can't even open my driver's window to stick my head out because yay! My windows are frozen shut. AND the other really awesome thing? You aren't going to get a super great seal with plastic and duct tape, so while driving in weather that is -10 (that's 10 BELOW zero homies) is that you feel the wind. On the back of your neck the entire time you drive.

It was not a good way to start my day.

And then when I got home I started looking at bills and trying to figure out where I'm going to get the $250 to fix it? Yeah. Nowhere. I can't find even half of that. Seriously, world?? REALLY?

I donate to all kinds of organizations and I do nice things for people for no reason all of the time. And yet-- the world just continues to shit on my happy little parade. It's just a very depressing way to start the new year out.

On the plus side, I went back to work today after having almost two weeks off. It was GLORIOUS to be back at work. I really enjoy being there and I had all kinds of stuff to do so that was nice. My four hours were over before I knew it and I didn't want to go home. But... I work all week so that's good. :)

So this evening I am going to work on some Etsy things and put them in my shop and see if I can get some sales. I have lots of ideas and lots of supplies.. I just need some dedicated time to do it.


Jennifer Kay said...

I am really sorry about your shitty rained out parade but I'd have to say that I giggled all the way through the post and your shitty life makes for a good blog. There's a plus.

Have you ever thought of selling ad space or adding the Adsense or something to get some free cash flowing in from your blog?

Lady Grey said...

Sorry to hear about all this shit... I hope they catch those idiots... I hate people like that!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh Sara, that sucks so bad. I know how you feel, Dustin NEEDS new tires for his car and they're going to cost, at minimum, $500. That's on top of the $300 we just had to send to the assholes at the IRS and the $450 we still owe Wells Fargo that I wanted to pay off but now we won't have money for so we have to keep with the payments. Sucks. I seriously hate money so much.

middle child said...

Love to read your blog. Sorry about the creeps who get off doing that shit. Time for bars on the windows, guns and a big mean dog. Sad that your daughter is so much smarter than the so-called adults. I am a Christion -NOW HOLD ON A SEC.! I die laughing everytime I see your word Jeebus. You are too funny and yet, very lovely. Kisses!

Justin Dow said...

(Hey. New reader.)

That's terrible! I had a similar-ish experience when some dude tore the back of my car off with his trailer. $2000 damage. *gulp.*

Keep fighting to good fight. This blog seems awesome, I'm sure you can kick up a little revenue from your shop. Good luck, and I hope your 2011 gets better.

Jandy xx said...

i'm always swooning over you american girls and photos of snow - we dont get snow like that here even in th mountains, let alone in citys!.

but then, I hear the stories of frozen doors and windows, and cold wind on your neck and i imagine that snow isnt as beautiful as it looks!

I cant get over the fact that people think its fun to shoot someones windows out :( hope this is just a teaser, and the rest of 11 will be awesome! xx

Annah said...

Sorry boo. I'm not even going to say anything because it must really suck.

On the other hand, you're one of the few that actually is happy to go back to work so it must mean something :) And you have a job so double yay for you. Hang tough.

____j said...

I really hate that someone did that to your car [multiple times]. BUT, it was in the high 50's here today. You should uproot the fam and bring them down here :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know anyone who has had more bad luck than you this year!! I really hope things start to look up and soon :)

Miranda said...

Word mash-up time!


Love it. Use it. And I'm so so sorry to hear of your shitty start to the new year. It can only get better....right?.....

Just Plain Tired said...

I have the same problem with car doors freezing shut. I have yet to fall on my ass though. But there's still plenty of winter left so I expect I'll end up doing an ass plant before Spring myself.

Chicken said...

And here I was complaining that it was all of 27 here today. I hear that staying that cold keeps you younger for longer, it's like using your own big frozen jar of eye cream. OK, so maybe I didn't hear that, but it sounds good.

Unknown said...

SHITTY!! Your poor kids. Poor you! I bought cards, now only 24 more people to go. Pimp that shit on Facebook!

Ang said...

Sorry Sara!
I really don't know what else to say... I truly hope it turns around!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Oh that really sucks!!

I just had some hit & run thing scrape a huge dent down the side of my minivan & now the back passenger door won't open & nothing can be done until I can come up with the $500 deductible. But my car at least is not frozen on the inside as a result so I'm now feeling a bit better about it all....

Julie H said...

UGH I'm sorry you guys are getting shit on again and again :( Life sucks sometimes.