Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little bit of everything.

Well I'm officially sick yet again this year and I'm just a little more than over people bringing their germ infested children to school and my daughter being a carrier and infecting us and the world.

Last night I thought my nose piercing was infected. I panicked. I google'd it and WebMD'd it and it turns out that no, I'm not infected. It was FROZEN in my nose. After a hot shower it no longer hurt. I could move it again. Seriously. You know it's cold outside when the boogers freeze in your nose and in your nose piercing hole. Gross. But yay for no infection!

But let's get on with my randomness:

These are the cherry measuring cups/spoons I got from my mom for Christmas. I'm going to be honest- I feel like Paula Deen when I use them! They are so freaking adorable that I have them sitting out on a rectangle plate on my counter. Someday I'll get a shelf put up (hint, hint, Matt!!) and they'll be up there properly. But she got these at Pier One. I wanted the elephant ones, but those were sold out, so she got these. And I think I love these better.
Stumpy and Batman have been doing this pretty much all day, every day. Stumpy will throw himself at the food bowl begging for more when you can't even see the bottom yet. Stumpy has a food addiction. Batman has taken to jumping off stuff and then going right into a roll on the floor. He's clearly brain damaged as well.
 Oh... I think the fact this was named "Image.666" on my camera is not a coincidence. This thing almost KILLED me the other day. For those of you not familiar with a real winter it's a giant hunk of what was once snow but has now turned into ice. These form on the wheel well of your vehicle and you have to kick them off otherwise they could puncture your tire. Or in the very least make it hard to turn. Anyways. So they are in parking lots everywhere but this thing was HUGE. The picture is not doing it justice. It was like the size of Stumpy. And I not only hurt my toe (and bruised it) but I almost fell over and died. It would have been a terrible way to go.
 Then I made some cards this weekend because I am embarrassingly behind in um... everything. BUT I have a bunch of baby showers coming up and so I made a set of these cards for one in February as part of the gift. I know from experience that you get all kinds of gifts AFTER your baby is born and if you don't have thank you cards handy you will never remember to send them. AND people are super impressed if you get a thank you out right away. (If you don't send thank you cards for gifts you are a shitty person. Do better.) But this is also going to be my submission for the WeeMemories challenge this week.
 And then because I'm REALLY behind in Christmas gifts for some people (I swear on my vagina they are going out tomorrow. They are. Truly. I already have them packaged.) I finished those up this weekend. Here's a set of cards for a friend. I am kind of in love with them. I might make a set for myself because they are so fun. I had these stamps sitting around and I realized I had never used them. Whoops. So they were de-virgin-ized.
 And then I had one sheet of this pretty orange/green paper left and I thought I may as well use it up. So I made a new card set for my Etsy shop. It's a pretty glittery paper too.
And then I made homemade chicken noodle soup. Which was super good. But I got that going and took a nap. Which seemed to only make me feel more sick.

Oh- before I sign off I will tell you that I have a NEW email address. Change it if you had my old one. Save this one if you want to be a cool kid: . And some of you asked what my Facebook account was and it is HERE.

OK- so I'll be back tomorrow with a vlog. Of me saying different words so you can all just laugh hysterically at my accent. :)


Danielle said...

I can't wait to watch you on the Vlog tomorrow :) Glad that you didn't die in all that crap!!! I hope you feel better, although I do know the feeling of having a child surrounded by germ infested kids and bringing all those wonderful germs home - it's awful!!!!! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

My car has huge chunks of ice on the wheel wells. I try kicking it off, because honestly- it's one of my favorite winter things to do. I'm totally not kidding. Like, I get tempted to kick it off other people's cars. lol.

Cute new stamps btw! :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Oilfield Trash said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Batman and Stumpy are DARLING. Oh my gosh, so so cute.

And all those cards Sara, seriously adorable. You're so damn crafty! Totally unfair!

Ang said...

I absolutely fucking LOVE those measuring cups/spoons! seriously. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

I am FINALLY getting back into the groove of things!! I am so glad to see you making more cards and the pics of the cats made me smile.

I cannot even imagine who fucking cold it is there. I mean, it is a whopping 40 degrees here and I am wrapped up like a burrito on the couch under two blankets and I am still cold.

Fuck this weather, yo...

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

You have been awarded! :)

SY said...

with christmas cards that cute it's ok to be a little late.

and nothing would make me feel like Paula Deen.. I suck in the kitchen


Dana said...

I love the measuring cups and spoons! And you and your are so talented.

Julie H said...

Wow all kinds of domestic, you rock!