Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ass busting.

 A couple of weekends ago, when it was like 40 degrees and pretending to be spring Matt and I took the kids sledding. Now, there is a "hill" in Superior but only reckless parents would bring their kids there. OK- so that's a bit dramatic but seriously- it's not a good hill and the chances of someone getting hurt are pretty high. So we drive to Cloquet, which is about 20 minutes from here because they have really nice hills that you can sled down. There's 3 actually- a small, medium, and huge which people nicknamed Dead Man's Hill. Mostly because if you don't stop or turn in time, there is a chance you'll slide into traffic.

Olivia has been sledding before but Jackson really hasn't. I thought he did, but upon looking at pictures I realized that he hadn't. Olivia is pretty much afraid of everything and not very adventurous- she's a bit like me in my younger year. Now I am pretty much open to new things. Jackson on the other hand is pretty adventurous and will do anything.

The first run was Matt and Olivia only, but Matt "accidentally" fell off the sled and set Olivia down on her own. Pretty much everyone in Cloquet knew it because she screamed louder than anything I have ever heard in my whole life. And at the bottom she vowed to never sled with Matt ever again.

Which meant that I had to have both kids in my sled. That right there? Is another reason I need to lose weight. Holy fucking man. Do you know how hard it is to drag a sled, carrying a 27 pound toddler (plus whatever weight his clothes were) up a hill is?

It's hard yo.

But once at the top I had to get my bearings and put everyone in my sled. Which meant my legs sitting on top of poor Jackson.
And then convince Jackson to trudge up the hill on his own because mama be out of shape.
 And you'll notice I'm wearing boot cut jeans here. Yah... that's because I have no winter clothing really. Sure, my pea coat is adorable (and fits yet again) and my boots are more fashion than function (true- my feet were numb after 15 minutes), but I don't own snowpants at all. Not even more fashion than function ones. Meanwhile, Matt was decked out in his Carhartt bibs and jacket AND real winter boots. He complained of being too warm while my legs were going numb from having snow blasted up my pant legs.

And guess what happens when snow gets blasted up your pant legs for an hour? Not only do your legs go numb and frostbite starts, but your underwear soaks totally through. And you get angry because there's Matt- stripping off his jacket from heat exhaustion.

So I had to take a break and walk around, try to get feeling back into my legs so I send Matt down the hill with the kids. Matt aims for giant ruts and bumps, which makes Olivia mad, so by the time they got to the bottom? Olivia was bolting out of the sled. You'll see her here grabbing Jackson's head to get out. Poor Jackson just took it.
 So her and I became sledding buddies because Mom is the best sledder EVER.
 And because Blogger sucks, I can't show you the picture of when Matt took Jackson on the medium hill which is twice the size of the small hill. Jackson wasn't scared at all, but he said didn't want to do it again after Matt hit a huge bump, they went airborne, and both landed and then rolled down the last 1/3 of the hill.

That was our last run because after that Jackson was pretty much over the whole sledding thing, Olivia was cold, my legs were numb and Matt was too hot.

Overall, it was a good afternoon. I'd be nice to go more often but seriously- anything under 32 degrees is just not my thing.


Unknown said...

I'm with you on the cold. Fuckit. But adorable pictures. You're making me want to have a baby girl of my own. Glad you got some good ass busting in!

Anonymous said...

aww so cute :) I really love the last pic of you and Olivia. cute!!!

Jennifer Kay said...

I will say it again, the picture of you and Olivia is super sweet. :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yep, you would not catch me out there doing that, I hate the cold. And I don't have snow pants either. I have some fake Uggs but that's about it. These pics make me FEEL cold. But that last one of you and Olivia is darling.

Dana said...

Cute pic of you and Olivia. Sledding is fun going down and then you remember how much work it is to go up again. I don't own any real winter gear either. I use my track/wind pants over my jeans as snow pants. :)

Oilfield Trash said...

It looks like you had a great time.

G said...

great last pic - so cute
I love sledging it's what snow was made for lol

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute cute cute.

While you were sledding, we were enjoying the current 75 degrees here.

But that just means it will be 150 degrees in no time!

Julie H said...

You need some boot and snow pants before you go again :::brr:::

Annah said...

Awwww too cute! :) Looks like you guys had a nice time.

And your kids are adorable. Lovely fam.

Bitchzilla On the Loose said...

I just love Olivia's hat.

Bitchzilla on The loose.

Christina said...

You looked like you had so much fun!!! I hate the cold! I haven't been sledding in forever and if my daughter ever goes it's with someone else.