Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Sara... finally.

Dear Lambwhores:

I am sorry I missed last week. You'll get over it.

*kisses, your leader.

So here we go for this week's episode of Dear Sara!

What’s up with Baby Jeebus? Were you raised with religion and what are your beliefs now? Baby Jeebus is my homeboy. We're BFF's. Um.. ok so not really. I wasn't really raised with religion but I am baptized Catholic. (Yes, seriously. Stop laughing.) I went to church when I was in like 10th grade because all of my friends were being saved and shit and I thought maybe it was something I should at least try. But I am naturally a skeptical person and I just don't get it. I really don't understand the whole concept and how people really believe it. I question a lot. Like how do you REALLY KNOW that all this happened? By blind faith? Um, I don't know. I don't really fall for it. The whole evolution and Big Bang and all of that seems more plausible to me than some guy in dire need of a bath and razor decides he's in charge and this is how it's going to be. It just seems wonky to me. And if this was true- then why are there so many versions of religion? Why are they all different? It's like Group A had it's own thing but then some people didn't like the restrictions, so they became Group B and came up with a new religion. And so on, so forth. And then, what a horrible life to know that you are always sinning and are never really good enough. It sounds a bit like an abusive spouse to me. BUT I believe that when you die, you go somewhere. Maybe you get reincarnated. Maybe you go to a weird middle space and just haunt people for fun. Maybe it's a heaven. I don't believe in Hell necessarily even though I tell people to go there frequently. And I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs, BUT BUT BUT laws and rules and government should not be run with threads of religion deciding what is right/wrong. As an example, saying that you can't do _____ because God says it's bad. All well and good, but maybe my God says it's ok. Then you start comparing who is more right, and bam! It's like you're living in the Middle East. So, you know. It's not fair.

OK, so I know you're all creative and stuff, and sell gorgeous stuff on Etsy.  So show us your work station!  It is a raging mess and it is totally ok because it has doors on it. So here is where I let my brain spew forth it's awesome:

 in a closet! That's right. My crafty space is a closet in my dining room. You can see I have put as much as I can in here. The drawers are full, the shelves are full, the space on the floor is full, the desk top is full, yeah. I didn't even clean up for you. Sorry. But I am in need of new organization options because not all of this is working for me.
 And when I get stuck I stare at Robert. And you might have noticed that some of the cards you lambwhores have sent me are hanging up. The one next to Robert is from Gini whom I adore. And up top there is a card my friend Tammy altered for my birthday last year. My picture is covering up Kristen Stewart's face. :)
And I am so full in my closet that I have spilled over to a 6 foot folding table.. also in my dining room. It's really annoying and I hate not being contained but I seriously don't have the room. So here are 2 boxes of stamps, a huge box of paper, my Cricut machine (wish I had the bigger one..) and some scrapbooks that are in process.

3. My friend is moving into her first house with her husband and I'm not sure if I am supposed to give a gift? We gave them an engagement and wedding gift... so I don't really know what the etiquette is.  Well... it depends on how giving you are. Typically I try to give house warming gifts because who doesn't like getting presents? I'd ask if there is going to be a housewarming party, if yes then you are pretty much obligated to gift something. If there is no party, I say it's optional. And if it's a really good friend, just get a gift. It's the nice thing to do. But I think for people who are moving, a really good gift is something like a home improvement store gift card. I've done that, a bottle of wine, and a copy of the movie Money Pit (from the 80's with Tom Hanks... hilarious). It's a cute thing to put together, it's practical, it's fun, and super easy.

4. What were the last 3 songs played on your iPod? Fujiya & Miyagi's "Collarbone" (this is a fantastic driving song. I dare you to listen to it and not dance in your chair.), Manchester Orchestra's "I Can Feel A Hot One" and The Fray's "Never Say Never".

5. Do all girls pee in the shower?

so.. now that you know MY answer... what's yours? Do you pee in the shower? :)

19 comments: said...

Haha, I like that you're so honest in your pee in the shower answer. A coworker of mine said that when she and her husband take showers together, he will actually pee right there in front of her! THAT normal?

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Totally can't pee in the shower. If I'm not in the position that woman "normally" use when using the toilet, it won't come out!

I have the hardest time when camping and having to cop a squat!


Asha said...

Damn it! I forgot about Dear Sara. Oh week.
I'm with you on the whole religion thing. I consider myself to be agnostic. I don't claim to know one way or another.

Shirley said...

I don't pee in the shower. I have honest to goodness tried, but I can't.

Charles said...

this is great, really dig the work space you have

but I almost don't want to think about who is peeing in the shower...

Unknown said...

I pee in the shower, hell no I'm not getting out and walking all the way across the bathroom to use the toilet. It all goes down the same drain, yes? Besides, I gave birth 3 times, I probably wouldn't make it that far!!
I can also write my name in the snow, of course there was tons of little hop-hoppity-hop marks around it, but I did it! (never make bets with your drunk male friends!!)

Oilfield Trash said...

If I had my own place I would pee in the shower but since my kids live with me I don't.

Anonymous said...

I do not pee in the shower. I think I may have once years ago? I mean, just to try it and because I thought it was funny? I'm not sure. But this post reminds me I need to buy a new shower scrubber, so yay for that! :)

Josie said...

I totally pee in the shower. And it's usually first thing so then it gets washed down by like shampoo and body wash and stuff.

Julie H said...

LMAO too funny. I'm guilty. I actually heard something awhile back that somewhere like China or somewhere they were recommending people to do that every morning to save water etc.

Plus you know, the soap and shampoo totally cancel it out.

____j said...

How did I not know that you had a cricut before now? I'm probably going to start bugging you to do me favors now.

Anonymous said...

Oh love... Your desk is NOT a mess. I will need to take a picture of mine to show you once it gets back to its normal chaos (of course, I JUST finished cleaning it!). Mine ends up 6 inches deep all around the working space. And I barely have space to make a card in the center!

G said...

All that's on my ipod at the moment is Radioheads new album

Anonymous said...

I always love to see your scrap space. I need to get on the ball and post picture of mine.


Jandy xx said...

love it!

haha, looks like most girls wee in the shower!

and you know if you had more space for your crafting, you would totally have more space for mess!

I love radioheads old stuff, must get their new one - when I get Adeles!

Unknown said...

Okay homie--I <3 you! I totally agree with the views on religion.
Yes I've peed in the shower...why not? You're in there getting clean anyways!

For some reason plants are a traditional housewarming gift, which is always nice. Wine generally works, since a bottle of soda might garner some odd looks.

SpiritPhoenix said...

I tried peeing in the shower a long time ago when I was growing up. But it grossed me out. I just couldn't stop thinking that I was standing in it. Even though I wasn't. Just eww. So no, I don't pee in the shower. If I have to go, I hold it until I'm all dried off after my shower.

I figure that if I didn't have to go when I jumped in the shower, I can hold it for 5-10 minutes until I'm done.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I could pee in the shower when I was pregnant. But I could pee just by exhaling when pregnant so I don't consider it much of an accomplishment.

Dana said...

I'm pretty much with ya on your views about religion. I love your workspace! How ingenious to use a closet like that! I have peed in the shower but don't make a habit of it. If I had a better working drain I might do it more often but I'm not going to stand in piss!