Sunday, February 20, 2011

Freakish feet, date day/night.. it's the weekend update!

Well. I have had quite a weekend. Let's recap this bullet style baby!
  • For the last month Olivia has been itching her foot on and off. Over the last week it has gotten so bad, as far as itching, and moved to both feet. When I really looked at her foot it looked weird. They are red/purplish and I can't even describe it. It's just weird. So I call to make her an appointment at the doctor on Friday and they tell me just to take her to Urgent Care because they have nothing open for two weeks. So I take Olivia to Urgent Care and we were there for two hours. BORING. Turns out, they have no idea what it is. The guy tells me that.. if it were more "pimple-y" it would be scabies. Hi- I fucking freaked out because A) who knew scabies were real? and B) oh my fucking god i don't want scabies!. But, it's not that but we don't know what it is. So that means tomorrow I have to call and get her an appointment with her doctor. In the meantime she has anti itch stuff and a cream she has to use. It's gross and I'm pretty much afraid to touch her for fear I'll get some freak itch thing on my face or something.
  • Then both kids got a hair cut on Friday. Olivia wanted to cut all of her hair off, which I said no. I told the lady to cut like an inch or two because her hair is mid-back and I love it. I just wanted it trimmed. Olivia is currently sporting a bob cut that is just above her shoulders. So like 4-5 inches were cut. *sigh* Jackson got his hair cut and looks older. I hate it. I hate how he looks so big when we cut his hair.
  • Saturday my inlaws came to get the kids so Matt and I were on our own ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Folks, this is a rarity. We went to lunch, we shopped, we went to dinner, we shopped, we went to a movie and had some quality adult time. ;) It was really good and I'm hoping we can do that more often.
  • Fun part on Saturday was the mall. Matt has wanted a Need for Speed or something game for the Xbox and so one of the stops was GameStop. Whatever. I'm bored so I'm just hanging out. This family of 5 come storming in. Mom is white, mid to late 40s with coke bottle thick glasses, overweight. Dad is black, I'd say mid 40s in denial thinking he's 21, and he's got his iPod going and singing Eminem's "Not Afraid" loud enough for everyone in that wing of the mall to hear. Kids 1-3 all various forms of punk, 2 boys 1 girl. Older boy, maybe 17, is freaking out because the "kicks he be jonesin" (I think this means he wants them?) "ain't on the spot". Um, rightyo. Here's the convo between the parents:
M: yo- YO YO YO! Fucker! Yeah, fucking you! I ain't leavin this joint without a motha fuckin sammich!
D: hey bitch! I ain't about to go up inta da court! Shit bitch. Day gotta b sumpin 100 fucking peepa up in dere!
M: I ain't takin em myself!
D: I gunna go have a beer in da car!
And then he leaves to presumably have a beer in the car. Really? Wow. It was fun. So all day Matt was like, "Bitch, Imma have a beer in the car". Yeah. It was funny for one or two times. By breakfast this morning I was kind of over it.

Later that evening we went and saw that movie "Just Go With It" and it was pretty good. I laughed and Matt did too so that was fun.

Today.. I am battling a massive head cold. It sucks. I got my party invitations done (pictures coming..tomorrow maybe) for my birthday in March. I got a ton of laundry done and the grocery shopping for the week. So that's sweet.

The bummer about this weekend is that we didn't get to do the ice caves because the trail wasn't open due to the major thaw this week. Then we didn't ski yesterday because when we went they had the hill temporarily closed because a little boy died on it (which let's be honest- doesn't thrill me about going. EVER.) Then today it was freezing with 20+ mph winds. So yeah. Not skiing today. BUT I really want to get skiing done this year so Matt and I are hoping in another weekend or two we can sneak away for the day and do it. *crossing fingers*

What was the highlight of your weekend??


Unknown said...

I'm having a helluva weekend myself.

My girlfriend gets canned at her office because she pointed out some code violations. Her boss ignored her, and she called OSHA. They fired her in retaliation. Attorney appointment Tuesday. :)

My laptop DIED last night. Like, poof. I'm on a 6 year old PC typing this, and grumbling about the laggyness of this old beast.

My boys live 900 miles from me, and baby-momma is being a bitch. I haven't talked to them in over 2 weeks, because she never picks up her phone. Time to get into a custody fight again...

I think I need a drink, a bj, and a good night's sleep. Hope your the rest of your 3day weekend is awesome!

Jennifer Kay said...

Um, hello? No mention of the super cool new blog layout?!?!?


Anonymous said...

loving the new blog look!

and wth- why didn't think just say "run closed due to maintenance", not "boy died." Whoa.

Glad you had a great wknd! That family sounds hilarious. lol

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I see why you're bummed about Olivia's hair but you so need to post pics. I want to see! I'll bet she looks adorable!

And yay for you and Matt going on a date. I'm trying to talk Dustin into calling in sick tomorrow so we can have another in bed all day kinda day. I'm getting spoiled!

Oh and I'm glad Just Go With It was funny. It's at the cheap theater here in town but I wasn't sure if it would be that good. I figured I can trust your judgment!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit!! You were in the mall nearest to my house and you didn't call me? Sounds just like my ghetto mall.


I see those asshat parents all the time at Wal-Mart. How is it that they can procreate and I can't.


PS: LOVE the new blog layout, btw.

Oilfield Trash said...

Yay for you getting some adult time with the man.

Yay for hearing some ghetto people.

What happened to the sky trip??

Josie said...

When I first opened this up I was like WTF?! cause I'm not good with change, but then I sat here for a minute and decided I LOVE the new look! :)

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

I love the new layout! We had date night on Saturday, too... First time we've been out alone since... ummm... our anniversary? In April? It was a total fiasco, but glad we did it. Saw Black Swan. F'in weird. I liked it but a bit too much blood for me.

Anonymous said...

Love you blog...give Amber a big Thanks for posting a link for other to find you! I'm glad she did!

Julie H said...

OMG and they blame kids not being able to spell on texting? Let's try speaking with regular words in the house to begin with. Sounds like some nice quality people. And they had children.

cakeologist said...

Anytime my husband and I get quality 'adult' time we are too tired to truly take advantage of it. I wish I could tap into my 8 year old daughter's energy...even 2% of her total energy would probably give me enough to run a marathon with some left over...that is how much she has!

I tagged you here: if you want to play along.

And thanks for helping motivate my friend...I read she is thinking of getting a treadmill:)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the new blog look!

I played Match 3 Jewelquest type games all weekend long. My kids had Friday & Monday off school so I pretty much handed them over to DH for Sat & Sun & zoned out.

Imma gonna go drink some beer in the car now.