Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi. I know you're here for your Monday Weight Loss pep talk.. but that will happen tomorrow. I have the flu and feel like death. And I've been puking most of today and trust me when I tell you that you don't want to see what I look right now.

See, even in sickness I'm thinking of you.

But I'll be back tomorrow with that. Promise.

PS) Dear Rancher Mom- go to your reunion. Don't make your friend go alone. Trust me that the fun in a reunion is to go back and think, "Oh my. Thank god I didn't end up like that!". Even if you don't lose all the weight you want- go. Do it for me. ;) And that means I'm going to be really watching you on Weightloss Mondays, lady!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I'm in Australia and there seems to be something going around as most of my family have been sick with some bug lately.

Despite feeling like death warmed up I still manage to help look after my grandchildren.

I hope you feel better sooner rather then later.

Unknown said...

I love the support! Thank you so much. And I know that I'll go no matter what, I need to see my Utah-peeps soon or someone around here is going to lose an eye!

Get better fast please! Stay away from dairy, sip lots of non-citrus juice (like cranberry, apple, grape), and take a tablespoon of honey every two hours. Sounds odd but it works miracles!

Jennifer Kay said...

This is the second puking incident since the weight loss challenge are making me want to eat Drumstick ice cream cones because of it. Puking = winning, so now I have been de-incentivized.


Anonymous said...

UGH!! I know, I know....sickness sucks big ass balls!!! Thank GOD I am healed. But now? Joshua has a cold. I am treating him like he has the plague.

PS: I am ordering your Stampin' Up! tonight with a new chick. I am putting in an order myself!! I will get you a total asap!!

The Mrs. said...


Did that work?? Well...then try Racher Mom's remedies, becuase she's on spot. Especially the honey...drown yourself in that shiz--it really does work miracles! Hope you feel better soon :(

kimberrleigh said...

At least you can lose some weight while puking. In a totally non-bulimic way. Think of it as taking a huge dump but out of your mouth. At the end of this, you'll be 10 pounds lighter. HAHAHAHA :P

Annah said...

Well the puking will make you lose some weight so you gotta look at the positive side.

p.s. LOVING that new profile pic. Werk!

Oilfield Trash said...

Hope you get to feeling better.

retywrt said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! I just got to feeling semi functional today after having the nasty flu for 4 days. :[ it was awful. i only left my bed to puke.

Get well soon!