Monday, February 28, 2011

Weigh In #5... The Birdhouse Winna... teal toes.

Top o' the morn bitches. Actually.. it's like 7:30 at night or some shit but I know some of you are probably just getting up for the day.

Anyways. This is our 5th week of our Weight Loss Challenge and I'm going to be honest. I am feeling a wee bit down about my weight this week. Before I post that, I'm going to list good things about this week:
  • I ran. Folks, I ran for THREE days this week, but got in a walk on the fuckmill 4 days. Two of my runs have been for a full, steady mile. Seriously. I feel like a mother effing rockstar for getting a full mile in when on day one I only did .25 and thought I was going to die. I'm determined to actually run the Hog Jog in August/September with Amy and not walk it.
  • I did my crunches/arm exercises for 4 days.
  • I cut back on my shit food intake. Seriously. I only did fast food twice. I even ate grapes for 5 days as a snack. Bitches, my body had no idea what to do with real fruit versus fruit snacks.
  • I upped my water intake.
  • My "fat girl" knee high boots that I bought a year ago to accommodate my fat girl legs are too big. Like they slip off without unzipping them and feel too loose when I walk.
  • I painted my toes a cute teal color. Win.
These boots? Used to be so tight my toes would go numb.

Onto the less than stellar news... I gained like 6 pounds or some shit over the course of a week. So I'm bummed. Granted I took my weight right after I came in from my run because I was in the bathroom dry heaving and figured I may as well see where I'm at.. so maybe it's not accurate? Although I'd think I'd be less after a stellar performance on the streets of Superior.
So I'm just keep trying. That's all there is to it. I'm going to keep running because even after a week of doing it and not liking it.. I think I can do better. I realize that during every attempt I'm having conversations with myself in my head, continually telling Fat Sara that Skinny Sara wants to keep running and that Fat Sara should shut the fuck up. Seriously. For my entire exercise routine I'm having mental battles with Fat and Skinny Sara. It's horrible. But.. I'm going to keep on trucking as they say.

ALSO... the winner of the signed copy of The Birdhouse is.... (you're gonna have to see to the end of the vlog. Winner is announced... and if YOU are the winner.. you need to email me ASAP to: sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com.)


Unknown said...

First, cute toenails.

Second, WOOOOOT to my wonderful girlfriend for winning. Check out her blog (yes, I'm her pimp too) at

Lastly, as a male with a dirty mind, I can watch you work that shake weight all day. =P

Sorry about the weight gain. I think a lot of it could be muscles, because your legs got a HELLUVA workout with all that running. That's muscle mass, baby, not pudge. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

I am almost convinced that those HealthOMeter scales are from the devil!! (That the same one as what I have)
Actually if your boots are bigger on you, then you are probably toning up some, and muscle does weigh more than fat, which could explain a bit of weight gain. That and the evil-demon scale. I've had several people say that weight gain is normal at the beginning, not sure why though.
I will post my Monday weigh-in later tonight, fret not!!

Shirley said...

Shake Weights are hilarious....I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

Oilfield Trash said...

I remember the original shake weight, it was called a hand job.

And I am sorry about the weight gain. But I think it came from yall's date night. But those 6 pounds were probably worth it so I wouldn't worry about it.

Danielle said...

DO NOT LET THE WEIGHT GAIN GET YOU DOWN! When I worked with a trainer right after I had JC that was offered free through the gym I joined at the time for 3 sessions she told me that the thing to pay attention to is how you look in your clothes, and to yourself in the mirror. Your number will go down in the beginning because you really are burning fat, and then as you start to tone your muscles, you gain. But you aren't gaining FAT, you're gaining muscle. Your ass is getting firmer, but you gained 3lbs. Or the flab behind your arm when you wave to your kid as you drop them off to school is no longer as jiggly, but you've gained 2lbs. When you mix up the eggs for your omelette in the morning and you notice that your belly doesn't jiggle as much as it used to ... waitttt am I the only one that happens to? hahaha! But you get the point! Your toning! So don't get discourage with the number, because you get to a point where your going to reach a plateau and the number won't go down but your body is going to continue to change! Stick with it!!! YOUR DOING AWESOME! :)

Asha said...

The tredmill is the devil but it sounds like you are kicking ass. Good job!

Anonymous said...

you.are.awesome. and I just die laughing at the video. :) love it.

Josie said...

Yooouuu fucking inspire me. I actually started this the first week and I was gonna go along with you and then I got my gal bladder removed sooo.....yeah that failed. But now I'm totally for it again. I'll let you know when my first post is up.

Ang said...

Sara - you're off to a great start, just keep at it and don't let a stupid little number get you down. For me, if I see my clothes fitting different, I know I'm doing something right (or wrong as of late)... so just roll with that!

Annah said...

Booboo you know very well you have to weight yourself in the mornings. Come on now.... And naked.

Redo! :)

Your toes are too cute!

Chicken said...

Sorry about the weight gain. Maybe you're just bulking up, or those grapes haven't kicked in and you need to take a nice giant poop. :) Even if the boots are too big on you I still love them so much I want to eat can be wearing them or not, it's your choice.

The Mrs. said...

I would bet my left boob your weigh-in isn't accurate, and I like my left boob. Sara....c'mon, dude. Don't you know you can't weigh in RIGHT AFTER working your muscles...they're swollen and full of blood (that's what she said)...and your body is retaining water to keep hydrated. So no. Let your body cool. Like over-night. Weigh in the morning and naked--because that's fun and you don't get clothing ounces. Drink more water when you run--speaking of---you fucking beast! A mile is amazing! Uggh...I need to run. I'm afraid of getting kidnapped, raped and tortured by some deliverance based creep. It's the midwest--it could happen. So anywho...I FINALLY posted.

Great job, Luvvvah!

FinnyKnits said...

Everyone's going to tell you this, but they're probably right - muscle is heavy and you've likely built up a little muscle with your running business.

Also, remember to drink plenty of water, since you're doing extra activity.

And, for the soreness factor, remember to stretch before and after so that lactic acid doesn't build up in your muscles. I mean, you're going to be a bit sore, but this can keep you stretchy and help avoid injuries.


G said...

well done on the've made great progress!
Next stop a marathon?

Anonymous said...

Yay! So excited to read the book! And... no library fines if I don't pick it up immediately! That's a serious yay. Was going to say something about the fat vs muscle but it looks like it's already been covered. :)

Dana said...

Don't worry about the scale. I lost almost 12 lbs in a month and then I went on vacation and gained 6 lbs back in a week. Always a struggle! I know this post is old but if you are really sore from exercising, you can be holding extra water around your muscles to protect them while they are healing which could cause the gain. Keep up with the good work! Maybe someday I'll be able to run!