Thursday, March 31, 2011

I may be late... but I'm not any less thankful.

Over the last few months I've gotten a bunch of cool stuff in the mail from bloggers who love me. Or at least hope I don't die. Which either way, I love it. And some of these are a few months old... but at least I'm still thanking in the same year. ;)  (And you're right- I'm not linking to any of these bloggers because I don't want you to steal my friends. That's right. I'm kind of the possessive girlfriend. HA!)

First up, is my new friend Jen. She's planning to come and hang with me for the Breaking Dawn premier in November, and I'm going to hang with her in June in Michigan. But WAY back in January she sent me an out-of-the-blue love note with a gift card to McDonald's... so I can fund my addiction to fountain coke before work. It lasted me two weeks and it was glorious. :)
 Then my friend Jamie who lives in Alabama who I would squeeze to bits if I could mysteriously asked me a favorite lyric, but didn't tell me why. Fast forward a few weeks and I get the most amazing package in the mail. First up, a gorgeous hand made picture with my favorite lyric on it, from Coldplay's "Yellow". It looks amazing on my bedroom wall.
Then she sent me a brooch from her Etsy shop that I LOVE. I have it on my dark gray peacoat and I get a ton of compliments on it. Can you tell my favorite color is blue??
 AND she made my kids some homemade crayons. Which of course they totally loved. They also love that her packages always come with a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap. Which they wore as clothes and accessories, so they loved that too.
 And finally, but not least. One of the first blogs I ever started reading is Finny. Obviously not her real name, but I love her so. If I didn't have a mom already, I'd probably make her adopt me. Except she would totally make me eat veggies and healthy stuff and dig out bermuda grass. And keep bees. None of which really sounds excited. But she's great and the reason I started running is because she makes it seem like I can actually do it. So if I die while running a 5K, you better believe I'll have something on my body that says "Finny made me do it". Anyways. So on my 30/30 is to go skiing, and while she worries I'm going to die because I probably will, my fear is that I will freeze. And then die.

She sent me a link for these Cap 3 top/bottom from Patagonia and yeah. No way I could afford these. So I go sledding with the kids and freeze my ass off because not only do I not have proper winter clothing, but I really can't afford to get any. So one day, I get a package in the mail. And with that package is this packing slip, and the message from Finny totally made me tear up. Seriously.
Guess what it was? My VERY OWN Cap 3 pants and top (base layer clothing) from Patagonia, in BLUE. Mother effers I was in love. And if Finny didn't live so far away I'd clean her house for free forever. I would. And while we didn't get to go skiing this year, Matt and I are going to make a weekend trip in early December to do nothing but ski, and maybe try snowboarding, and you better believe I'm wearing this. BUT.. I did wear it when I went walking on super cold days. And guess what, Finny? My tits are still intact! My ass too! I stayed toasty warm and I didn't die. My face kind of felt dead, but with good tits and ass I figure the face isn't super important anyways.

But this year hasn't been all about me receiving. Nope. I've been sending out little packages of love all year too. One of my other fav bloggers, Amanda, was preggers. She's since had her baby, but since she gets my humor I decided I had to send her a really fantastic baby gift. Sure.. I got her practical stuff like clothes and toys and things she needed. But let's be real. Giving birth is a harrowing event. No woman should go unprepared. So in addition to these things, I learned one of my other blogger friends, Shirley is a nurse in the labor/delivery unit. BEST THING EVER. Because Shirley sent me all kinds of stuff you child less ladies don't know about. Things like... mesh underwear. The largest pads you'll ever see because after having a baby your insides fall out of you. I sent her nipple shields to train your nipples to stick out (and yes- that IS a really uncomfortable/sometimes painful thing), stool softener (because it will hurt to poop) and just other scary stuff. I only wish I could have seen her face. I also sent her a note of what to really expect when a child explodes out of your vagina.

A few weeks after I sent her box... I got this in the mail:
Yes. Epic. Love it.

I also have a package for a friend down under almost ready to go, I have the box for the winner of my birthday giveaway (seriously-- it's all done, just waiting for payday so I can mail it!), I sent a thinking of you card to a blogger I don't even know who I heard through the grapevine is having a difficult time right now, I sent a baby swing to another blogger who's having a baby, and one of my favorite books to one of our weightloss challenge bloggers. And I have lots more love to spread. :) One of my favorite things is just randomly giving gifts because I like you.

And it's all to say thanks to you guys- you rock my world with each and every comment and you are amazing. I don't care what anyone says- I have the most amazing blog readers ever. So.. watch your mailbox. I'm always on the lookout for random good deeds. ;)


____j said...

Baby swing = best ever. Srsly. SO glad to have you as a friend :)

Anonymous said...

well shit... I need to blog more and get readers like yours. lol You get awesome stuff :) But it's because we love youuuuu!

Julie H said...

Finny is the bomb! I'm hoping one of these days she'll let me hang out with her :) She only lives about an hour and a half away (same city the man works in)

Danielle said...

You really do have the most amazing blog friends, you get what you give and you give a lot as a blog reader! I always make a point to read yours because I truly enjoy them! I'm hoping one day I'll have some blog reader friends like you! :) Not gonna lie I'm pretty excited about the box I sent you the other day! :) I hope you get it soon! I'm so impatient when it comes to snail mail! :) xoxo

Jen said...

Hi, this is totally off-topic, but I just found this and,knowing what a tidy little thing you are, I thought you should see it :)

Ang said...

LOVE it - seriously, I absolutely love these little things that make people's day! Keep it up Sara! The world is a better place because of people like you :)

Nicki said...

I am so not ready to have a baby explode out of my vagina.

avgordsuprgddss said...

Stopping by from THe LBS... I look forward to reading more from you.
Trace from

Anonymous said...

So amazing to see how many friendships can develop! Plus: Isn't it amazing to find an unexpected item in your mailbox just to find out that it's from someone who "hopes your don't die"?! :D
Greeting from the LBS, have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Visiting from LBS and I just love your style! You have a new follower as of today.

There's nothing better than great blog readers! Hopefully I can live up to the rest of the group!


Unknown said...

Wow - you are so funny! I am glad to have seen your link on Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I'm your newest blog stalker :)

Lady Estrogen said...

That's awesome.
Lovin' the Lamb Whore leader... a lot. Nice to meet you; I am the C*nt Dragon. LOL
Following you from the Tea Party, yo!

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

You have amazing blog readers and mailers! That is awesome. So glad you shared all of these with us :)
Stopped over from FTLOB and really glad I did. Have a great weekend! said...

Stopping by from LBS - love the name of your blog ... and congrats on the swag ;)

Heather at

Dana said...

I love all that you do for others and what others have done for you. What a great feeling.