Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because some of you have sent demanding emails...

... I will tell you about Jackson's party. Dang folks. Today ALONE I got three emails saying things like, "Where the fuck is your post about Jackson's party? Is he still alive?"


OK. So because I did a "big" party for Olivia when she turned 3, for no reason other than the fact I got a good deal, I had to do something "big" for Jackson on his 3rd. Because I'm a bit OCD and I have a thing about being even with the kids. So I decided we'd have a party at the Duluth Children's Museum because it was $200 for 25 adults and 15 kids, the room, and the staff to do a craft with the kids.
 And I can do a lot of things, but baking a cake is not one of them. My baking skills are limited to cupcakes or 9x13 sheet cakes. Anything beyond that and it's best just to order it. So I did.
 And then you couldn't have helium balloons, so I bought regular. Which were lame ass because all they did was sit on the floor and I didn't realize how lame ass they would look. So yeah. Here's Olivia modeling her missing tooth and a lame ass balloon.
 And then I had my mom clothes, hair and makeup going on because I was being a wholesome mom that day. :) But those earrings were ones I got from a blog reader.
 Jackson really liked having a bunch of people sing Happy Birthday to him.
 Oh! And the museum staff do a craft with the kids, and you get to pick out of a huge list of projects. As soon as I saw "lick and stick" pictures I knew I had to go with that. Because my kids? Lick everything. They are compulsive lickers and I'm pretty sure they got that from me. I remember my brother used to collect baseball and football cards. Well, he had this special spot he'd stick valuable ones and I'd grab one when he wasn't looking... and yeah. I'd basically hold it saying, "I'm gonna lick it!!" until he cried. It was like a really fucked up hostage situation and he'd get SO MAD at me and I did it just to make him mad.

Anyways. So my kids licked and sticked like their life depended on it. And in case you're wondering- it tasted like postage stamps did when you had to lick them. And yes, I licked to try it out.
 We didn't have much "party" because I wanted everyone to go out into the museum and play. Which we all did and it was a ton of fun. And it worked out because as kids started having meltdowns people could just leave when they wanted to. Anyways. The bonus was that they asked me if I wanted freebie tickets for everyone to get into the train museum, and so I jumped at the chance. Normally you don't get that with the birthday parties and there was some kind of mix up and so we got them. SO everybody got to go into that museum and see all the trains and train equipment.

You can go up into some of the trains (which was really very cool, and some of the cars were TINY and the sign said in some cases you'd have 2-3 workers in there at a time. Hello, claustrophobia.) and it was just a cool experience. Jackson only sat in the conductor seat for a few seconds until he realized how high up he was.
 And then me and my boy. I was able to find a dinosaur shirt for him (since it was a dino themed party) that says "I'm not small- I'm fun size". Adorable.
But MAN ALIVE. I was so effing exhausted afterwards. I was literally running all over two museums after my kids, other people's kids, trying to find Matt, but yes. I was tired. I went to bed at 7:30 because I just couldn't stay up any longer. The party was from 1:30-4:30 and wow. We ended up having two hours in the museum and it's a lot to see and do.

But... another year down. Olivia's birthday is in September and she wants to do something fun too. It's her golden birthday so I'm not sure- do people do something special for that? I have no idea since I never had anything like that on my birthday.. so ideas? Anybody? Help a mama out! :)


Jennifer Kay said...

Giggle about the lame ass balloons...I'm pretty sure some helium sucking parents screwed it up for the rest of you.

The cake is awesome and all the matchy stuff is awesome...and I have run out of descriptive words.

Oilfield Trash said...

I think you did a great job with the party, way to go!!!!

Shirley said...

I think you should get props just for wearing a white sweater at a kids party. That takes skill.

Julie H said...

Wow sounds like a super busy time! It's nice though when you don't have to clean your house!

Those balloons remind me of my nephew's first birthday party. They blew up balloons and threw them around on the floor. Which was covered in dog hair. Which stuck to the balloons. BARF

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sounds like a fantastic party my grandson Leo would love the trains he is train and dinosaur mad.

I have never done much for my girls birthdays as my girls didn't want partys not even when they turned 21 it was just all I want is a special lunch with just family so that is what they got.

It would have been great not having to clean up afterwards.

Katie said...

I'd say by the smile in his last picture - HIS party was a success!!!

Kattrina said...

Fun party and kinda educational at the same time - what a fantabulous mom you are! We did special things for our golden birthdays. Well, my sisters did, they were 10 and 11. My golden birthday was when I turned 26 and I was in Honduras and there was nothing special except my mom wrapped all my presents in gold paper. My sisters got super special princess parties all decked out with crowns and stuff. It was a big deal in our house - although most people I have met have no idea what a golden birthday is....

TheProDiva said...

Sounds like a great time! I literally laughed out loud at your colorful description of the balloons...classic!

Anonymous said...

Cutest party ever! I wanna do those lick things! and that cake is badass!