Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So my aging well has been proven to be a lie. Proven by me, on accident.

So, the other day I was emailing a friend about random crap as usual and I decided to attach a picture of Matt and I from back in the day. And by "back in the day" I mean 2002 when we started dating.

And also from this email I decided that I will do a post about our first date which is tragic and hilarious. And proof that I am a much better person than some people think I am.


So I sent my friend this picture of Matt and I. We started dating in January and then moved into our apartment in July. I was 20 and he was almost 22.
 Look how young and fresh faced we were! And skinny. Holy man. But at the time, we were so broke. SO BROKE. If our paychecks were $500 each on pay day we were living the high life. Never mind we were barely paying our rent at $425/month which was a steal compared to how nice our apartment was. Oh man.. we were so broke. I remember a good dinner was when we could have a real sandwich versus hotdogs cubed up onto Ritz crackers. And not even brand name hotdogs and Ritz... it was the store generic. And holy shit they were disgusting. I think we ate dinner maybe 2 or 3 times a week? Yeah. So I was obviously maintaining a size 8 no problem and then went up to a size 10. Anyways. But look at how great we looked.

Then let's fast forward to.. 2010. This was the first picture I could find of us within about a year. I'm obviously not very good at taking out picture anymore. But yeah. I feel like we're looking a bit rough. Not to mention we've both gained weight. HA! This was... March 2010 when we were in Chicago for the Muse concert. This picture was actually taken in Gino's East Pizzeria in downtown Chicago-- great food if you're ever in the area.
But man. Every day I get up to look at my face and every day I think holy fuck. I'm aging. I never really thought I'd notice myself aging and now I know why women freak out. It creeps up on you and all of a sudden it's like bam- hello wrinkles. Hello weird dark circles under my eyes. And oh my fucking god-- are those crow's feet? For real?

So here's my questions for my female lambwhore readers. Because I know a lot of you are much older than me so have been down this path before.

1. How do you deal with aging? Like, do you have any advice for me not to freak out?
2. Failing that, do you know of any creams that work for dark circles under my eyes? Or laugh lines. Seriously. My makeup isn't doing it and I'm having shortness of breath from oncoming anxiety attacks in the morning.

Granted, I know a lot of people say I look younger than 29 but wow. As I've been looking at pictures the last few days I'm noticing more and more what life does to your face. And I don't tan, I stay out of the sun, I drink water, I'm probably malnourished, but man. And then I was trying to find out when it changed... but it's just slow and steady. So yeah. That's such a weird thing I really didn't think I'd have to worry about for another few years at least.


Unknown said...

You honestly look cuter in the 2nd picture. You haven't become older and wrinklier, you've aged like a fine wine. And you two are still rockin it, so major props to you.

My secret, omegas omegas omegas. Take an omega 3/6 supplement (flax is better than cod liver) every day. Not only does this help keep your heart healthy, but it does amazing things to your hair and skin. It keeps things moist and elastic.

Granted, I'm only 30, so I'm not too far into the future, but still. I get carded often, and people tell me I look 23/24.

And yes, I'm a male, but things like omega fatty acids do wonders for both sexes. (hint hint, if he's getting a little shar-pei'd, make him take them too)

Anonymous said...

Well I've already seen the first pic before :) but... omg you look like babies! So young! :)

And I'm a big fan of LOTION. Keep that skin hydrated. Everything I hear about aging- women say "i should've started wearing more lotion when I was in my 20's". So that's my strategy. I also use MaryKay's microderm ebrasion kit to slough off dead skin and give it a good scrub-a-dub-dub. And of course daily sunscreen no matter what kind of day it is.

Oilfield Trash said...

Wow. You look really young in that first picture? Were you even legal there? LMAO

Alison said...

Sunscreen, never leave the house without it. Eye cream, it's never too early to start. Lots of water and exercise!

cakeologist said...

I started using Retin-A every night when I was about 30. I looked like a red-peely-faced-lizard for the first 6 weeks, but I swear by the stuff. My insurance doesn't cover it, and it is pricey, but one tube lasts me about 6 months.

Sunblock is important too. I just had some large brown spots removed from my forehead and I am amazed at the difference getting rid of a few spots made.

Most people don't think I look 38 (my son says I look 68).

Jenner said...

I know just what you mean! And if you find something for under-the-eye circles that works, let me know. I look like a raccoon!

middle child said...

I was fine until I saw one of those 'age spots' on my hand. I'm like, whaaat? But, I got used to it over time. It helped that when my daughter was having her second baby, the nurse typed into the computer: Sister at bedside being supportive. Sister? Hell yeah!
Again, I have to say that Olay Regenerist is the best, as is their eye cream. Trust me. I've tried many.
The really hard part is when your mind says you're 17 but your body is more like...180 years old.

AmberLaShell said...

Okay, I can totally relate to you here.. Being that I will also turn 29 this year and I recently found a picture of me in high school. Holy Cow batman did i look young. But if you find some good dark cirlce stuff, let me know! You still look great, and young!

AmberLaShell Rants

Steff said...

I think in the first picture you look like a 12 year old! hehehehe I like the second picture better!

Last week I was watching a reality type show {but I forgot what} and it showed a woman pretty much naked. She was in her early thirties, but looked HORRIBLE. Even though she was really skinny, her skin was so saggy and that put me in PANIC MODE. It's easy for skinny girls like me to forget that even though you are skinny, if you don't work out and have your body toned, you can still look gross when you're older! So I now have a meeting with a personal trainer in a month! I HATE working out, but seeing that lady freaked me out. I have tattoos and I don't want them to turn to shit!

Even though I'm 19, I've also started realizing that I need good things for my skin, like good face wash and moisturizer. Ever 'older' lady I know says that and water is what has kept their skin looking good!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

First this post has given me an idea for a posting so thanks for that. Secondly my sister swears by Garnier under the eye roll on. I use a day and night cream each day and hand cream on my hands all the time as my hands seem older then my face at times.

I think you look good although you do look young in the first photos but that is normal. In no way do you look older then your years and that is what we all want. I hope I look as good as my mother does when I am her age.

Ruth said...

Don't frown too much or make your mouth real tight or you will end up with lines. Either people will think you are a smoker or really bitchy. It's OK to be bitchy, I'd just rather not look like I am.
I don't have lines, but I am turning into the bearded lady.
I'd rather have lines.

Julie H said...

I just don't worry about it. I figure it adds character. I'd rather look older than be dead.

Ang said...

first - LOVE Gino's East - OMG - YUM!

Second, it's funny that you post about this today... this morning I looked at myself in the mirror (at 5am) and smiled and thought... wow, I'm getting myself some nice crows feet. That's sexy.

I'm not freaking out about it yet though...

I'll come back and read all the comments from your old readers once my freak out begins!


Kattrina said...

Aging doesn't really bother me too much. I do what I can to preserve my skin (lots of Mary Kay lotions and face creams and night creams and sunscreens) but other than bathroom rituals, I try not to think about it. I hate that I have strands of gray hair, especially since my mom is in her mid-50s and has about 15 strands total and I have way more than that at age 30 (I must have my dad's gray hair gene). But in reality, what can I do except dye it? And then it's still there, just hidden.
I think you still look beautiful and you can buy some nice creams (my sister sells Mary Kay so I'll try and send you some samples) and concealer for your eyes, and you'll be on your way to 20 again!

Seana said...

I totally think you look MUCH better in the second picture! Love the hair too ;-)

Oh, and lady, wanted to let you know.. since I'm usually a 'lurker' that reads but not comments very often, your blog now has a link from my blog in my 'Blogs I Follow' section :-)


SpiritPhoenix said...

I think you look fine. Don't worry about it.

1. I'm not much older than you are. I'm turning 31 in a few days. But I just take it as it comes. No worries. Advice? Just breathe and remember how you wouldn't want to be 19, or 22 or whatever anymore.

2. I have the same problem with under eye circles. I found a great product at Sephora. Benefit's Erase Paste. I use #2. It is expensive, but it's well worth it. And the little pot will last like a year or so. You don't need much at all, it's got great coverage. http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml%3B$sessionid$A5F0U5OMDQGHACV0KSKAIGQ;jsessionid=A5F0U5OMDQGHACV0KSKAIGQ?id=P208603&categoryId=B70

SpiritPhoenix said...

It looks like Benefit's Boi-ing might work too and it's a little cheaper.

thotlady said...

Keep drinking that water, oh, and stand on your head for 6 hours a day. You have time for that, right? :)

Unknown said...

I just turned 34 a week and a half ago, and holy hell it hit me, "in 6 years I will be 40!" and I thought to myself, "Wait, stop! slow down!". Luckily, everyone says I look like I'm still in my 20s, in fact, I got ID'd last year going to a casino! Unfortunately, there's no stopping it. I hate thinking about my age, I don't FEEL 34, I sometimes still feel like that awkward teenager, even though I'm now married with 3 kids. Aging gracefully is a lie!

Sara said...

You're still in your 20's! You look good. But yeah, microderm abrasion and lotion. Pay attention to the neck too. The face may look young, but the neck will tell the true story. I'm 33. I think I still look the same as I did when I was 18. *cough* Ahem.

Dana said...

I've obsessed about getting wrinkles since I was about 22. I used Alpha Hydrox up until about a year ago. I switched to Strivectin which is expensive but I use it for wrinkles and it doubles as a moisturizer for me. My routine: Wash with CeraVe cleanser (WalMart), but on Strivectin eye cream, then the lotion. I also put CeraVe lotion all over my neck. I just started doing that about a month ago because everyone always forgets about the neck. I'm 34 but look younger...mostly due to the chubby cheeks which fill in the wrinkles!

ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said...

Based on your last picture, you're still cute!

The only thing I can say about myself is that within the past 5 years I've gained a lot of weight...not cool, man. Not cool. I don't even look the same. Well, yes, I do, just chubbier now. :|

Aging sucks, as I'm now learning.

Lady Grey said...

I will be 43 soon... and I remember 29 being the best age... I don't mind getting older, I just don't like the fact that it is harder to lose weight, and that the boys in their 20's see me as old (I see them as cute - is that incest?)... anyway, aging is happening, enjoy the ride!

Ann said...

I won't say "don't worry" because we all do! But to repeat almost everyone here: sunscreen (even if you don't think you need it), microdermabrasion (I even use it on the back of my hands--people do see that & never say how old your hands look, unless they meet my mother; she says stuff like that to women at the grocery store!), eye cream and definitely watch your neck (it sneaks up on you there!)
BTW, love your blog; stopping by from the LBS Tea Party (and exploring your blog--love it all)