Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hey- I'm not dead. Just tired as hell.

Dudes. What a crazy ass few days. And this coming week isn't much better. Let's do a quick recap of what I've been doing:

1. Working. The spring semester is done but the summer semester starts soon. We had book buy back last week so Wednesday and Thursday I came home from work exhausted and sore. By Friday I could barely lift my kids. But hey- free workout, right?

2. Cleaning. I'm having the spring cleaning itch like mad. I also know that the Never ending-Yard-Sale-2011 is going to be starting soon so I'm sorting out what I'm selling and donating.

3. I got a book in the mail from a giveaway I won and I totally forgot it was coming. It's from the Krazy Coupon Ladies (who started the Extreme Couponing show) and it's a complete how-to. I'm overwhelmed but excited. This week's project is to make my coupon binder. Oh yes. I'm taking my crazy up a couple of notches.

4. I have a lot of posts swirling in my head for you. They are coming, I promise. With Blogger being a fucking whore this week it knocked me off my mojo. My plan was to crank out like 5 posts on Wednesday night because I knew I'd be so busy... but yeah. Blogger hates me and doesn't want you to be happy.

5. I went to my FIRST musical last night. I forgot to take pictures but it was amazing and I pretty excited to see more. It just highlights how grossly untalented I am but that's ok. I'm ok with that. Really, I am. :/

6. I have a LOT of trips coming up all at once. Seriously. I had no idea how effing booked I am for fun stuff until I looked at my calendar. I have a Death Cab for Cutie concert on May 21I have a trip to Milwaukee in another week or so for a Jen Lancaster book signing- totally pumped for that. Then the following week (I think??) I am going to see Chelsea Handler in Minneapolis. Then Matt and I have our trip to Michigan coming up soon after. Then I am hoping to go to Rochester July 9. Vegas is at the end of July. Then August is getting more and more insane. I don't even KNOW what is happening but I think every single weekend I'm booked??? *sigh* I do know a for sure is Chicago with Matt and our friends Tammy and Chad for the Kings of Leon concert. Oh yes... how I've missed a live KOL show. It's all fun stuff but I'm kind of overwhelmed. Like, I might have to start doing things during the week just so I don't feel so overwhelmed? I don't know. I'll never complain about having nothing to do that's for sure.

7. I am so behind on Etsy shop stuff I feel sick. I have a lot of stuff in progress and I just have no time for anything. I'm already on no sleep. Ugh.

8. My mom just left for Florida today so Matt and I had to arrange our work schedules to make sure someone is with the kids. I'm doing an 8-12 shift which will kick my ass. I'm not used to getting up before 7:30. HA! But Matt will be working nights so I won't see him much this week at all. But I'm hoping I can get more done when he's gone?? We'll see.

OK. I think there's more but my dryer just beeped so I need to switch loads over. Oh, and we have no groceries and I have no time or money to get some. Awesome.


ShanLeigh said...

KOL- I am jealous! And Death Cab won't suck either. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

It's ok to take a break from blogging if you need! Think of it as a spring break! :) I think we'll all understand!

You DO have a lot coming up! Hopefully MKE will be relaxing for you. I know I'm really hoping it will be :) Lord knows we probably need to grab some (free!) pizza right away then immediately head to the hot tub Tuesday night!

Take some time for you though and ENJOY all this funness going on.

Unknown said...

Lady, sounds like you're living your life. which is awesome.

middle child said...

Sorry, but about half way throught reading this post, I became soooo tired I had to lay down right here on the floor. You make Angeina Jolie look like a couch potato.

Danielle said...

Its good to know that I'm not the only one thats going crazy!!! It sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned which is awesome - even though I totally understand your feeling of being overwhelmed! It's always nice to have all your shit done before you get to the fun stuff so that you can actually enjoy the fun stuff! Good luck girl! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It does sound like you have a lot on your plate but such is life, ok I know not very supportive Jo-Anne she wants postive supportive comments so let me think you have lots of fun things coming up and that is great and you will get all caught up with they stuff you are behind in.......
yes you will be tired to the point that eating will be an effort some days but I don't know what I am saying here as this is not as supportive as I would like it to be so I think I will just end this comment here before I make things worse for myself........

You are amazing Sara and you will triumph.

Paige said...

dont you hate when you've got the posts a swirl' but its impossible to get down on paper?