Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm on the verge of insanity. At least addiction.

OK. So long story short, I need to start saving money in drastic ways. But I'm also a shopping addict who likes to buy new underwear.

Anyways. So I've been toying with couponing for awhile. I already plan my meals out and I clip coupons but I wasn't a fanatic. I think I need to get serious. I won a giveaway where my prize was a copy of the Krazy Coupon Ladies book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey. Let me tell you--- my eyes are completely opened.

Will I do major hauls? No. My house is small and I'm not willing to sacrifice closet space for cereal. I'm just not going to do it. No.

(Maybe. Especially if it's Captain Crunch.)

So over the last week I'm starting. I'm dipping my boobies into the coupon waters. It's kind of hard. I'm not going to lie. I know these women spend 30+ hours a week on it but I don't have that kind of time.

(Which just admitting that makes me feel like a failure.)

Honestly? Just printing coupons and watching my kids is really hard. (How are you mom's doing this? Are your kids setting neighborhood fires? Are they out getting pregnant?? How are you doing it??!!) But I've been trying and making my notes and trying to understand it. The downside is that you know, a lot of math is involved and I suck at math.

But at Cub Foods earlier this week I got $72 worth of groceries for just under $30. I was pretty excited about that. The at Target yesterday I got some stuff (2 boxes of granola bars, toilet paper, 2 packages of acne medicine, 2 sticks of deoderant, bandaids, and a few other things I can't remember). But my order would have been around $35 of stuff and I paid $16? I was happy about that because it was all stuff I need.

So.. not super fantastic, but it's a start. I'm trying. I have some challenges facing me, for example:
  • My Walmart sucks. It's full of uneducated people who refuse to listen to me or read their coupon policy. AND? The managers don't really care. So Walmart is a bust.
  • The grocery store in Superior does not accept internet printed coupons, they don't let you double coupons EVER, and their prices are high.
  • Target is ok, but they only accept one manufacturer coupon and one of their coupons together, no more. Plus, my Target doesn't carry much food. I can go to the Duluth Target because they carry much more food, but they don't carry a lot of the brands I have coupons for.
  • I've been going to a grocery store in Duluth because they are the best coupon store EVER. Not only do they have their own deals, but the accept doubles and internet coupons. Sure, it's 20 minutes from my house but I think with careful planning I can make it worth it.
So this weekend... it's on like Donkey Kong bitches. On Friday I'm doing another shopping trip to start building my stockpile. I'm going to buy some shelving (so I don't have to sacrifice my closet). I'm going to start making my coupon binder.

Oh yes. Just thinking about it makes me want to pee with happy.

So. Do you have tips? Do you have coupons you don't want? MAIL THEM TO ME.

Eventually my goal would be able to buy things and donate them to organizations regionally. I like giving back and I feel like I could do a good job with this with some planning. But Matt is scared. Already the five boxes of cereal, 40 juice boxes, and countless boxes of food are scaring him. Oh... it'll only get worse.



Oilfield Trash said...

Umm you just described all of the Walmarts.

Ms. Ro Chelle said...

I am trying more of an experiment. I am not into buying stuff I don't need or want just because it's on sale. My main goal is just to find coupons for things we will use and be able to start lowering my grocery bill.

But I did find a cool website you might find interesting (if you have not already found it your self...).

Unknown said...

we started couponing around 2 months ago. it takes a bit to build your insert coupons up to match sales. but it's worth it. we were pretty ridiculous about going to the grocery store to get ONE thing and leave with a dozen.
not anymore. we plan, plan, plan our grocery shop every two weeks like we're invading a small country.

bogo's are your friend, especially the cereal. I don't know if you have Publix Grocery stores, but around here they are the best. They'll honor competitors coupons and let you stack them with manufacture coupons.
I've saved several hundred dollars so far, we have stopped eating out, cut our grocery shops to two a month, three if we're just dying for something.
we have a tiny apartment, so i can't stockpile, but as soon as I get a house I want to become one of those crazy coupon ladies so I can donate to the food banks and homeless shelters. Plus my dad is on a fixed income, so I try to pick up stuff for him if i can get a really great sale.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I have seen on Americian tv shows they talk about coupons but it isn't something that we have much of here yes we do to an exctent but not like you seem to over their.

I do think you have to do whatever is needed in order to save money.

C said...

"I'm dipping my boobies into the coupon waters. "

Best line ever.

I've been thinking about doing more couponing. Time is also an issue. I don't have kids, I just have poor time management skills right now.

I hope you blog more about this!

SherilinR said...

my sister-in-law does this & comes home with money or credits from stores as well as bags of stuff. basically they're paying her to take the shit home. i don't understand it. but she takes it seriously & says it's her job, which i guess is how it works out in the end because of how much money they don't have to spend on stuff. i just don't have the space or the time or the car to do all that planning, bulk buying & running about town to 15 different stores. but i'm totally impressed with the people who do it well.
good luck to ya!

middle child said...

"which I admit, makes me feel like a failure..."
If you don't stop all this shit....I'm gonna come up there and stalk you to see how you do it all. I mean, you could put 5 of the women in your neighborhood together and they wouldn't be able to do even a 10th of what you do. The couponing are doin VERY well. Proud of you!

Ang said...

You make me want to vomit Sara... I really want to be able to save this kind of money. We get the Sunday paper and I save all the coupons... problem I have is a lot of the coupons seem to be for shit I don't need/want. so how the fuck am I supposed to be saving all this money? Getting a dollar off here and there is nice, but it sure doesn't have the same impact as saving over 50% on a bill that was supposed to be $72!

Annah said...

I don't cut coupons. Because I'm lazy. So therefore, also eternally broke.

But I do love Groupon, Livingsocial and Couptessa! Like... A LOT. But those are not really coupons and more of ways to spend tons of unnecessary money on fun stuff! :) Love.

Kattrina said...

Good luck! I used to clip coupons but pretty much quit. Most coupons were for processed foods that I didn't really want but bought because I had a coupon. So, I just decided I would clip the coupons and then if I had something in my cart that I had a coupon for I'd use it. I doesn't really work out so well though because most stuff I buy isn't coupon-worthy (i.e. I don't buy cereal, I don't buy frozen veggies, etc.). I hope it works and I'm already amazed that you can spend under $80 on groceries, that's quite a feat!

cakeologist said...

My new years resolution was to become a crazy coupon lady...I didn't do so well. I am just not a very organized person.

I hope you write more about might just motivate me to give it another go.

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

I bought 10 boxes of cereal yesterday for $1.38 each. I guess that's a good deal, but it prolly would've been cheaper to just eat something other than cereal. That stuff is es-pensive!

Unknown said...

I got lost a little while after the 'dipping my boobies' comment. I pictured boobs covered in a coupon bikini. It was just odd.

Good luck, let me know how this works. My ex and I tried it once, and a 4 hour shopping trip later, we got $350 worth of groceries for $80.

____j said...

I like watching extreme couponing, but it frustrates me. I dabble in couponing, but not much because Walmart sucks at accepting coupons, the other grocery store in town is insanely expensive [really, a loaf of name brand bread there is like $3] and the only other one in a 30 mile radius is SUPER sketchy. So the only time I really coupon is when I know I'm going to the commissary, which is like once a month. No other places around here double or triple coupons.

Jandy xx said...

Ah,Hello! I think you've got it wrong there... the fact that you DONT have a spare 30 hours per week is exactly why you are NOT a failure!

Australia doesn't have anything like this... on the back of our grocery store receipt we can get things like two for one meals, but nothing that actually makes our grocery bills cheaper! very interesting!

Julie H said...

I was totally in this for awhile and did really well. Then I got a job and couldn't keep it up. I've attempted to get back into it several times but my trips have been failures for the most part.

Dana said...

You had some nice savings at Cub and Target. I always get excited with coupons after seeing how much I've saved. I only use coupons sporadically. I do use them for my clothes though, like Kohl's and JCP. I never buy clothes that aren't on sale or discounted. My big problem with coupons is buying something just because I have a coupon for it when it's something I wouldn't normally have purchased. If you can get beyond that, you'll be great.