Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Postcards, Sheryl Crow and freebie fabulousness.

I don't know if I mentioned this (and I'm too tired/lazy to look it up) but this week my mom is in Florida. This normally wouldn't matter except she is our free day care while we work. I'm really glad my mom *finally* booked her ticket to go to Florida.. I was just really frazzled figuring out how I would make it work without having to take a week off of work. So for this entire week (with the exception of Wednesday) I'm working 8-12, Matt is taking Olivia to school at 12:15, and then he works from 12:30 until 1AM. Dude. I won't really see him until... Sunday? Wednesday I have a meeting at work in a town about an hour and a half away, so I'm technically down for 8-4, but then Matt is going in as soon as I get home. It sucks and I'm effing exhausted.


A really long time ago I signed up for a postcard project where you send a complete stranger a postcard and you get one back. Would you believe that not ONE store in my area sells post cards? I even looked in gas stations near tourist spots with no luck. So finally I decided to be lame ass and order one online. Fast forward a few weeks and I realized I'm out my $1.04 and I'm never going to see that postcard. When I was in the Minneapolis area for a concert I decided to stop in a Borders for fun. (Actually- I saw a twirly thing in the window with postcards.) So I found one...
 Denleigh sent me the pretty one on the left. Obviously I'm the asshole who sent the one on the right. Trust me when I tell you I looked long and hard for anything resembling a goat. But cracked out horses with googly eyes are a close second to awesome.

Then an even further way back I got a box of amazing from my stressed out lambwhore Danielle. It was full of random stuff and scrapbook goodies that I'm still using up.
 And a super fun note I totally loved.
 OK. And then remember how I said (I'm sure I mentioned this??) I was going to a Sheryl Crow concert last Monday? Yes. It was why I didn't have a post for you. Anyways. I wasn't going to go but then my mom wanted to go. I debated. My brother decided that since he hadn't gotten my mom anything, he'd pay her ticket to go. Which.. great but that still meant I needed $45 to go that I didn't have especially I was paying $45 (plus tip) for her pedicure that Thursday (and mine since she didn't want to go alone) as MY Mother's Day gift to her. So I just took money out of savings and went. I ended up spending MUCH more than I had on her gift, but she deserves it and I had fun too.

Anyways. So the concert was in an auditorium AND it wasn't sold out. Not even close. Which.. I kind of was surprised by. But you got some free toothpaste (seriously- more concerts need to hand out random stuff. It's just fun.) and we also got told we were going to Hell by some religious asshole outside. Now, they had a lot of picketers and fanatics outside of Elton John telling us not only were we going to Hell because we suck, but we're going there shackled because by supporting Elton John we were spitting in God's face who hates gays. Yeah.

Have I ever mentioned that I really can't stand overly religious people who think that by passing out hateful material and screaming at people minding their own business is ever going to sway a person? Because I do. You can bang on your Bible or whatever but I'm *pretty sure* there are a few passages saying you should be kind to your neighbor or something. Fucktards.

Anyways. So we went inside and realized we had really craptastic seats. Like, we were in the middle of the highest balcony. Oh well. The other shit thing is that they said no pictures. Why? Why do artists not want their pictures taken? I can understand flash photography, but no pictures at all? And do you know what that means? It's practically a DARE. At least to me.

Guess who won?

This bitch. This bitch WON. Sure, several people around me got their iPhones and cameras taken, but I didn't. You know why? Because I think Jeebus felt bad for having someone yell at me for no reason outside, so he let me take pictures. AND keep my camera. These two pictures are my finger to the man.

Overall the show was really good. I'm not a huge Sheryl Crow fan but I am now. I had no idea how musically talented she is- she was all over the stage with several different instruments. Her voice sounds so much better live than on CD. I really had a good time. I also appreciated the fact that she played for 2 1/2 hours and pretty much covered all of her hits and some new material too. Obviously, my favorites were "Strong Enough" and "My Favorite Mistake" because those are my JAMS. I can belt those out like nobodies vagina. So it was good. My mom had a good time and I had fun hanging out with my mom.

So yes. It's bed time for my kids and then I'm taking a shower and going to bed. I am super excited to tell you about my addiction to couponing and how I feel like my shopping addiction is spiraling out of control. :)

But in the meantime,  you can go HERE to win some free stuff from my shop. And get a discount code. You know you want to buy some stuff to help fund my shopping addiction. (Even if it IS for cotton balls and band aids.) AND if one of my blog readers win it.. maybe I'll throw in some random shit too. ;)


Oilfield Trash said...

Well at least you had a decent time.

middle child said...

How did I not know until recently that you also worked? AND do all that stuff you do? Are you serious or just blowing smoke up my ass? Know what? Either way......I love you to death. Muah!

Danielle said...

1. I've sucked at blogging lately, but how ironic the day I blog again and catch up on other's blogs you've included me in yours - how sweet! :) Glad you're enjoying the crafty stuff!!!

2. I LOVE Middle Child's comment! lol! hilarious - and I agree - you put us all to shame!

3. Your post made me google some Sheryl Crow songs, which really made me smile, and brought me to some memories - so thank you for that!!!!

4. You fucking rock and you will make it through this week with flying colors and still put me to shame for everything extra you accomplished! lol!

Love ya girly! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I hate and I do mean hate bible bashers I do not need anyone to tell me what to believe and those effing idiots who tell you that you will go to hell because you listen certain music or dress a certain way need to get a life...........

Postcards are something I have heaps of sent to me by penpals and my parents when they have gone away.

Ang said...

Sounds like a great concert - also surprised that it wasn't sold out... lame. I enjoy her music, I'd probably enjoy her concert too.

Good Luck this week - not that you need it... You'll be just fine, it's only a week, right?

(LOVE the postcard you sent, LOL)

Anonymous said...

I think I laughed outloud for a good 5mins at the horse postcard. Seriously, it's too funny. Glad you had fun at the concert :) And hell yeah for being a rebel and getting those pics!

Nay said...

Absolutely enthralled with your blog - love finding things like this by accident!

Following you now:)

Hope you'll be my neighbor (singing that like Mr. Rogers)

____j said...

Well, if you need postcards just let me know. The store I work at sells them for 25 cents, and we have a lot. I can hook you up.

Julie H said...

They actually took away people's phones? They'd have to take me away first lol.