Monday, May 23, 2011

Weight Loss Monday! Failures rejoice!

Yeah. I did nothing this week. Actually... in terms of legitimate exercise I did nothing. But here are some of the things I'm going to count as exercise for this week:

1. We had a book buy back event at my work. If you've never worked one of these before you won't know how much heavy lifting is involved. As usual a book seller/buyer comes to the campus to buy books, some of which our college buys for the next semester. So my job is to haul all of the books we're buying back to our bookstore so that they can be cleaned.. which means checking the condition and stickering them. But over the course of two days I carried well over 100 books. Then, the books the buyer buys back for their own company get boxed up. These boxes are well over 50 pounds each, and I get to carry them back to our store, only to carry them yet again to receiving. THEN, books that students can't sell (mostly because there is a newer edition out) they can recycle. Well, it's then my job to haul all of the recycle books back to my office, box them, label them, and carry down to receiving. Again, these boxes are well over 50 pounds and I had a total of 26 boxes of that. By the end of the two days of buy back my arms hurt so bad I could barely move. Not to mention my abs.

2. Then after buy back I had to clear off all of the shelves that had spring semester books. So that is over 200 books to be moved plus rearranged in the files so they are grouped together for inventory. Three days later of rearranging massive amounts of books and again, my arms/abs hurt even more.

3. I've been on a coupon shopping kick. I'm getting good deals but it also means I'm going almost every day so that I can use all of my coupons. So every day last week I wandered around a store for at least an hour, pushing a cart full of stuff and a three year old boy.

4. On one of these days I happened to get a cart with a wonky wheel that just refused to roll. Then it got so bad I only had one rolling wheel. Seeing how I was almost done, I ended up pushing this cart across the floor. It was a workout like none other. I also failed to take into consideration the strength required to push said cart across a parking lot. And you know I parked as far from the door as possible. In cases such as this, that is a dumb idea.

5. Then I've really been purging a lot of shit from this house. Most of it is in the donate pile but some is in the yard sale pile. Three days of lifting, moving, sorting, lifting, moving, and sorting... and my back/legs/arms hurt.

So forgive me for not fuckmilling it. This week will be fuckmill-less as well. Mostly because as of tomorrow I'm going to Milwaukee for three days. I'm ridiculously excited because I'm going with Amy and we have an awesome trip planned. This trip will include: free tap beer/soda and pizza at our hotel, shopping, relaxing in a hot tub, a book signing by one of my fav authors, eating at a dive, and more shenanigans. I'm excited to get out of here for a few days. I've had a stressful weekend with some summer plans going to hell but I'm not going to let it bother me. I can't control everything and I'm just going with the flow. After 7 years of marriage (in June) I've learned that some things it's not worth fighting over. So I'm not and it will be OK.

So how are YOU doing with your weight loss?


Heather said...

My PMSing has not helped me. I gain exactly 3 pounds the week before my period. Every month. Then 2 days after, I'm down 3. Needless to say, I'm up 3 right now and not happy about it.

Julie H said...

I'm just getting fatter sitting here reading blogs. I wonder if I'm ever going to get my act together?

Oilfield Trash said...

I forgive you!

Steff said...

That sounds like quite a workout to me! I think that counts for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dude. I am so freaking GIDDY about our trip tomorrow. AHHH!!!! :)

And I'm right there with ya on the exercise. I did nothing, but at least you can count all the lifting etc. I have a desk job! We should maybe bust a move at the hotel gym! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sounds like you a great work out anyway and it really pisses me off that some people think that hard work and shopping is not exercise because it bloody well is.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh book buy back! I remember those days where my wallet got fat for a couple days! :) At least you're building muscles!

I finally met my 10% weight loss goal!! 30 more to go!!

Ruth said...

I know doctors say house/yard work or working at work isn't really exercise. I say screw 'em. What do they know? At their work all they do is walk from one room to another.
Have fun in Milwaukee.

Ang said...

Being that you give so much; have you thought about donating all your piles to the peoples in Joplin, MO?