Monday, June 6, 2011

Weightloss Monday! (The reformed slacker edition)

I so badly wanted to do a vlog for you today (I miss them.. and I know you do too because I've gotten emails asking if they are coming back. Yes. Soon?) but I can't because Matt is passed out on our bed snoring. He's getting on my nerves lately and I'm kind of over his crap.

But in the meantime... let's talk about weightloss. How are YOU doing? Are you feeling good? Some of you are dieting, some are actually exercising, some of you are just hoping to wake up twenty pounds lighter and hey- if that works for you I'm going to be jealous. No lie. But I'm back on my walking routine. I don't know.. I'm struggling with running? I want to do it but the thought of doing it makes me tired. But I'm assuming it's because I've spent the last 3-4 weeks being a lazy fat ass frantically clutching onto my can of Pringles like the rapture is coming still. In short, I hope that with a few more walks I'll feel up to running again.

You may not remember but this weekend I have my hiking trip in Michigan. I'm actually pretty stinking excited because I get to meet Jennifer and her husband Jon and I get to be outdoors. Matt and I are absolutely scary broke, but we're going because we need a weekend away. Oh, and our anniversary is on Sunday so I think Matt is hoping for a um.. cardio workout? So let's count that on my "anticipated exercise" list.

But I will say- I have done really well with eating. I've reduced my portions significantly and I'm eating better. (Except for the Pringles and Wendy's. Just fuck the fuck off and don't tell me I can't have it.) Which is really great because I think if I had continued eating like shit AND been a lazy ass I would have wanted my fat girl pants back.

And I'm pretty much resigned to the fact I won't be skinny. But I at least want to trim down a little more. I think my body is meant to be a size 10 and I'm close. Like, so close I could almost just buy a pair of size 10 jeans. If I can do that.. I'll be thrilled. I won't stop exercising because I'll obviously have to maintain it, but yeah. I'll be very happy with myself. I look back and this was a serious attempt at losing weight and I'm doing awesome. So I'm proud of myself.

So if you aren't losing weight and are stabby about it.... what is your number one excuse? I mean, mine is always time.. but my kids are in bed at 7 and quite frankly, I go to bed around 10. That leaves me three hours to do something. So I can't even legitimately use that excuse without feeling like an asshole.

Be sure to check the other blogs participating in this little challenge. I have them all linked on the right hand side of my blog. Even if they don't post something for Weightloss Monday, please pop over there and tell them to exercise their fat asses. :)


middle child said...

"three to four weeks being a lazy fat ass.." Really? About the only thing you DON'T do during the week is work all night as a hooker! You know....if you said that you do that too,...I wouldn't be surprised. Your true name should be SUPER WOMAN!

Ruth said...

Hey, rapture redo is in October.
So, it's still coming. Maybe?

I want to lose weight and I am drinking water almost exclusively.
But, I am not doing the best at exercising. I bought a couple exercise/dance dvds but haven't used them yet.
The only place I can do them is in the living room and the computer is there and being summer the kiddo is always on there.
So, that's my excuse.
I could get up and do it at 7 in the morning. But, I don't.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I would love to be slimmer but have accepted that this is who I am, I eat right and do get some if not enough exercise and still I am a big woman. I would rather be big and happy then always staving myself and feeling rotten and guilty when I eat something some people say I should not eat............

Ang said...

after a month of being a lazy ass... has the number on the scale changed at all?
Glad you're back at it... now keep it the fuck up!

SuperMom Blues said...

I am *snorting* at lazy-ass b/c that's EXACTLY what I've been the last few weeks!!

I've been doing weight watchers since February and I've lost 16 lbs. Yeah, I know, 16 lbs in four months . . . bleh, LOL. But it's coming off, slowly but surely.

It'd probably be coming off faster if I wasn't such a lazy-ass . . . LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh gurl... I have been LAZY. This heat has just ruined all motivation for me.

Julie H said...

Still haven't got my shit together.

Hiking sounds fun, although I'm sure it can go either way. A guy I work with was talking about hiking and I was thinking oh, fun, but then remembered back to one time we hiked a bit and I got attacked by mosquitoes. So yeah, not so much fun.

Dana said...

I think about losing weight every day. Does that count? Happy Anniversary to you on Sunday and here's to that "cardio workout". Enjoy your trip!