Wednesday, July 6, 2011

..and there was the time I bonded with baby goats.

I've made no secret that I would like Matt to buy me three goats. Preferably fainting goats, for the entertainment factor, but I'll take regular ones that stay little. I have no interest in cleaning up after them, that would be Matt's job, but I would like to feed them and stuff.

Or I'll take a sheep.

But I kind of would like goats more.

On Father's Day I decided that despite being cold, windy and misting rain, that we would all go to the zoo because it was a free entry day and we are broke. So I had no other Father's Day plans.

We went and I have to say this about the Duluth Zoo- for a few years there is was a complete fucking joke. They lost accreditation (and are trying to regain that), it was run by the city (who is run by idiots) and basically... it was like... a dive of a zoo. They had lots of exhibits with just garbage in it and no animals, so we had to tell Olivia that they had invisible donkeys and lions. Seriously. That girl tried so hard to see them but alas... they were never spotted.

This visit was 100 times better than all previous visits. Not only is the entire zoo clean, freshly painted, and doesn't smell like actual shit, but they have REAL animals. I can't think of one area that didn't have animals. But who cares about any of that, because folks? I am a real goat whisperer.

In the farm animal area they have pellets you can feed the goats with. And while there were at least five other people trying to feed goats.... they only wanted me. They knew that I obviously had more goat feeding skills. I'm certain it's in my nature.

 Baby goats + pellets that look like rabbit poop = nom, nom, nom, nom.
 All four baby goats were like banging into the gate for me to feed them and pet their noses.
 You see that? That's the face of someone with unbridled joy. (Or slightly crazy if you asked Matt.)
 Then *obviously* I had to make friends with Dolly... the llama. Get it?? For real, that's what was on the sign. But Dolly thought I was awesome and kept trying to make out with my ear. But it's cool, we're still friends.
 And I kept telling Matt to "catch the cock!" because the peacocks were loose. Matt is sick of my 'cock jokes.
Oh, and here he is with his kids trying not to be pissy that the zoo visit was more for me to showcase how much goats love me instead of a Father's Day thing.

Those goats loved me. I need three. I heard you need a few otherwise they get depressed and can die. I can't have depressed and suicidal goats. What would the neighbors think??


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

A trip to the zoo sounds great and free eenty is always a plus we would like to take Little Leo to the zoo but the cost of getting in is just so over the top that we keep putting it off. We do take him to see the animals when the show is on that doesn't cost as much to get into and you can get up close to the goats, sheep, chickens and such.....

Also not far from our place there are people who have goats we can often see them as we drive up the road, and no we do not live in the country.

Jennifer Kay said...

Now I KNOW that you have a goat whispering t-shirt...would have been perfect to wear while whispering. To the goats.

Annah said...

That zoo looks like fun. Because it's not packed. Zoo with tons of people in sweltering Miami temperature is NOT fun. Regardless of how much beer they sell.


Annah said...

Goats smell bad, by the way. Even if they *are* kinda cutie.

Oilfield Trash said...

You crack me the hell up.

Looks like it was a fun time.

But I take it the kids were not behaving since you said "and here he is with HIS kids" since parents only say that when the kids are acting up. lmao

Unknown said...

omg my girlfriend wants a goat, and I want to bludgeon her...

I mean, sure. They're cute. But I've seen too many cartoons. They eat EVERYTHING. Tin cans, car tires, small children... no thank you.

middle child said...

It is only because I am older than you that I know I have been wanting a goat longer than you have and I will continue to trade in husbands until one makes my dreams come true by allowing me this one itty bitty pet.

Anonymous said...

LOL you are totally the Goat Whisperer!

Jackson looks SO much like Matt in that pic!

Glad you had a fun time lady! :)

Josie said...

My parents got me and my little brother a pygmy goat when I was like 5 or 6 and it was the fucking coolest. I named it Simba. It didn't die of being lonely. I kind of think it had a tumor because one half of it's stomach was fatter than the other half and it didn't die until I was like 18. It ate our weeds and lived in a dogloo.

Ang said...

ooOOooo - just may have to check out the zoo next time I'm up there... I love me a good zoo!

Julie H said...

LMAO! You need to come here in the fall so you can get in the pen with them at the petting area of the pumpkin patch. They try to kill Trevor every time!

____j said...

You look sooooo excited!! haha