Saturday, July 23, 2011

Domestic Bitch Saturday! (The pre vacation edition)

As you can imagine, most of my week consisted of getting ready to go on vacation, pay bills, freak out when I realize how much was really on our credit card that I had to pay off so we could (hopefully) eat in Vegas, clean, and then of course.. spend way too much time on Pinterest.

And because I kind of chumped out on you yesterday, I felt like I should at least continue on with Domestic Bitch. So let's start with some freebies:

Huggies Diapers
Carefree Liners
SnackChicks Chickpeas

So.. there wasn't a whole bunch of awesome freebies this week. And I had gotten a bunch of free cereal samples in the mail that I decided I didn't want, so I ended up giving them to the food shelter in my food donation bag. So if you are able, I suggest requesting samples you think you can donate to other organizations or people.

I also didn't try any new recipes this week because this was our ghetto meal week. Next week I'll be able to tell you (hopefully) about awesome stuff I got to eat in Vegas. Which might be just a fancy chicken strip because I have the palate of a toddler.

But I *did* do a cool project. And this is kind of idiot proof! All you need is an empty Nesquick container (I used the smaller sized one), some matching paper and some do-da's. Oh, and some adhesive obviously. Now, I recommend finding stuff that match the obscene yellow color, but you do what you want.
Measure the height of your container, cut your piece of paper. Put a whole ton of adhesive on that bitch, and then stick it to your container.
 Add your do-da's wherever you want. I decorated my lid too but that involved a lot of tracing and then some free hand oval cutting.
I actually made two of these since I had two containers and enough stuff to make two. So one of these I'll put some treats into for a teacher's gift for Olivia's Kindergarten teacher.  The other... well that is in my Etsy shop if you're too lazy to make one but want to look like a super put together mom everyone envies. Oh yes, that can be you for the low price of $10 (plus shipping). Wow. I sound almost like an infomercial. YAY.

So that was my week. If you haven't started couponing yet, I suggest you look at the Couponing 101 site tonight, specifically the drug store coupon match up posts. I only have a Walgreens near me, but there are a LOT of freebies to be had this week at drug stores, and they'll help you get those freebies (or at least really reduced prices on stuff). Even if you walk out with one freebie, you'll get a little high. Who knew you could get high from free toothpaste?


Julie H said...

LOL it definitely is a high when you get such a great deal on stuff!

Anonymous said...

Very crafty! I love it!

Oilfield Trash said...

You have been buay.

Ruth said...

I will check out that couponing site. Freebies are awesome.
I've used those containers for storage, but never though about decorating. It looks good.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I love searching for free samples but when I have things I do not want or will not use then I pass them on to the needy aka as my sisters which is what I did today.

esss said...

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea with the container! And who doesn't love a good deal!? I was pretty much giddy over my free samples of Jiff to-go cups! Matt was pissed I didn't tell him about the deal. I was like- why do you care!? He, of course, wanted to get them for Sam so she could keep them at school. Good lord kid, they're $2.40.