Thursday, July 7, 2011

Winners, Weirdos and Biffys.

Let's start with announcing the winner of the You Are Not Your Brain book giveaway. Since I completely forgot. I used Random Number thingie and it was.... #5.

Which means nothing to you unless you are....

Lost In Idaho!

WOO. Imagine I'm flashing boob right now. It's like an awesome second prize. Woot. So I'll send you an email, get your deets and I'll make sure you get a book.

Now, let's talk about weirdos.

So on Sunday my friend Tammy wanted to go see a band called Hairball play in Bayfront Park in Duluth. Apparently, Hairball is like, the ultimate in 80's tribute band. I've never seen them and she bought us tickets and it was a nice day and yeah. I went.

(Mostly because I'm an 80's fan. Previously in the closet.)

 We saw a huge ship come in and then we saw it go back out around 11pm.. which was kind of cool.
 We saw a boy with a bikini top. He wore it the entire show and then was super sun burned afterwards. Not to mention a TON of super huge people. No kidding.
 And of course my pictures in Paint will suck because I didn't have time to fix my settings (since Matt erases everything. He hates me being happy and not stabby.).. but that guy in the blue? Well our friend was drunk from the beginning of the show at 4. Like, DRUNK. He stumbled past us a few times but then decided at 5 he was going to be the lead dancer of the crowd. And dance he did. Oh, did he dance.
 And THEN, there was this guy in some bizarre hat prancing around with a head on a stick. He'd go up to little kids and shake it in their face. Ugh. If you even made eye contact he'd come over. So Tammy and I were slick about getting a picture because honestly? I don't need more weirdos in my life.
 So when I said Hairball was a legit tribute band? I mean it. They have the music down AND the costumes. The lead singer changed multiple times and honestly- it was a wee bit creepy. This was his Bon Jovi gig. And some of the songs were lame (I'm not much of a Prince fan), but others were good (the AC/DC set was maybe my fav? Next to the Aerosmith set, of course). I can't even remember all of the bands they went through. But we were in that park for like... 7 1/2 hours total? Seriously. I ended up eating mini donuts then some cheese curds, then some nachos, and then having some Pepsi. If I had more money I would have gotten a slushy. Oh, and two bottles of water.

Obviously, at some point I knew I had to pee. Some of you who know my in real life know I have a thing about bathrooms. I really have high standards for a bathroom. I have something kind of awesome coming up with this, but for now, let's just say I do my best to avoid things such as a Biffy. Or a porta-potty. Whatever it's called where you are. It's the like plastic cubicle basically outfitted with a bucket, some hand sanitizer if you're lucky and a plethora of sexually transmitted diseases. I won't even go into the horror that is the smell of such cubicles because if you have a small lung capacity, asthma, or any other thing that would make breathing difficult- it's best to just pee your pants. But since I don't have these, I had to do it.
Not even I, queen of bathroom pictures, could provide a picture of the actual "toilet". But rest assure, I was *inside* a real (and gross) portable toilet cubicle thingie.

And it was as bad as I ever thought it could be.


middle child said...

Good Times!

Oilfield Trash said...

You are more brave than I am with using the porta-crapper.

Canadianbloggergirl said...

ah, the life in a porta potty. I don't know if it was the same where you are, but I remember going to the beach as a kid (a much simpler time) and they had porta potties that were more permanent. They were a shelter, with a wooden bench and a toilet seat attached, and then literally had a concrete hole in the ground. So you wanna talk stench? Those puppies weren't drained until the holes were full of people's "stuff".


Anonymous said...

eww.... porta potties are nasty. sounds like you had a good time seeing Hairball though!

Unknown said...

Books and boob flash!? Wooo!!!

Sounds like an interesting concert experience, if not awesome. You're a brave one for facing the porta potty. Braver than my girl, that's for sure. =P

Julie H said...

That concert sounds pretty awesome! Minus the weirdos, heads on sticks, drunks and portapotties.