Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exhausted under the sea.

I know I have slacked on this post but here it is, bitches.

My daughter is officially six and like any other mother of the year contender I threw a party. This year Olivia opted for an under the sea themed party so I researched the aquarium, but quickly said hell to the fucking NO on that when I saw how much I would be shelling out for it. Um, no. Golden birthday or not, I can't spend $400+ on a birthday party. Unless it was mine but that's another story.


So we did it. And I have to say I am SO lucky to have great friends. Specifically Emily, who gave her Saturday up to help me hang up paper bowl jelly fish, some lame excuse for seaweed and paper plate fish. Not to mention balloons. And I'm glad she was there because Matt was ridiculously unhelpful. Sure, he got us a ladder but that was the extent of it. He actually got on his bicycle and took off while Emily and I baked in the sun hanging things up in the yard. He took off into the 'hood like Mary god damn Poppins.


It was good.
 Olivia was pretty excited to be partying it up.
 And didn't even care I was up in her face taking pictures pretty much all day.

We had a ton of food, a gorgeous day, a ton of presents and lots of sugar.
 Jackson had an issue with sucking the sugar off the gummi worms and then putting the worms back into the bowl. Sorry if you ate a sugarless and soggy worm.
 We're adorable.

The day went relatively quick so once we ushered everyone out of the yard and cleaned up... and realized my brother wouldn't get there before bed time, we decided to let the kids open the present he got. Yes, we are *that* family that is all about being even so both kids got something from Uncle Travis.
 It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet, peeps. The kids *finally* got one.
And they have been obsessed with them since. Like, carry them around and let them have a seat at the dining room table while eating, obsessed. But it's cute. Even if Travis's gift completely upstaged everyone else.

So that's it. It was a good party. I wish I had pictures of the decorations I legit spent HOURS hand making, but Matt tore them down before I could. Even Emily said she felt sad to see the jellyfish go. They were cute and Matt apparently doesn't care I spent the better part of my evenings for over two weeks making the stupid things. Nope. No worries. Just toss them away like they are nothing. (Obviously I'm only a little bitter about it.)

But I decided that I'm getting too old to be doing the party shiz. Seriously. It's a lot of work. And I feel like the amount of work isn't worth the pay out even if the payout is Olivia over the moon excited for two hours. Because I think... I could give her a cool experience without all of the awful planning and expense. So next year... we're going to just do a slumber party with a couple of friends. Nothing crazy, just a simple ass sleep over. But Jackson... well I have a few more years yet for him. I am thinking age six is my new cut off. Beyond six, you're done. That's it. No more favors, no more fucking balloon tanks, no more wrestling a plastic table cover, no more running to the store at the last minute, nothing. It shall be glorious.


Julie H said...

Awww so sad about the decorations :( My daughter has that jellyfish thing printed out to make. She's obsessed with them right now for some reason.

We end up doing a small friends party for the girls usually and a combined family party with Easter since it's in the middle of their bdays. Trevor doesn't really have any friends yet so it's usually just family doing something.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad O had fun! It sucks that Matt tore down your decorations. I clicked on this post specifically hoping to see them! Tell him he's a dream killer. lol. jk. ;)

Those pillow pets are a-dor-able! Good call Travis!

Ryan Adair said...

OMG I am loling so hard right now.
that was the best post ever.

Ruth said...

She will love a sleepover.
When did it go from being a slumber party to sleepover? I don't really know.
I was never mother of the year. I made cake and homemade ice cream. But no homemade decorations. I am not too crafty.
As long as what you do is for them, I don't really think they care all that much how fancy you get.

Unknown said...

you're an awesome mom!

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful party. Happy Birthday to her!

Ang said...

Sounds like everyone had fun and that's what important!

Sometimes Matt sucks!

Nicki said...

Gah! Now I totally want a pillow pet!

Dana said...

I wish I could have seen your decorations. I'm probably making you more bitter by that statement.