Friday, September 23, 2011

It's not Dear Sara..

...but maybe it is. I have one question this week so this is quick and dirty. Meow.

1. How do you deal with conflict? What's the best way to deal with conflict, whether it is friend/family or coworker? I have a college room mate that makes it difficult to be at "home" because she does things that drive me nuts. I want to confront her but honestly? I'm scared to just come out and say I have a problem with them. Easy. You be upfront and honest. If you have a problem, address it. You don't let that stuff fester. You know why? Because if you run from a problem and not address it it will rot your soul. I have two people, whom I think have beef with me, who refuse to say, "Sara- I have an issue. Let's talk about it." Put your big girl panties on and let's deal with it. I have no time for people who refuse to recognize their own ownership of a problem. Believe me, if there is a problem? Everyone involved has some ownership and that's 100% true. I can't think of a single instance where that would not be true.

As for the best way to deal with conflict? Talk it out. You learn this as a toddler and with age it should get easier. But I recognize that some people aren't mature enough to have the balls to say, "I am mad that you did this (insert your issue here)." I don't know a single person who would prefer passive aggressive relations with another person. Of everybody I know, they would rather talk about an issue than have you talk negatively about them behind their back. Think of how you would want someone to approach it if the situation was turned around.

Have you ever looked around and noticed you have no friends? Or you have nobody you can call RIGHT NOW and say, "I need your help" and know that they will drop what they are doing and rush to your side no matter the distance? That's because you're probably a bad friend. A huge part of relationships and making them last (friend, spouse, family, acquaintances, etc) is being able to resolve conflicts like an adult. Learn that skill while you're in college or in early adulthood because it will save you headaches in the future.

OK. So I know I have to draw a winner for the Brochure Giveaway, but I will do it tomorrow. I have a tremendous head cold right now and my NyQuil is kicking in. PRAISE JEEBUS. So that means you still have another night to enter. Lucky bitches.


middle child said...

Seems like I have no friends and yet....there are so very many people who would come at the drop of a hat to help me. What is that? And how do I know if someone has a problem with me or what it might be? BTW, I am actually quite intelligent, perceptive and honest.

Steff said...

Yay, I'm glad I had time to enter. I hope you feel better soon, I hate having a cold!

Anonymous said...

I swear this just showed up in my reader today. wtf. late much?

Anyways- AGREED. In college, I will admit, I bitched about my roommates CONSTANTLY and the shit they did. Sometimes they knew it, but most of the time I bet they didn't know how much I bitched. Definitely have that sit down or somehow let them know. It's your space too and you shouldn't be afraid to let loose and make it your home too. Plus it's so much easier to clear the air instead of being angry every time you walk in the door and see them doing something that pisses you off.