Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Me dolls and lazy pet owners.

I wanted to share with you a project I had to help Olivia with the other day. Her assignment was to make a "Me Doll" to look like her and represent her personality. Now, I'm kind of a terrible person, but what six year old Kindergartner knows what a personality even IS but more importantly, what theirs is specifically? I can assure you that my very bright and sassy daughter had no idea.

But we sat down last week and got out all kinds of art supplies to make a cool doll she could be proud of. I was determined not really to help her at all unless she really needed it because I feel like that's the only way she'll learn. Anyways. Wouldn't you know, that girl spent an HOUR perfecting her doll. An hour, folks.

 That girl believes you cannot have enough accessories. You just can't. And though you can't tell, the shoes on her feet are her brown mary jane's with a flower accent on them. I asked her if her doll could talk, what would she be saying and her response? "Hey, world." Atta girl!
 So OF COURSE like a crazy mother who takes way too many pictures of her children, I made her stand with her doll so I can do the picture. Ah... she's so freaking adorable.

Anyways. I just had to share that.

But on Saturday I went shopping with my friend Emily and we decided to hit up the new Bed, Bath and Beyond store in Duluth. Folks- I am a Triple B virgin so I had no idea what kind of motherland I was walking into, but I will tell you right now that I am going to do everything possible to get myself the $45 super ridiculously soft yet anti-mildewing bath rug because it was HEAVEN. If I could sleep on such a thing on top of my mattress all would be right in the world.

While perusing the aisles though Emily and I saw this and to be honest? It makes me want to bitch slap the person who buys it.
In case you're not able to really read what this is... it's a piece of grass mat that you leave INSIDE your house so your dog can shit and piss all he wants. And then you, as a pet owner who needs your ass kicked, would clean the grass off in your sink. It comes with under laying mats or something (refills available for a low, low price at Bed, Bath and Beyond though!) presumably so dog piss doesn't leak onto your floor.

Here's my thing. I've said it before, but I'll say it again because this clearly shows how fucking lazy society is. If you are too lazy to walk your fucking dog or in the VERY LEAST, open your god damn front door into a (hopefully) fenced in yard for your dog to piss and shit, then you should not have a dog. You shouldn't. If you have the balls to purchase such an item, you deserve have those balls kicked until they lodge into your throat.

And in case you're wondering- you know I have a hard time walking out of a store empty handed. So I obviously bought a cupcake pan that's a carrier AND it comes with a handy dandy cupcake tower that attaches to the carrier. It's amazing and I hope to be sufficiently bad ass in my cake decorating class this week.


Unknown said...

I actually have one of those for my dog. It's not that I don't walk him or let him out, because I do. I just use it for while I'm away at work. That way he won't hold it and give himself bladder or kidney problems.

Anonymous said...

MEOW! You are feisty about lazy people. lol

Good lord Olivia is cute and that picture is awesome!

Ruth said...

I love Bed, Bath and Beyond.
I got a carrier there that has an inset for cupcakes and mini cupcakes. It came with cupcake pans and a cake pan.
Love it.
But, it doesn't have a cupcake tower attachment. That sounds awesome!
Olivia did great on her project.
Though sometimes I wonder about things teachers assign students.

Ang said...

What a cute doll - looks just like O!

Triple B is like crack. Sign up for their emailing list and you'll get coupons quite often! :) Or don't, cause you're broke.

Julie H said...

Love the cutie pie and her doll too :)

I'd hate to have to clean one of those things out after the dog uses it :blech: