Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mom on Wheels. Go, Mom. Go!

A few months ago I applied to be a blog reviewer for a really exciting Heely's campaign through B2B Blogger. For those of you without tweens and teenagers or generally blind to trendy things, Heely's are really cool shoes that have wheels built into the heels. Basically this means that you can walk or you can skate- whatever floats your boat that day. If you just really like the shoe and feel completely challenged and unable to skate, you can just not put the wheels in and they make a great street shoe.

So I decided I was going to see what the fuss was about. Even though at age 29 I'm terrified of being on wheels. My reasoning was that if small and uncoordinated children can do this through the mall then I most certainly can.

I got to pick out my shoes. I obviously went with the "Sassy" shoes because not only are they a pink/purple but they have rhinestones on the toes. You know I had to get them.
At this time, Matt is currently too embarrassed to walk with me in them. Which is a shame because as it turns out, I'm even more uncoordinated than I ever was in my younger days. Before going out in public with my Heely's I carefully read the "How-To" information I got with the shoe and then I went and watched their videos. Mostly because the little card you get with your shoes as a how to includes SIX steps on finding your balance. That's kind of daunting.

But I figured it out. I heeled around my kitchen and dining room. I served dinner like I was one of those roller skate people at Sonic. I wasn't nearly as good and dropped at least one dish on the floor while I sadly clutched for the wall as I went down. But all in all, it was fun to try around the house.

Some things about the shoe:

1. They run big. I suggest going to a store to try on an actual one before ordering online. (And I would order online because they have a huge selection of styles and wheels online versus what you would maybe find in a store). I ordered a 7 and boy am I glad because I am normally a 7.5-8, and these are kind of loose on my foot.

2. It may be because my shoe is just a bit bigger than I like that I felt like my shoe was going to flop? It didn't, but the back of the shoe is kind of low cut (or the sole of the shoe is higher so it makes it feel low cut) so I really felt like the shoe would flop off if I wore them without wheels.

3. The actual construction of the shoe is great. It's sturdy and I feel like it would hold up well even with a lot of continuous use.

4. Safety. Well... safety depends. I was terrible. I am a terrible heeler, and that's a fact. I probably will never wear these with wheels again because quite frankly I am not coordinated.

5. Is this a good form of exercise? Well I tell you how I tested this. I wore these babies to the mall. Now, when I go shopping at the mall I am typically there for 2-3 hours total and I go into almost every single store. A lot of walking normally happens and I leave that mall exhausted. I once wore my pedometer and I got almost 12,000 steps in, which is what they recommend a person walk in a day. So knowing how exhausted I typically am after that, I decided to wear my Heely's with the wheels to see how tired I was or if I felt like I got a workout per say. And honestly? I didn't feel like I was even close to being as tired. Now, maybe it's because I wasn't doing it right, but I felt lazier by rolling around on these shoes. Sure, my calves hurt after awhile but overall? I know I didn't burn nearly as many calories as I did walking. So would I say this would be a good substitute for actual exercise for kids? No. Is it fun to do tricks and wheel around? Absolutely. I also think I should note that my shoes only had one wheel and I think if they had two wheels, it would have felt more like I was roller skating. So if you are hoping for that effect, I say you should probably go with a two wheeled shoe.
What I do love about Heely's is that they have a Safety Play Book that really, you should make your kids read (and you) to make sure that they get that you could hurt yourself on these if you're being an idiot. Overall? I think Heely's are pretty fun and I can definitely see why teenagers love these. Check out their YouTube page to see Heely's in action. They are also on Twitter and Facebook and of course, their webpage.
As required by the FTC: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


Anonymous said...

Ive seen kids with those and don't see the purpose? I guess just one more things kids can be jealous of if other kids have them. I would be scared of falling though!

Ang said...

what?! No video of you using them?! lame.
Did you have all sorts of people looking at you funny for being almost 30 wearing shoes with wheels? Or is Sup-Town just that ghetto that it's a normal thing?

Anonymous said...

You know this review thing might have legs. How about contacting very manufacturers of sex toys. That would surely boost the readership of your blog. You are on your way to stardom either way.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that a laughed at the idea of you falling down while dropping shit and clutching the wall?


I was one of those Sonic Drive In roller skate chicks. It was my first job ever and I had many many roller skating injuries as a result.

Probably why I am petrified of skating to this day.

Julie H said...

I'd probably kill myself and I USED TO BE great at roller skating :)

Anonymous said...

Where's the YouTube video?! Let's see one. ;)

I'd die if I wore roller-shoes. You're brave.