Monday, September 26, 2011

Weight Loss Mondays... soon to be Hot Bitch Mondays

Even though I did um.... no exercise this week? I feel like a hot bitch. Zumba fell through because Matt couldn't get off of work early enough. Running... well I had a busy week so I slacked off. I'm feeling kind of slacker about the exercise but  I am rocking my portion controls and what I'm eating. Like, rocking it. So all in all I feel good about myself.

I went shopping this weekend and you know what? Not one downer moment. Not one mini break down over something. Nothing. I knew my size, I tried it on and looked amazing. I feel like though I've slacked on my exercise that I have turned a tide as far as my mental health about body image. I think the majority of my problem is not recognizing that though I'm not stick thin and never will be, I'm still a hot chick. I'm still a commodity. That even though I'm married other people think I'm attractive. Proof in point? This weekend at Bed, Bath and Beyond I was totally flirted with. Did I get a discount? No. But dammit, I'm going to take it. And the best part was that I had no makeup on. So bam. Good things.

This week I would like to go to Zumba (tomorrow) and I have to get serious about running again. Mostly because I want to sign up for the Gobble Gallop which is a 5K held on Thanksgivng Day. Which most people would maybe shy from that, but I don't watch football and don't cook a full dinner on Thanksgiving so I feel like I'll be OK. We have a big dinner, but everybody does a little and we all come together... so it's like a potluck. But I'll do most of mine the day before (probably) so I think even if I hurt myself I'll be good.

But I'm still working on it. I'm just happy that my brain is catching up with my body because I feel like I've turned a corner in the weight loss strategy.


Ruth said...

Good for you.
It's not easy to be OK with body image.
Personally, I know I feel better when I weigh a little more. But, I still miss the lower weight me and smaller waisted me.
Some days I am good. Other days, not so much.
And awesome on getting flirted with!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

As long as you are feeling great about yourself then all is good

Shirley said...

I am so glad that your brain is finally realizing how fabulous you are!

____j said...

I'm glad you mentioned this, because I just had this same conversation with Matt the other week. I feel good when guys come in the store and flirt with me. Definitely an ego boost for a wife & mother.

And it totally is a mental thing [weight] just as much, if not more, than it is a physical thing. I wish more people would realize that.

NightlySun said...

Keep up the good work, I'm always here to support you.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love this... "hot bitch mondays". Damn right.