Monday, September 12, 2011

Weightloss Monday, Giveaway Winners AND a chance for you to own a piece of me.

I'm all over the fucking place with this post tonight but that's OK because I know you like it that way, baby.

And I'm completely doing it backwards from how my post title says because that's how I'm feeling today. First up, I want you to go over and give my bloggie friend Nay some love. I'm sponsoring her very first giveaway and I want you to flash your lambwhore boobies on her blog. Because you might win something I touched and I know some of you are kind of weird and would probably do weird things to it, so there you go. Don't say I've never done something for you.

Secondly, the winners for the books Blue Light Project and Red Right Return are announced on my vlog tonight-- so if you entered, see if you won or if you were a loser I tossed in the trash (literally).

Third, I'm sorry I was lazy this week. I was. I'm not even going to lie. But this coming week I'm going to kick my ass and beg for forgiveness. But watch the vlog to know what I'm talking about:

Other updates? I'm starting a cake decorating class on Thursday so my post Thursday will be later than usual. I know that maybe goes against the weight loss thing but I'll feel better eating the cake if I know it's from learning something. Right?? Just go with it.

I'm mourning the ending of the fourth season of True Blood. Can I just say I hope Tara dies? I'm over her. I think that says something about me that I'm actively hoping they kill her off. She's just so stupid all of the time. But one of the cool things about True Blood is that I discover new songs and artists and hands down my favorite find this season was Neko Case's "I Wish I Were The Moon".

The other thing I'm excited about? The Airborne Toxic Event concert that I would sell my left boob to go to in November. Truly. I would gladly sell that boob. Mostly because that's the one I always bang into things with and frankly? It's a nuisance. But I want to go to this show.


Anonymous said...

Alllllrighty. You know what- lets do the concert. I'll be your date. I mean, I don't want you giving up your left boob or anything. That's just weird. But maybe that would attract more guys that have a fetish for that sort of thing? HAHA I'm gonna have to brush up on some of this music of theirs though. Maybe they'll serenade me since it's my birthday that night ;) But lets go. Let me know how much the tickets are and we'll cross our fingers we don't get murdered in the parking ramp. :)

Steff said...

I'm a weiner, I'm a weiner!

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to sample the cakes you decorate. YUM.

Tammy B said...

I'm a winner too!!! Sara, I e-mailed you :)

Julie H said...

You are looking fabulous! I didn't win :( But I think I didn't enter either. What a slacker.