Monday, September 5, 2011

Weightloss Monday- Motivation MIA

I shouldn't say my motivation is MIA because I have it, I just am struggling to get myself to exercise every day. But I will say that instead of running two miles three times last week... I did it once. I actually tried a second day on the fuckmill (which I hate) but my hips were hurting badly after a half mile. So... fail on that.

I did to my Pilates DVD twice last week and holy man- there is a chapter that involves putting a hand weight on your leg and lifting... ouch. Seriously.. just ouch. I did it fine the previous weeks but last week that chapter killed me.

My new goal this week is to run my two miles twice and do Pilates three times. I feel like this is a more realistic goal for me.

But my question to you- have you done the Weight Watchers Points? I need to hear the pros/cons. Now keep in mind I hate pretty much all fruits and veggies and adore carbs. I even contemplated the Special K thing but the thought of eating plain ass cornflakes for two meals a day indefinitely seems kind of like prison. I'm already doing the moderated portions but that doesn't seem to be helping. I'm eating on kid sized plates even and yeah... it's not working. So I need some other kind of push.

Sorry this is short tonight. Olivia turns six tomorrow (OMG) and her party is next Saturday. Which means this chick? Is making jellyfish that will hang from trees and paper plate fish. While watching Dr. Phil. And saying that all together sounds kind of messed up.

How are YOU doing on your weight loss goals?


Anonymous said...

Exercising can be a bore. I'd suggest that rather than running 3 times a week, mix it up a bit. My personal favourite is badminton, it's fun and it burns more calories than rugby or soccer.
As for the W/W points thing, my Mum did that for years and lost a lot of weight. She swears by it. You can eat everything in moderation on that plan.

Anonymous said...

I'm TRYING to be good. It sucks. But I'm determined. I'm just glad that the weather is finally cooling off a bit. I do much better when it's cooler outside.

And I'm still on the fence about doing WW. It's just like counting calories, but in a different way. Here's some resouces though for calculating Points.

Anonymous said...

I've done WW off & on since 2006. I made goal in 2007 and went off in 2008 when I got pregnant & tried to lose the 40 lbs I gained during the pregnancy on my own but I needed something to hold me accountable. I never went back to meetings but pay $12.95/mo to log everything online & I mostly use the iPhone/iPad app to log foods. I don't exercise AT ALL and have lost 16 lbs since Easter (28 lbs lost since 2006). You don't have to eat a lot of fruits/veg, but it helps that most of them are 0 or 1 point per serving so you can fill up on those and maybe limit other stuff. Mostly it's just writing down foods and realizing that stuff like pizza/fast food (even kid's portions) are crazy high in points and then choosing to eat more low-points foods. It's the best method I've found for not spiralling out of control and gaining all the weight back.

Unknown said...

I haven't tried Weight Watchers myself, but I know a few friends that have and they all loved it.

Ruth said...

My niece is doing the weight watchers points and she has lost a little weight. But, she has a lot of trouble because she eats like you do. They have recipes and she will like most of the stuff in it except for a couple of the ingredients so she doesn't make it.

Dana said...

I've done WW unofficially before and lost 30 lbs but I'm not sure why I'm leery to go back to it. It takes discipline (as with anything weight loss related) and the best thing is to log all your points eaten. You can eat whatever you want but you'll realize that when the fries you want is basically your whole day's worth of points that you'll pass.

Julie said...

I do WW (have since 1998), it's a great program. I just rejoined a few weeks ago :) Just like with any weight loss program, if you work the program right you will lose weight. When you start going off program that's when the weight comes back on. I wish there was a magic pill, but there's not LOL. I love your blog, you crack me up.