Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When some random funny picture turns out to be useful.

One thing you should know about me is that for 99% of my life, I have my camera easily within reach. Every purse I own was purchased in order to be able to fit my wallet, my phone and my mother fucking camera. Having this camera at all times is not only useful for future blackmail attempts but occasionally it provides reading material for you.

Another thing you should know is that I can drive AND take pictures at the same time. Watch out, world.

So one day a few weeks ago I'm driving with Matt and the kids and I realize it's the big college move in weekend in our area. This means nothing to me except the fact people lose all functionality of their mirrors since these kids pack their cars full of shit they think they are going to need when really you know in a few months they'll be trying to pawn it off for drinking money. Anyways. So I'm driving and I see this:
 First off, it's a piece of shit Cavalier but it's stuffed to the top with random shit including a huge teddy bear.
And you can't see it well, but this is the bear's ass right behind the boyfriend riding bitch with her box on his lap. And for fun- that house in the background? Later that day someone was shot there and cops still can't figure it out. In broad daylight. *sigh* Let's all just give a round of applause for our local P.D.

Anyways. So I thought it was funny that a girl presumably going to college was bringing a huge teddy bear. I mean, what a LOSER.

But then. Oh, but then... I see a post on one of my fav blogs to read about college girls and stuffed animals. Click HERE to see it in it's glory. I even commented on his post that I had just taken these pictures and I promised I would link back. So there you go. If you're too chicken to click on that link--- then I'll explain what plushie sex apparently is. SOME girls (not this girl for the record) will attach a vibrator or something to make the animal/plushie... anatomically correct, shall we say. And because she obviously is incapable of attracting a boy, she will go to town on this. To be honest, this maybe explains why trashy girls really love the fair and winning those big animals. I mean, that has to be it. And then if that's the case--- how do I not know anyone who does this to do an extensive interview with them? Do you do this? I want to interview you. I have a ton of questions. I do. So email me and we'll do an anonymous interview or if you're really ballsy and want to be named, then you shall be. But dang. This is weird.

So. How was YOUR day?


Tina said...

Beastiality-lite. Fucking weird,

Unknown said...

After criticizing them so much, you may not get someone to step forward. But I love it!

Poor boyfriend... Teddy + 12" appendage = emasculated man...

Anonymous said...




I am just surprised that she didn't have the bear riding bitch seat and the dork boyfriend in the back.

PS: I have been having problems leaving comments so I hope this goes through. Fucken Blogger.

Ang said...

This simply cannot be real?! Not to judge (or maybe with full intent to judge)... WHAT THE FUCK?!
I don't even know what to say... other than I'm going to try it tonight!

Julie H said...

I'll have to click back on that and read it when the kids aren't in the room but I saw the 2 pics and OMG!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dammit Sara! I opened up that link at work. That is all I have to say. lol.