Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conferences. The parenting test.

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Anyways. So tonight I had Olivia's conferences for Kindergarten. And I was anxious. Like legit nervous walking into her classroom.


I don't know. I do know my kid loves school. I never hear anything bad about her behavior and never get notes home saying she needs improvement or had a "behavior" at school. Well, except once. She got a yellow (warning) because she tried to hold a boys hand and he said she pinched him. She was absolutely sick over it the rest of the day and let me tell you- she will never do that again. Not that I think she pinched him, because I know my kid. Olivia absolutely would not harm another kid on purpose. Anyways.

I do know she's smart. I had a suspicion that she was maybe above some of the other kids in writing skills because the girl wants to write things all of the time. I am forever spelling words for her or telling her to copy words out of a book when I get sick of spelling stuff.

What makes me nervous about conferences is that you have adults who don't know you or your child really observing them and making judgments. Is she up to par? If she isn't, do they look down on me as a parent? That's my thing- do other people look at me as a bad parent if my kid isn't up to snuff? I know I do the absolute best that I can and I would say 85% of the time I feel like I'm doing a good job. Both of my kids are well behaved (mostly), use their manners, are kind to others, are empathetic towards others and are respectful. But they are always around me and I wonder what they are like when I'm not there. Did I do a good job? Are they carrying the things I've tried to teach them into these new settings? What if they aren't? How do I fix that? Can I fix it? So all of these things have gone through my head during the day because honestly- I know how she is with me and I know how I think she's doing but I guess I don't know because I'm not there during the day.

But tonight at conferences I learned I have a really awesome kid. Not only is Olivia super well liked by her classmates, she's a fabulous helper. Her teacher said she is very neat and organized, very serious about her work and studious. She likes the writing center and to play teacher. She has lots of friends and is kind to others in her class. She tries very hard to be a good kid and has no trouble interacting with other kids. She is also off the stinking charts when it comes to letter recognition and letter sounds. Like... she's several lines above the "above average" range. Same thing when it comes to math concepts. I basically have a super awesome and smart kid.

And honestly? I practically skipped out of that school tonight. It's always good to hear that you are doing a good job as a parent and I feel so proud of her. Completely over the moon ecstatic that she is as good out in the world as she is at home. I am so glad that others think she's as great as I do. But of course, I will always be her number one fan so I'm kind of biased. ;)

So I can relax. Until January... when she gets her first report card.


Julie H said...

My most memorable conference was the one where the teacher told me my oldest reminded her of her older sister. Still cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Whoohooooo!!!!! You ARE an awesome parent! Glad to hear conferences went well!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Isn't it great when they get a good report from the teacher I now how I felt when I would go to the parent teacher interviews. I knew my girls did not do the best they could at times and could in fact just sit back and go with the flow........

Unknown said...

that rocks! i'm sure an awesome mama, hence the awesome kid.

Ruth said...

I always hated those things.
I am sure she will have a great report card.

Ang said...

Good job Sara - I"d imagine it'd be quite stressful going into that. Glad you walked out with a hop in your step - Olivia deserves something special now!

Shirley said...

Good job Sara! My conferences are next week and honestly I am a little nervous to hear what Aiden's teacher has to say.