Sunday, October 2, 2011

Domestic Bitch whenever I feel like it, apparently.

I don't know WHY I forget to do these posts on a Saturday, but I do. And I'm kind of not sorry this week because I was on a date with my hubby instead. Which you'll read more about LATER. *wink wink*

Anyways. There weren't a lot of freebies to be had this week, but I do have an amazing recipe for you to try. I don't think I told you, but for my cake decorating class there is a set recipe for the butter cream frosting we're supposed to make. It involves a shit ton (exact measurement) of Crisco shortening and about 4 cups of powdered sugar.. and some other junk. Basically what it comes out as is a really sugary, almost inedible concrete like mixture. I'm not even kidding you- shit is thick. And sugary. I cannot express to you how sugary this bitch batter is because when even I can't eat (self proclaimed junk food junkie with a minor in sweets) it, you know it's too much. So my goal this week was to find a butter cream frosting that didn't suck.

And by god- I found it. Anything with a first ingredient as "2 sticks of butter" is something you know I'm interested in. I am a butter lover. (My thighs agree). Seriously. Click that link and make it. MAKE IT NOW. It is so easy, so fast, and it comes out really creamy. It is heaven on a beater.


OK. So that was my recipe AND project. Next week shall be more interesting. Mostly because it involves cleaning out my scrapbook closet (wait until you see the before/after--- I may or may not have sung as if angels were descending because it was that awesome), and then converting all of my printed out recipes, magazines, etc into ONE binder. Folks- when I told Matt I was doing this he laughed and called me crazy. But I have a love for binders, tab dividers and a three hole punch like nobody else. This project shall be glorious.

What was your big accomplishment this weekend? Have you tried any awesome recipes I need to know about?


middle child said...

Um....I put my husband's nuts in the yard waste cart at his request. Does that count as an accomplishment? BTW - wasn't it you who posted an easy recipe for truffles? Could you reprint or email to me? Hunter is wanting me to make more.

Josie said...

I made a creamy cheesy potato soup this week that was FANTABULOUS. Let me know if you want it!

Anonymous said...

I am going to try this one next time. I have been using the wilton one for a while now and am not super impressed with the taste although it is heaven to decorate with.

Steff said...

I've yet to find a frosting recipe that works for me, I just don't get it! But I will definitely try that one next time!!