Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot Bitch Monday? More like, terrified for Saturday.

Oh, it's Hot Bitch Monday alright. First up, I want you to know that I have been really kicking ass on my diet. You know how I know that? I'm fucking starving, that's how. I want to eat so much shit food right now it's not even funny. I won't lie and say I haven't eaten chicken nuggets in hiding because I have. I have made up reasons to "go to Target" when really, I'm going through Taco Johns drive thru for a terrible for you fix. Which only punishes me for three days afterwards because *surprise* I don't think it's real food I'm eating and then my intestines let me know by revolting. It's really horrible yet I continue to do it.


I've gotten in two runs and a zumba class over the last week so I'm feeling like I'm doing something? I know I feel better when I work out yet that's not enough incentive to actually do it. Sadsies. But in the back of my head my motivation is not to make an ass out of myself on Saturday.

What's Saturday? Only my second 5K, lambwhores! Yes, your fearless leader is going to don her skort again and take off on a leisurely 5K on the Duluth Lakewalk. Hopefully the weather will be gorgeous and awesome, I will run like the cheetah I'm most likely not, and I won't trip on anything. I also hope there are no hills. According to my race information that was emailed today (which was so badly written and full of typos) there is an expected 550 runners in the 5K and we get to take a train to the start line. Um, no lie, that makes me worried because I have been on the train that goes along that and that is not a super flat area. There are hills. They may be gentle hills but enough of those can suck shit, so I'm kind of worried.

But don't you fret, pets! Because I did a walk/run of three miles last night in 35 minutes. Did I feel like I was going to die when I got home? YES I DID. Did I almost say "fuck this shit" after a mile? YES I DID. So I'm kind of worried. I think Emily is doing better in the training department than I have. In fact, she's running this evening and frankly- I'm feeling grossly unprepared? I just really want to do better than my 47 minute time at my first 5K. I feel all of this pressure to do better despite the fact I really worked my ass off before that race and not so much with this one.

So enough about that. If I keep talking about it I'll think of a way to get out of it and I've already paid my registration. And if we're being honest I really want the tshirt. So I'll be there.

Last week I got a really nice email from a blog follower (Hi Stephanie!) who wanted me to share her contact information with all of you and some information. I really, really, REALLY want you all to stop by her blog, take a look around and contact her if you have specific questions. Here's what she says:

I recently started a new blog I started this blog because I am a recent college graduate and I wanted to be able to use my degree in a good way to motivate and help people.  I know that right now there are not many people willing to sit down with people and go over general fitness and health questions and I am willing to do that for anyone who seeks my help (and at no charge!).  Like I said, I am a recent graduate and I just want to positively influence the life of someone else and I am hoping that I will be able to do that through my blog.

If you are struggling in a specific area, please contact her. She is free help, free advice, and gives great tips on her blog. She has workout information, recipes, motivational things, so much more than I can provide you.

I hope you are all kicking ass with your workout routines and if you aren't- get on the bandwagon, fatass.


Priyanka said...

Hi :)
I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Please find more info at

Anonymous said...

haha oops... I totally thought that was a spam comment on my fitness blog (High Heels and Fitness) because I haven't written there in forever. LOL. Um... I will now go approve that comment and go check out that site.

But now here's my real comment... friend to friend....SARA! YOU ARE LYING TO YOUR FAMILY AND MAKING UP ERRANDS TO GO GET FAST FOOD? dang gurl you know better. Also- no one says you have to give that shit up. Try one day where you can eat out. Damn... I should try this... I've fallen into the habit of eating out far too much.

mkay. goodnight :) Now go eat some carrots. :) xoxo

Ruth said...

I will check out the blog.
Good job on the running.

Ang said...

way to go Sara! Good Luck on Saturday!!