Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot Bitch Monday & Ring Winner


Yeah, I decided to take the kids trick or treating instead of being the person handing out candy. Thank god it wasn't freezing, but I got a solid hour of walking in so win.

The winner of the Iced Spike Ring is..... (according to

#6- Imacliche

Congrats, bitchlet- I will contact your about your mailing info. Woot.

Let's talk weight loss. I know- it's getting annoying, right? I totally agree. But I feel like I have a been in such a damn rut and you know what got me out of it? Remembering that I turn 30 in March and part of my 30/30 list is to wear a bikini. Um, for the sake of humanity I need you to get on my ass about exercising otherwise you'll hear reports of a beached whale in northern Wisconsin.

The quick and dirty is that nobody is interested in seeing what I'm currently offering.

So I really looked at my calendar to see what is going to be possible as far as realistic exercise. Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays are going to be run days. You know what else? I think I need to do this in the morning. First fucking thing. I went for a three mile walk/run on Sunday in the morning and felt great the rest of the day. I felt wide awake, I was more aware of the shit I was trying to eat and generally felt more productive. Obviously- this could be a good thing.

I also want to continue with my zumba on Tuesdays. Right now it's kind of crazy but I'm going to make it work and I'm going to just go. I do enjoy it and felt like it was a good workout so it'll be a good thing to throw into my week.

You know what else I want to do? Kick boxing. Doesn't that sound fun? Matt is kind of worried he'll be used as practice but I can only see this as a win during our laundry sink arguments. Right?? It's kind of genius. So I called one place and they want $100 a month. Bwahahahaha... yeah fucking right. So my mission is to keep calling around to see what I can find that isn't going to cost a boob.

So what are you doing? Have you tried kick boxing? Was it great or not?


Steff said...

I need to start running in the morning too. I am NOT a morning person and would rather stay up all night, but I know my day would be better if i started it running! I also feel like I run to late in the evening (around 6 after work) which fucks me up with sleeping. Drives me nuts! It's a good idea to write down what days you are going to do the exercises, then you have no excuse and can't say, 'Hmm, I guess I forgot and oh look! I actually haven't exercised in three weeks!'

Josie said...

Oh my god I wanna do kick boxing!!! The cheapest I've found here is $60 a month, and so that's why I'm not doing it.

Ruth said...

I bet it will make you limber.
My daughter does Tae Kwon Do and some of the kicks she does, I don't know how she doesn't fall over.

Ixy said...

Kickboxing is an amazing stress release and will whip your ass into shape *like that* if you do it seriously.