Monday, October 24, 2011

I swear I'm not eating cupcakes.

Even though I'm not exercising a ton, the goal is to actually do that. This week. Eventually. But I swearsies that despite my made cupcake making skillz that have gotten out of control, I haven't eaten any of them. None. I haven't even licked my frosting bowl. Or beaters. Nothing. I am making everyone else around me tell me if it's good or not, what I should adjust, etc. Matt says by Christmas he'll be diabetic from the sugar over load, but hey- we have insurance.

In the meantime, I will tell you that I weighed myself after my shower (so obviously I'm heavier considering my hair is heavy when wet) and it said 163. Which is pretty much holding steady. Not bad considering I have not been as fanatic with exercising as I should. But guess what? I am going to sign up for the Jingle Bell Run in Duluth. It's a 5K on December 3 and holy shit I'm probably going to freeze. Think of me.

Also? I can't zumba for a couple of weeks. I am genuinely bummed out about this, because I was actually loving my zumba class. Life is just hectic and I almost started hyperventilating over pumpkin cupcakes this evening. Mostly because for a good minute I couldn't remember how to turn my hand mixer on. Even though my finger was on the switch.


So I am going to get back onto my running routine starting Wednesday. I might even go tomorrow if Matt can get off of work and I can run and be back before it gets dark. The downside to running outside now is that it gets dark early. Now, normally I would just fuckmill the bitch, but I think running three miles outside is much harder than on the fuckmill. Even though my fuckmill hates me and we aren't even on a frenemy basis right now. Plus, if I am going to run a 5K in cold temps, I better get my lungs used to it. Because even during my last 5K and we had temperatures in the 40's and 50's, it's much different. My chest almost hurt just sucking in all of that air.

Plus? Can we be honest? When I saw pictures of me running... holy shit. I know I've lost a lot of weight and have really done a great job getting fit and looking better. But some of those pictures are bad and I honestly said to Matt, "Is that really what I look like? From the side? Seriously- is that what I look like all of the time??" He obviously didn't respond because he wasn't sure how he was supposed to, but wow. It really took me back but reminded me I need to get back on track. So I am.

I know I have a giveaway (or maybe two) that have ended. I promise I will draw names tomorrow via vlog and it will be wonderful and awesome. Till then, bitches.


Ruth said...

I love pumpkin cupcakes. Yummy!
Now that my garden is wrapping up and I have time, I need to start working out again.

Jennifer Kay said...

Um, hello? RUNNING PICS. Now.

Ang said...

take a deep breath girl!

Julie H said...

That's some major motivation there. Making cupcakes but not eating them. WTG!!

Anonymous said...

I think getting back into the running will be great. You can really get into the zone and crank up that music and de-stress. Lord knows you've been one busy mama! But yay for not licking the beaters or frosting bowl. Dang gurl, that's the best part! :)