Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's not always roses, but it's still great.

Before I get into tonight's post, just a reminder I have TWO giveaways happening. First up is books for those not participating in the KY Experiment and then... the KY Experiment. I have some new followers- enter now for your chances to win.

So tonight I decided to include an addedum to last night's post. I got some really tremendous feed back and for that I thank you. Because I don't write these posts to make myself feel better but because I want to give someone else a different point of view. Am I always right? No. Is my the only way? No. Is it always possible to recover from a betrayal? No. I'm not naive enough to think that at all. But I do think that some people just give up on a marriage too easily. Marriage isn't meant to be easy and it isn't meant to be this fun, romantic, storybook romance all of the time. It just isn't practical. But I think the strength of a couple comes from their ability to work themselves out of bad times and into good ones.

Enough about that. I want to end you on a happy and fun note because nobody likes a downer Sara!

Can we talk about some really cool things coming up? OK, lets.

1. I got the tickets for four of my friends and I to go see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. You know how much I love Robert Pattinson so I am willing to develop blood clots in my legs watching Twilight movies all afternoon. What? Oh yeah- I'm going to get us marathon tickets! We get to see all of the movies leading up to Breaking Dawn. I'm ridiculous, but it's going to be fun. Obviously people are paying me back and some already have, but I think it's going to be a good time. I'm kind of ridiculously excited for it.

2. The weekend before THAT though is my girl's weekend away. We're going to southern Minnesota to celebrate our friend Amy's birthday (woot!) and so far it's me, Tammy and Emily coming down to party with her. I am super excited and our plans are kind of up in the air right now, but no doubt whatever we do I'll have pictures and great stories!

3. Two days before THAT though (somehow I am going backwards.. weird) Amy and I are going to see The Airborne Toxic Event in concert. I'm kind of excited! The tickets were inexpensive, it's at First Avenue, and I'll have Amy with me. Though she doesn't really know them, I know we'll have a great time hanging out and helping her scope out some cute boys... maybe to invite on Saturday to her party? *possibly a brilliant idea I just thought of*

4. In December my friends and I are going to do an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. Obviousy, this will be a blast. I am already giddy trying to think of a really obnoxious outfit to wear. It's going to be such a fun time.

5. Have any of you looked at my 30/30 list recently? Um, I have a CRAP ton left to do! I see that I need to go to the Wisconsin Dells, rock a bikini, road trip with friends and snorkle... who's with me in thinking this would be a super fun January or February trip?? Because I need to get it done by March 10, folks. I also need to kick butt on my book. I have two in the works and it's really hard to write a book, in case you didn't know. Matt promised he'd take me skiing one day this winter so that's OK. My dilemma- I need a few "alternative" things to add to it. Realistically- the ice caves might not happen since it never opened last year because the lake didn't freeze enough (and you hike on the frozen lake). And what if I don't see the Northern Lights? Or what if I can't get my piano tuned and fixed in time to play a song? Help! Do you have ideas of (free/low cost) things you would like to see me do or try? New experiences? Nothing involving food unless you want pictures of me vomiting.

6. Oh-- and I have three (for sure) giveaways coming up very soon for you that I know you'll like. Then I have (maybe?) some links to giveaways I'm doing on other blogs for you. THEN, I might be kind of famous? Or at least mentioned by some British boys! .....

7. But if you want me to be famous by said British boys, you need to watch their video and demand they include me! I want them to continue this as a series, so show them some love!


Anonymous said...

First off, I agree totally that a couple's strength comes from their ability to fight their way out of bad times. Christ, don't I know it! lol.

Secondly, Ben is not a 'British' boy. He is German... Or at least in my opinion, that treacherous bastard! I need to do a rival vlog to show that Nazi how it's done in England!

And finally, I have been messing around as usual and decided that my main blogging will be split between The Hardcore Effect and my new site A Neon Moment. Just so you know where to find me. I know I switch about a lot but this new setup will be a lot easier to maintain :D

~ Adam

Julie H said...

You're busy busy busy!! Looks like lots of fun things :)

middle child said...

And writing a book too?

I thought of you today. We went to the apple orchard and on the way we saw a sign: GOATS FOR SALE.! I told Hunter that I wished I had camera so I could take a picture of the sign for you.

thotlady said...

If you know someone that has an iPad, you can download a piano app and play a song on that. Way cool.

Ang said...

well crap - you have a ton of stuff coming up - sounds fun!
please take my number with you for when you get lost trying to get out of downtown... unless it's a weeknight, in which case i'll be sleeping and won't have my phone near me to wake me up.

I'll try to think of somethings to add to your list...

thotlady said...

Oh, and if you love goats you must visit this website.

Pasqualina is simply precious.

Jen Mc said...

Sounds like you have a SUPER fun fall coming up. Enjoy all your events! :)

Anonymous said...

Hell yes to my birthday! :) It's gonna be awesome!