Sunday, October 2, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment Day Three- Everything Old is New Again (move giveaway chances!)

You need to be keeping up with us here. This is day three but in my world right now, it's week three.

Day One- Love Nest
Day Two- It's Not Just About Sex

Can I be honest? I really worried about this week because our assignments would be challenging to Matt. You know me- I'm honest and I'll tell you what's what, but Matt really struggles with telling me anything. And I mean anything. Our day exercise was to make the list of positive things that turned you on about your partner in the beginning, and then think about which ones are still true. We also got to make a list of all of the negative attributes. Now, before you start saying, "Oh jesus- Matt should be worried"-- I really thought about them. I mean, really thought about it before I shared. So here's our lists:

Sara's list of Matt:
Positive: smiles, eyes, great arms, our sense of humor is a match, great dad, adventurous, supportive of my crazy ideas. Which still ring true? All of them aside from adventurous. Before we had kids we used to just go on the drop of a dime and do something. We'd look at a map and decide that's where we were going and we would go. Just take a look around a town, try something new, etc. Now? I can't get Matt do anything like that. A weekend away is a struggle. Which brings us to...

Negative: less social than me and getting worse with age, smoking. Now, he quit for about a year and out of the blue decides to pick it back up recently. To be honest it grosses me out. I can't even sit next to him because my sense of smell is so acute as it is, but to smell smoke and nicotine on him makes me physically ill. So.. he said he'd work on it.

Matt's list of Sara:
Positive: smiles, cuteness, personality, outgoing, good mom, cooks, organized, thoughtful, caring, good listener, funny, celebrity. Negative: Stubborn, speeds.

I asked him about the speeding thing (which I rarely do anymore, FYI) and he said it was because I've never had a speeding ticket but he gets popped every time he speeds. Which I thought was amazingly hilarious. Talk about Bitter Betty! But it spurred a really good conversation about how we've changed over the almost ten years we've been together.

Our night activity was to go on a date and basically "pick each other up" as if we didn't know each other. Here's a Sara fun fact: I hate role playing. I hate it. I hate anything even close to it, so I kind of wasn't going to do this. But I did think we should go on a date and just enjoy each other without kids like we used to. Little did I know, Matt set up my mom taking the kids for an overnight so we got to do that last night. We ended up only going to a movie (Killer Elite) and then we came home. And had really great sex. It was a good way to cap a really stressful and exhausting week.

I have to say going through these exercises is making me feel more attractive to Matt and makes me feel like putting in more of an effort. I know a lot of our couple issues is 50/50 so three weeks in and I'm feeling better.
OK- so every Saturday night I will post about the KY Intimacy Experiment and offer you chances to win your own kit. At the end of the experiment I will put all of your entries from every single post into a bucket to win. So you are going to have a lot of chances to win... I highly encourage you to enter and spread the word. Here are your chances (and you MUST be a follower through GFC, and you MUST leave me your email address so if you win I can contact you!):

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Shirley said...

I am going to say this every week but I really need to win this! I am so inspired by the progress you two are making.

Shirley said...

I liked Couples Places and my brother called to ask me why. Hahaha.

Ang said...

I'm still a follower :) you still have my email :)
I still want to win!

Ang said...

Crap - I didn't mean to post that last one yet.
Steve and I developed a great friendship before we began dating, which is something I've never really done before. To this day, the fact that we are comfortable with each other and good friends is amazing to me :)

Since I posted the last comment prematurely... count this as my Twitter comment, cause I twitted about it. @aalstrup88

Gini said...

This experiment is so interesting! If only I had time to do Gini & Tonic again, I would snap this bitch up SO FAST.

Let's see. What attracted me initially to the hubs? He had this wide, shining smile and brilliant, piercing blue eyes. His arms were CUT and they had hair on them-- I know that's an odd thing to be attracted to, but to this chick, who had only dated hairless asians and pre-Air Force school boys, hairy arms were the sign of a fucking man, and holy shit did I want that man. He also said "touché!" to me after a sarcastic remark I made, and by that point it was all over for me. Hawt, hairy AND smart?! I was smitten. Hooked. There was pudding in my panties from all the anticipation.

And are these same qualities still present for me? Yes. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you guys are really reconnecting through this experiment :)

Steff said...

Even if I don't win this in the end, I want to do it! You can't ever be too close to the hubs.

The thing that first attracted me to him was his laugh. We were at work and he was in the other room before i met him and I just heard his huge billowing laugh come through the restaurant. I loved it!

Beverly said...

My husband is a very independent man. Thats what I feel in love with. He had it together (which is rare). He didn't need me to keep things going or be his caretaker. He wanted me to be a part of his life not his MOM! I love a strong man who knows how to love. What more can you ask for.