Sunday, October 16, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment Week Five- Fun and Games

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Can we be honest? Matt and I didn't really play along with this week. Not because we're lazy or because we didn't have time.... it's just not us. I get that part of this experiment is meant to bring you outside of our comfort zones, but we are kind of an offbeat couple in the sense that we don't like to do a lot together.

Which sounds terrible. I know. But let me talk about the exercises and explain.

The whole mind set behind this week's challenge is to beat boredom. The book says that boredom outside the bedroom may translate to boredom inside it, too. And I totally agree. Our problem is lack of funds, lack of babysitters, lack of time really to do anything. Matt works long hours and I have the kids outside of my four or five hour work days. So in the evening, we get maybe two hours together as a family before the kids go to bed for the night, and we have dinner in that time span. So for us- taking the time to find a sitter (which we don't have one outside of our parents and that isn't always feasible during the week) and then go out and do something? Let's just say Matt and I look forward to cuddling on the couch together and doing nothing. Even if it means sitting in absolute silence? It is awesome because we rarely get to do it. And I mean, we rarely get to do it.

Our other road block is that we are very different. We could not be more opposite when it comes to things we like to do. Matt's fun times involve Xbox, Antiques Roadshow and sleep. My fun times involve hilarious times with friends, concerts and community ed classes. He doesn't enjoy going out for the sake of going out whereas I do. I prefer to be out and about and he really dreads it. The fact we go out to lunch on the weekends as a family and do some errands is a big deal. So getting Matt to go out to a fun thing to learn something? He would not be game. It's just not his thing.

So instead of doing the assigned day exercise (which was to choose an activity that you've never done together before), we decided to do what we used to do when we were broke college students dating. (Which hilariously- is not far from what we can afford now!) We sat on our bed together talking, had some ice cream, watched funny stuff on the internet and did the whole massage thing. Can I just say- it felt weird? It's such a simple and meaningless thing, but neither one of us could remember the last time we had done that together. And that really put into perspective how much more work we have to go before we are back on track again.

The night exercise involved a poker game.. kind of like a strip poker but with kisses, etc. Um, let's just say we skipped the card game. But it was really fun and it really did feel like we were in college again. And it was so weird to lay next to Matt and think- wow. We've been together almost ten years and though we are both completely different people- I still feel the same way. And it really made me feel like we could really be one of those long haul couples.

The best part? The next morning Matt (before getting out of bed for work) said he really liked the night before because it made him feel like we used to.

So that my friends? Is all the justification I need to be OK in saying we were rebels and skipped our assigned duties this week. But next week's assignment involves an erotic massage so you know I'll be totally by the book on it!
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Ruth said...

I would love to take dance classes together. I love to dance. He doesn't and won't go anywhere and dance. At weddings, I can get him to dance with me. But at concerts he just likes to sit or stand and listen to the tunes. I like to move.

Ang said...

Steve and I are very similar in our likes and interests - so there isn't much we haven't done - that being said... I'd love to take a professional dance class together. Steve can't dance and I've never taken a dance class like that... so I think that'd be fun. Then we could dance around our house together!

Ang said...

twitted it... @aalstrup88

Beverly said...

Naked playstation! I would just like to see if we could finish a game while naked. I guess this kind of goes back to last weeks post.

Beverly said...

I shared this on twitter!