Sunday, October 9, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment Week Four- Outside the Comfort Zone (GIVEAWAY)

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OK. So this week was all about maintaining sexual attraction. When you are first dating a person they are kind of mysterious and part of that is what attracts you to them. You don't know what makes them tick, you don't know all of the quirks about the person but you know there is a chemistry between you two.

But then you move from casual dating to a serious relationship. You move into together. This person maybe becomes your best friend and you get married. Think about the things that you stop doing once you get real comfortable with the person. Maybe you pee while they are brushing their teeth. Maybe you text on a date with the person. Maybe you do activities in separate rooms. Maybe you let your kids (or pets) sleep on the bed therefore killing any chance of having sex. These are the things that kill a marriage. Or at least the intimacy of it. Let's face it- it's hard to feel turned on by someone who is clipping their toenails while you watch your favorite show and they can't be bothered with showering since it's the weekend.

Our day time activity was to think of ways we've kind of slacked in this area. Or what do we do now in front of our partner that we would never have done if this were say, the beginning of a relationship. For me, I really can't think of any. Truly. I refuse to let Matt into the bathroom when I'm doing anything. I just really like doing everything in private. Plus- no. No, I don't feel like having a convo when I'm doing any of the things I would be doing in a bathroom. And I have to say- I do a really good job at maintaining myself like I did when we were dating. And Matt totally agrees. Even he couldn't think of anything that I do that I never would have done when we were dating.

But Matt on the other hand? Oh... I can think of a few, most of which I'm going to share for his sake. HA! But after talking about it, he realizes that I'm serious when I'm grossed out by it. I'm sorry- but I can't get into the mood when you are farting non stop. It completely kills it for me. So please for the love of jeebus- don't eat the foods you know are going to make your intestines revolt OR take something before hand. So he agreed he would and agreed that it would not help him if the tables were turned!

Our night time exercise was.... unique? I guess I can't say we've done this since our days in our apartment when we were both super skinny (mostly because we couldn't afford food most of the time). Basically, we were to get completely naked and do everything we'd normally do in an evening, but naked. Which.. is interesting since I have a pedophile right behind my house and he can see into parts of our house since I don't have curtains/blinds on the kitchen window, for example. But we did do this. We ended up watching some tv, having popcorn and then just chatting.

Can I be honest? I felt ridiculous doing this. Not only because I'm totally naked for no reason, but because I am still so self conscious about the god damn kangaroo pouch. For the most part I'm fine with it... until I have to literally get naked. Even if it is just for my husband. I will say this exercise was made easier after I did my walk/run for three miles. I feel much better about my body after I work out, so knowing that I made sure I worked extra hard so I would feel less like an idiot. I think this activity was really easy for Matt because he'd run around naked all of the time if you let him. He has no qualms about anything like that and I have to say- I totally admire that about him.

I also want to mention the fact that we are four weeks into this and we are like a totally different couple? We are much more touchy/feely now than we've been in years. Since at least before kids, that's for sure. Even if you don't win this, I really encourage you to go through these weeks and do the exercises yourself. Even if you wanted to get started now, it's kind of awesome. I knew Matt and I were disconnected intimately but I guess I didn't realize how disconnected we were until we started doing this. So I can speak of it's value already.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I would feel comfortable doing normal daily things naked either. ??? Well, not like watching tv. Idk. I just don't think I could.

But yay you! Glad to hear things is reconnecting you guys!

Shirley said...

I don't think I would be at all comfortable doing things naked. More power to you for doing it.

Shirley said...

I like Couples Place on FB

Unknown said...

the hubs is NAKED MAN. I am topless girl. I just don't like walking around without panties. seems wrong. lol.

allena said...

Hells no could I walk around completely nakie.. tank top & panties-yes. I used to be able to do that before baby #2 though... *sigh* those were the days.. Steve doesn't seem to have a problem with his nakedness though, good for him? lol

allena said...

p.s. I "liked" couplesplace :)

Ang said...

Doing naked stuff would be fun... except for the fact that our front porch has no blinds (cause those bitches are expensive and we have like 12 windows out there) and that street is really busy, so EVERYONE would see us!

Ruth said...

A few years back my husband and I went through some problems and I realized home many of the little things we just didn't do anymore because it just didn't seem like a big deal.
I would feel comfortable with an evening of nakedness.
I don't know why. I have just never had a problem walking around sans clothing.

Gini said...

Yep, I could do pretty much anything nekkid, and regularly wander around the house sans clothes just because I like the freeing feeling of it.