Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winners and Nature.

Let's announce some winners. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know I said I would do it via vlog. The truth here is that Mr. Computer is approaching is 9th birthday very soon. The age of nine in computer world is pretty much the same as "could die any day" in human terms. This bitch is barely hanging on and I feel bad for it. I do. But only when it doesn't interfere with what I'm doing. If it just wants to rattle and sound like it's going to die when I'm done using it, then that's fine.

We have a conditional kind of love, we do.

But that means that I need to magically find money to get a new computer. Matt is trying hard to talk me into a laptop but I will not go that way until I am fully convinced that it can handle ALL of my music and photos. Folks- it's a lot. It'd have to be a mother fucking beast to do that with a reasonable price tag.

Enough about that- let's talk winners. I used Random.org because I'm lazy.

The Handmade With Love set of bows winner: #1 Vadajane
You Are Not So Smart book winner: #17 Veronica Marcetti Dimick

So if you are a winner contact me with your address at sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com so I can get your free stuff out to you.
On Friday Olivia got to go on her first field trip and she was so excited. I obviously chaperoned because I didn't think many parents would and while there were a few, I thought there would be more? It just seems like not as many parents work full time at her school? I don't know. I know I volunteered and we were going to the Hartley Nature Center which I had never been to. The kids got to ride the bus (Olivia was PUMPED because we live close to school so I drive her or we walk) and so they could have just driven around and she would have been thrilled.

The cool thing about chaperoning is you get to see your kids in their element and how they are with friends. Her friends are super adorable and all of them were just the sweetest things. I started out with a group of Olivia and two of her friends, but once it became clear that creepy dad was only into hanging with his son, I got another girl added to my group. More on him in a bit, though.

So on the "hike" we learned all about animal tracks and traces. And yes, the kids learned that we don't say poop, we call it scat. Obviously this means Olivia has started saying, "MOM! I scatted!" every time she poops. (Which she normally announces anyways and offers to show it to you.) They also learned about animals having a call and that's how other animals find each other. So Olivia had to pair off with a friend and they decided on a "sound". They picked "GRRRR" and then one kid had to hide, the other got blind folded. The blind folded one had to follow the sound of their animal partner and the noise.
It was so god damn funny to hear her friend "grrring" and Olivia wandering around. Seriously. I almost peed laughing. Then we got to touch animal stuff.
 Olivia thought the deer leg (seen below) was cool. Even though I thought it was gross.
Overall the field trip was awesome. She has a lot of friends, she is super well behaved, she is just a fun little kid in a group of her peers. I was having a proud mommy moment watching her interact with everyone.

But let's talk about creepy dad. He's a parent that was in her nature group and he was creepy. First off, he was all over his son. I'm all for being affectionate, but really. I felt uncomfortable with the amount of affection happening. If that were Matt I would absolutely tell him to back off. Not only because it's embarrassing to the poor kid but because there is just a level that's not OK at certain ages. Then, creepy dad kept walking super close behind me. Like, uncomfortable close. I turned around and bam! There he is. At one point he came up to me and while leaning totally into me where our sides were in full contact whispers, "I like your boots". Seriously. I was so skeeved out that had I not been in front of kids this would have been a moment to school a guy on ok behavior. Not to mention he's taking pictures. Behind me. And his kid was nowhere near me. I was so grossed out that after the trip I bolted to my vehicle. Of course, when we picked our kids up later he was at the school standing right there and it's like, great. Thankfully, I had Jackson with me so him and I chatted so I could avoid creepy dad but there he was- totally staring at me. Seriously. Even thinking about it now freaks me out.

So there's that update. I have a super cool jewelry giveaway happening tomorrow so you HAVE to come back for that one. Trust me.


middle child said...

"MOM! I scatted." Funniest thing ever!
Now as for Mr. 'didn't I see you on Criminal Minds?' I would have mentioned it to Matt. If that had happened to me, Hunter would be jumping at the chance for a fight.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... EWW to the creepy dad dude. I'm guessing either he's just uber creepy or he's a single dad on the prowl? I mean, I know you're all that and a bag of chips ;) but way to be a creeper dude!

Yay to Olivia having fun though! That's awesome she got to go on a field trip! And double yay for your proud mommy moment!!!!

Dana said...

I can't believe your computer is running after nine years! I hope you have everything backed up in case something happens! Umm...Creepy McCreeperton. What a freak!

Ruth said...

Some laptops hold so much these days. It is really unbelievable.
We have a desktop and for our music we bought an external hardrive. We have a media bay that it slides right into. It holds 1TB, but you get can bigger now.
I hate creepers.
But, glad the trip was good other than that.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I never chaperoned my kids field trips and I do think I missed out on some awesmome times but I can't go back and change it.......so I think if is wonderful that you did so.

Julie H said...

Ewww gross creepy dad! There used to be this one dad that was all on the PTA and went on field trips and stuff and all the moms were like swooning for him. He was probably banging them all.

Steff said...

Ugh I typed out a whole reply on my fucking phone and poof! It disappeared. But the jist? Having my parents go on field trips was one of the highlights of my childhood even though I don't remember most of the trips! Kudos on being an awesome mom.

Gini said...

DUDE, Olivia saying "I scatted!" is some funny shit! Clever girl! And her hat is FABULOUS.

Creepy dad makes me feel barfy for you.

Veronica M. D. said...

Ha ha. Scatted. Good one, O. Also, LOVE her owl hat. :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

My now deceased laptop had a 500GB hard drive. It's replacement, a refurb from TigerDirect has a 620GB hard drive. Refurbs are the shit when you want to save on electronics. Even the additional $89 to extend the 3 month warranty to 12 months still brought it in $300 under the cost of a regular one