Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book winner, curls, and being defeated by icing.

The winner of the book Holy Ghost Girl (according to random.org) is....

#11 SweetSillySara

Congratulations! I will contact you about getting your contact information, so check your email.
In other news, let's talk about some random shit I keep forgetting to talk to you about. First up, Olivia is becoming quite the fashionista. Which I absolutely love because one of the things I wanted when I knew I was having a daughter is that she be super girly and fun. Olivia is all of that times a thousand. This past week she let me put foam curlers in her hair before bed. She has really fine hair (now... I'm sure it'll end up like mine and she'll never go near a curler as an adult) and it doesn't really do much. She has a lot of baby hairs growing in and it's kind of hard to make it cute. But the curls? Adorable.

 I also had cake class last week. It was pretty bad and I think at one point I almost yelled at my pink icing. Mother fucking icing. Let's just say for the record that I absolutely HATE royal icing. I hate it. It tastes gross, I don't think anything on a cake should be hard and/or crunchy, and it's a pain the god damn ass. That and my hand mixer has just about had it with me and this royal icing.

Royal icing is a fickle bitch. It's all stiff like it should be until you drive the ten minutes to class where in that time it goes limp like nothing should ever be. <-- life lesson. But I brought some powdered sugar (just in case) and tried to revive it. Not happening. So I had to make my fucking flowers with limp icing so everything looks like shit.
 It's a yellow fucking blob daffodil.
To show you how shitty my violets were, I took a picture of mine (blue, obviously) next to the book one. Um, not even close. Piece of shit icing.

The only redeeming thing were the lilies that don't look like complete ass. Except for the fact the yellow makes it look like a god damn banana.

And you know those lilies broke on the way home. The instructor said they would be fragile but I didn't expect them to be complete assholes and fall completely apart in their safe egg carton home. But they did. I also came home covered in dried pink icing and I'm not sure why since my pink never made it out of the container. I blew out multiple bags during class (not horrible, but it's a pain in the ass to deal with and make a new bag when everyone in the class is already ahead of you and you are getting confused as it is) and generally it was not a good night. This Thursday is our last class of this session and we have to decorate a full cake. Um, nervous. We also learn basket weaving so it might look like shit.

I was hesitant if I would sign up for the third session since I would miss the middle two classes, but I'm going to do it. I think I'll be able to have enough time after the other two classes I will be there for to learn what I need to about fondant.
I am so tired and have a migraine today that I can barely move. I don't know but I seem to be getting these more and more frequently to the point where they actually take me out. So I'm off. Leave a comment to congratulate the book winner, tell me how ugly my flowers are and how cute my daughter is.


Jennifer Kay said...

What the hell is up with the headaches, you might wanna get that checked out...or you know just shove a knife into your eye and then smash your head into a wall as you suggested yesterday.

Feel better chiquita!

Unknown said...

your daughter is adorable! your flowers sort of due suck, lol! :p i do like violets. you're whole doing classes thing has inspired me. now i'm trying to find a pottery class, b/c i've always wanted to do that. so thanks for being all inspirational and junk.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I also do not like hard icing I don't like the taste of it either although hubby prefers it but me I say nice soft frosting is best.......

Unknown said...

Oh, man! I took the first set of those classes with my grandma when I was a kid. I had absolutely no idea what was going on... But, somehow, I've grown into an adult who is addicted to cake decorating. I only wish my stuff looked like more than colorful blobs on slanty cakes! Maybe, rather than sneaking big "tastes" of buttercream icing, I should have paid closer attention in class!

Shirley said...

Olivia is so stinking cute. Tell her to call me I need some fashion advice!

Ruth said...

My husband's doctor mentioned sticking your hands in ice water when a migraine comes on. It's a old wives tale, but he said some people swear by it. The sudden cold is supposed to trick your brain and the blood vessels will tighten up and so the pain lets up.
Olivia is cute and you are so lucky you have a girly girl. My daughter has never let me do her hair even as a baby.
Congrats SweetSillySara.
I don't like royal icing either.

Josie said...

Olivia is adorable! I can't wait until Isabel is old enough to be a dive :) (a bigger one than she already is at 18 months). At the same time I wish we could go back a few months and that she would stay that size forever.

Ixy said...

I love your baking rage - this is why I'm not a domestic kind of person. I appreciate the pretty things people make, but don't have the patience or emotional stamina to make them myself.

Your daughter is adorable and your flowers are actually quite nice too!

Julie H said...

Oh darn I wanted to win that book ;)

Better luck at the next class!

Dana said...

Olivia is a cutie and your flowers are way better than anything I could ever do but your stories of your class stresses me out because I can just feel how I would be lagging behind everyone else.

____j said...

she's so cute!