Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Sara. Oh, it's still going.

I'm such a slacker and I know it. It's certainly not because I'm lazy but more because I feel overwhelmed with life. But I have great things going on so I really can't complain. It's pretty much all happy problems at this point. You know things are good when I don't even yell at Matt about the laundry sink when it overflowed twice this week.

But let's get some Dear Sara questions out of the way and call it tonight's post.

1. I saw on your Facebook you have had some bad restaurant experiences (are you blogging about these ever???) and I'm wondering if you complain or let it go? It depends. Really. I probably won't blog about either since I kind of forgot about it and blech- it's more fun to write about something when I'm heated and I'm not anymore. But in one case I think the problems stemmed from the fact it was a Friday night, extremely busy, and you have mostly immature college students working. Not every college student with a job falls into this category but I'm going to go ahead and lump a lot of them in there. So all of that aside? It probably would have been better had I gone an hour earlier. The second experience was straight up bad. The waitress was horrible, the food was horrible, the customer service was horrible, there was not one positive thing about the entire two hour experience. So in that case? I paid my bill, told the hostess it was terrible (and why) when she asked, and I wrote a letter. I included all of the pertinent information, a copy of my receipt validating the time I was there, etc. I firmly believe that if you have bad service anywhere and it was fully preventable, you need to speak up. I don't care if I get a free meal out of it or not (which I didn't), I think they should know so that they can do better. Alternately, I think if you experience really great service? You need to mention it too. People always jump the gun to fire off a nasty gram email but it's rare that an employer (or employee) gets a "you did a great job and really made my day" comment. Positive comments go further than negative, but negatives are good learning experiences.

2. What kind of sports bra do you use? I read about all of your running and you have complained about your boobs-- so I'm curious if you found one that works? YES! Did I not blog this? I didn't? Good lord. OK. So chunky girls with boobage UNITE. Old Navy has the *best* running bra that isn't expensive. It's the Go Active Running Bra and I'm not kidding you- you put that on and you feel like you are strapped into a harness. When I ran my last 5K my boobs did not move at all. Nothing. No moving at all. I cannot stress that they didn't move in any direction. At all. Really. Nothing at all. Hopefully all of my repetitiveness emphasizes that my boobs did not move. The best part? The bra is normally like $20 but on sale it's $9. I know. I may or may not have sung a song in the Old Navy dressing room. It is amazing. But I will tell you definitely try them on. Because I'm a 36D boob and I bought a large. I could not breathe in a medium and an XL fit, but there was some wiggle. Oh! And you don't get uni-boob from it. I know. It's kind of amazing.

3. You haven't done a "In the News" post in awhile...... so what do you think about Judge Adams? Fair or no? OK, so I only saw this briefly when my mom insisted I see it. It was on some morning show. But in the few seconds I saw (because I know I could never watch the full thing which is like seven minutes or something), I can tell you two things: there is a line between discipline and abuse. I am not against spanking but it has to be justified and what you see on that tape is not justified and it is not spanking. Also at some point let's be honest- you need to find other tactics of discipline. Number two? That mother? Is a phony. I don't care who you are, how abused you are by your spouse, whatever- if someone is beating your child like that, a normal parent who gives a damn would step in and take the beating and spare their child. No responsible mother would not only allow that to happen but then to tell her daughter to "take it like a woman". My two cents? I think she got wind that the daughter had it on a tape and came up with this "I was brainwashed" bull shit so that she wouldn't be in trouble with the law like her ex potentially is. If I were that girl I'd tell both of my parents to kiss the fuck off and let them both go to jail. I would never in a million years let anyone, let alone my husband, beat my child in that way. Even if they burned the damn house down, there is never a time to justify that kind of abuse. It's absolutely sickening that there are people out there like that. So I hope that girl wisens up because her mother is just as guilty as the father.

4. With the holidays coming up, do you think it's mandatory to do neighbor gifts? My husband and I just bought our house a few months ago and the neighbors have been really friendly and a couple have brought us plants or cookies for welcome gifts. Do you think I'm obligated to give a Christmas gift? Yikes. OK, I kind of feel like you should and here's why: it's just a nice thing to do. Obviously you live somewhere that sounds non-ghetto and that your neighbors give a damn who they live next to. They also took the time to get you a plant or bake you cookies (or dump store bought ones into a Tupperware- it still counts), so it would be a kind gesture. (I hope you gave them a thank you note, if you didn't I hope lightning strikes you down.) But with that I will tell you to keep it simple and inexpensive. The hands down easiest gift to do are things like gifts-in-a-jar. Find a cookie recipe that you like, and put the dry ingredients into a glass jar, print the recipe out and tie it to the jar. First off, it's cheap because you are only supplying dry ingredients. Second, it's home made and you jump up in brownie points instantly. Third, you can always get crazy and tie on a cookie cutter to make it fancy. Plus? You can whip out a bunch of these in no time. So I say yes. Because if nothing else? You've done something nice and maybe you'll make their day- and isn't that the great thing about Christmas? You thought of someone else and did something nice. Everybody likes that.

OK, so as usual..... if you have any questions for me, about me, about you, or a situation a "friend of a friend" is having- send me an email at sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com.


Josie said...

There's this Chinese restaurant that me and my husband go to A LOT. Most of the employees know us and what we order. A while ago they got a new bus boy/drink filler and the first time we saw him there he did a TERRIBLE job. I didn't say anything because I knew that he was the new guy. Well, we went last weekend and he was working. He did a FANTASTIC job. Our drinks never went dry and he was fast and very impressive. I couldn't find him when we left, but I left a hefty tip and told the manager what an amazing job he had done.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am also a big fan of telling companies including restaurants if they do a good or bad job. I think it is a shame that so many people are quick to complain and slow to complement.......