Saturday, November 19, 2011

Domestic Bitch Saturday: Nachos and Glitter.

Let's give me a round of applause for not only doing this post this week (despite my insane schedule and to-do list) but also because I actually got it to you on a Saturday. That hasn't happened in awhile but I'm super mom today so I figured I'd get it out.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of nachos. And not that shit you get at the Breaking Dawn midnight showing with stale chips and cold cheese. No, I like my nachos fresh out of the oven but I also don't like a lot of stuff. I usually order nachos with everything on the side, except the cheese and chicken. Because you know I always get the shredded chicken if it's an option. So I decided that I was just going to go ahead and make me some nachos the other night. And I proceeded to eat almost the entire pan but I had to hurry because Matt was eating the other half and it was a race to see who got more. Sadly, I lost but I ate enough to feel sickeningly full.

 God damn were those good. I did get crazy and layer my chips with chicken, SALSA, and cheese. Yes- I ate salsa. I didn't totally love salsa, but I didn't gag and I'm marking it as a win in the "Sara's is a ridiculously picky eater" category.

I also have been making glitter ornaments. I made some last year using ink and white glitter and those are gorgeous. (And some are on sale right here) But while perusing Pinterest a few months ago I found a pin where the woman made them using floor cleaner and glitter, and you know I was on it.

Well, not super on it since it took me a few months to do it. But I did it.
 The key here (apparently) is to get the Pledge with that little "FUTURE" logo on it. I will tell you that it is sticky as hell and I think that's why it works. So when you accidentally get it on the outside of your clear glass bulb- wipe it off. Otherwise it looks smudgy. So you need that, some glitter (I am using the Martha Stewart stuff because it comes in colors like Limeade and Blueberry Slush and I like things with fun names), and clear bulbs (I used glass ones only so far).

Basically you pour some cleaner in your bulb, turn your bulb so it coats the entire inside, pour out excess. Dump in a shit ton of glitter, turn bulb so it coats inside, dump out excess. Save the glitter you dump out so you can put it back into the glitter container.
I got both of these sets done in maybe ten minutes. It goes really quick and they turn out awesome. I am obviously going to the store to get more bulbs because now I'm out of control.

I also made one set of cards for my Etsy shop. More Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday cards are coming, but the magical time fairy is slow on getting to me. But these are super cute thank you cards. I made some extra for myself, but you can buy these HERE.
But I figured I would ask- what else would be cool to feature in my shop? Are there a certain kind of cards you think I should carry, what do you think I should learn how to make? If you have ideas, I am certainly open for suggestions.

Also in the next few weeks I am going to feature super easy things even you, the crafty challenged, can make for the holidays. I've made a few but they aren't totally finished so I figured I would feature one each week, and this week was the glitter ornaments. You can totally bang out a ton of those (and clean your floors, you dirty lambwhores) in very little time and give them to people at work and look like you spent a ton of time. And then everyone will be like, "Wow, those are so awesome" and you can be like, "Yah- I know. My lambwhore leader showed me the way". It's a win-win for us all.

OK- so stay tuned for next week's Domestic Bitch adventures!


Ruth said...

I've never tried nachos with chicken. I'll have to do that. Looks yummy.
I'll check and see if you still have any ornaments in a couple weeks. Hopefully sooner, if I get some extra cash.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Yummm. And where did you get your fancy glitter? I want to try making those ornaments.

Julie H said...

I thought you were going to make the chicken nacho bake off the craft site. That looks delicious!

Ryan Adair said...

I must say that you are da bomb diggity!


Now I want Nachos, but I am not picky, so slap on errrr'thang except olives, because olives are disgusting and make me want to choke kittens... pickles have this effect on me as well.

Sara Strand said...

@Ruth: You should choose chicken. Chicken will love you.

@Shannon: I got mine from Michaels, but you can also get the Martha Stewart stuff at some Walmarts? Otherwise pretty much look online- you'll probably be overwhelmed with color choices online.

@Julie: I was going to but realized I was missing some ingredients and was too lazy to care.

@Ryan: Aw.. bestie! I love pickles. Someone told me yesterday that pickles make them homicidal. I obviously moved myself and my pickles to another table.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am not a fan of nachos but I love and I mean love chicken so nachos with chicken maybe ok.......

Carrie said...

Um, this totally makes me want to go make some nachos. But with no chicken. Crazy vegetarian over here.

Ornaments are so cute. I'm totally going to make these.

Ang said...

awesome job on those bulbs... so EASY!

kimberrleigh said...

So I know I haven't commented on your posts in forever, because I'm lazy as crap. But I've been reading and I miss talking to you and I promise (you, exclusively :P) that I am going to be posting more!

Also, YUM on the nachos. And I LOVE this idea for the bulbs. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Dana said...

Those nachos look good! How much glitter did you go through for those sets? I wonder where the best place to buy cheap clear bulbs is? Walmart? They look fab!