Monday, November 7, 2011

Hot Bitch Monday.. back at it.

Before I get into tonight's post, here are some cool things you need to know about:

1. A nail polish swap organized by Tara and Celia. They are awesome and your toes need help.

2. Cathy from Antsy Pants is having a Movember fundraiser. Do it, because you might win something awesome from me.

3.Ornament Swap time!

OK, so now for this week of Hot Bitchness, I am struggling. I only ran once last week and that sucks. Because I do want to do more. I have these little cravings, if you will, to exercise and move because I know that I feel better once I do move. My problem is that I am back on birth control. Long story short and no it doesn't involve me trying to get pregnant at all- that ship has very much sailed, but I wasn't on it for almost four years and now I have decided to just get on it since we can't afford Matt's vasectomy, etc. Because I know you all care to know this.

But being on the pill again brings me back to my college years and you know... the subsequent weight gain. As far as I am concerned the Pill is the devil that makes you think it's completely OK to eat pizza rolls, Cheez Its and candy with a side of french fries all day long. I swear I have food coma some days because I'm eating and like an hour later I'm all, "Oh shit... I feel sick" and realize HEY! I just ate a bunch of shit so no wonder why I feel like my intestines are revolting and I may be hugging a toilet later. Because my stomach? Cannot take that stuff like it could when I was say... 18. It just doesn't work anymore.

So obviously my problem is my challenge is going to be to maintain my big assness from getting out of hand. And it already is. I know I must have gained in the last week or two and I'm just not looking because if I don't know for sure... it's not really a problem. (You'll notice I have the "ignorance is bliss" mentality for most of life.)

I also looked into kickboxing classes and I found a reasonable price for a local place, but they also offer lots of other classes. In the evening. For cheap. I think this is my thing. Now my thing is... do I wait until after the holidays to join and get a friend to do it with me, or do I suck it up and go now all alone? I'm going to be honest- I hate doing things like this on my own and find it hard to be accountable to myself so I feel like going alone might set me up for failure? I don't know. I just know I kind of really want to do it, I just don't want to look like a friendless asshole while doing it.


Unknown said...

i'm of two trains of thought. one you could meet new people. but on the flip side, if i get discouraged from something, it's hard to get me to do it again. even with a friend.

Ruth said...

Waiting is hard. But, if you think you will be better at making sure you go and give it your all, you might want to wait until you have a friend to go with.
On the flip side, you might meet other people that are there alone and find a good friend. Or 2. Or 3.
I've always liked to exercise by myself just because I don't like doing it in front of people.

Micaela said...

i'm so glad you joined my ornament swap (thanks for posting a link about it!) because it brought me to your HILARIOUS blog!!! i'm the same way about eating like that all day long and then having the worst stomach ache surprises me, why? lol

the only difference is, i can't blame the pill since i haven't been on it for a couple of years... (so why can't we get pregnant?! that's another rant, another day)

i say if you want it to be your thing, do it now. No one will think you're a friendless asshole i promise! :)

TheBigShowAtUD said...

Lucky for me, I don't need a pill to eat like that. I just turn on a football game, and the pizza rolls seem to make themselves.