Monday, November 28, 2011

Hot Bitch Monday Weigh In and the State of My Girl Parts

Today I had my super fun annual appointment at the OB/GYN. But the great thing about that is that I got to be weighed in and the magic number is....


The medical assistant wouldn't let me take a picture of it so that was lame. But I was pretty damn happy with that. Because my scale at home keep saying 164 pounds, but I always assume it's kind of off, and in this case it is but in a good way. :)

My issue is snacking. Like I am a for real snack-a-holic and I need to get myself in check. I also don't snack on things that I should like fruits and veggies so my challenge is to find things that aren't fruits and veggies that are still good for me, or at least not horrible. Any ideas?

But let's talk about my appointment. I think I mentioned how last year they were obviously trying to conserve and you didn't even get the paper sheet to cover up with. So you were basically naked from the waist down just letting it all hang out. This year? They must have gotten a ton of complaints because I got the paper sheet. Except it was micro size so it only covered my vagina, but left my ass out. Honestly- I don't know what it matters, they see your vagina anyways.

It also made me realize how absurd it all really is. Nowhere else are you half naked talking about the state of your vagina and answering questions about your natural lubrication, your birth control and if you have any vaginal discomfort. It's all kind of weird and I pretty much started laughing. I am sure the nurse practitioner thought I was nuts or something.

So hopefully everything checks out with mini Sara. I am kind of nervous though because I have to call and schedule an ultrasound on mah boobies. They hurt... a LOT, but they are also more lumpy than they were. On the plus side, the NP assures me that breast cancer doesn't hurt but still. It's weird. Because they hurt enough to be the equivalent to when your milk dries up. Which, if you've never experienced that, it's kind of fucking horrible. So think happy things.

So I need you to give me snack ideas. You don't want a fat lambwhore leader, bitches.


middle child said...

Snacks? I haven't found the will power yet but when I will be dry Kelloggs Special K - vanilla/almond. Yum-oh!
You may just have cystic breasts but the pain? I got no answer for that. I used to have sore nipples when I ovulated but other than that....

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I eat Chobani greek yogurt for a snack. It has no fat, 140ish calories, and 14g of protein, which keeps me from digging into the chips all afternoon. It also has fruit on the bottom that curbs my sweet tooth. You should try it!

Oilfield Trash said...

You need will power my friend. If I can quit smoking you can quit snacking.

Jennifer Kay said...

I know you are picky my fearless leader but if you buy the cheapy ham that is like 59 cents, it's 9 calories per slice. Slather that with some 1/3 less fat cream cheese and roll a dill pickle in it.

39 calorie crunchy goodness.

Shirley said...

I love GYNs!! Seriously, funniest people ever. Minus my stalker at work.What about microwave popcorn for a snack?

Josie said...

Mini-Sara? Hahaha that's so great. In a non-creepy way.

I snack on pretzels or at the beginning of the week a make a bunch of air popped, no oil popcorn and put it in baggies to have during the week. It's kind of bland, but I just add a little salt. My snacking problem is that I want to eat just so I have something to do with my hands so I don't necessarily need anything to sweet or anything, and the popcorn is great for that.

Ruth said...

Kashi baked cereal bars are yummy.
I have always had fibrous tissue in my breasts. Too much caffeine can make your boobs sore. I don't know why it doesn't when you are younger, but it does later on.
I'll trade you your ultrasound for my mammogram.

Julie H said...

The boob pain is what sent me to the Dr. Mostly mine is just before so they said it's totally normal. They also said they only do paps ever other year now. Weird but I'll take it!

Katie P said...

I love the 100 calorie snack packs. The yogurt covered pretzels and the choc chip cookies. I hate buying them cuz I'm trying to be green and use less packaging...but I love them and if I only bring one to work...I can't hog down the whole box...bc I totally would

Ang said...

eat hummus. they make flavored kinds, and it's pretty dope. it's filling too, so you don't need a lot and it's great for you!

Ryan Adair said...

When snacking be mindful of 3 things: Protein, Fiber and antioxidants.

You want your snack to have at least 2 out of the 3.

Popcorn, pretzels, cereal bars etc will leave you craving more sugar, salt or empty calories, which is detrimental to losing weight.

My favorite snacks are:

1.apples or pears with a spoon of Peanut Butter. Apples and Pears and HIGH in fiber and PB has a lot of protein per serving.

2.Red/green peppers with hummus or black bean dip (homemade BB dip); Peppers have a lot of antioxidants, and bean dips and hummus are a great source of both fiber and protein.

3. Hard boiled egg, one piece of cheese and berries. (Again, protein, anti-ox, and fiber) Plus the cheese makes you feel like you are cheating. :)

4. Protein and fiber rich smoothie-- just watch the calories, a smoothie can have up to 600 calories if you don't watch out!

Ryan Adair said...

and quit being picky! You are a big girl now! :) <3

Gini said...

I like snacking on sunflower seeds and mini-bags of popcorn.

Hope your girl parts are okay!

Anonymous said...

So pretty much I'm lazy and I bypass all other comments, so sorry in advance if my suggestions are repeats ;)

hummus and pita chips, trail mix, almonds are the healthiest nuts to eat (though I find them disgusting), yogurt, granola bar NOT covered in choc, protein shake, or really any kind of shake, heck- moderation of junk snacks, jello, popcorn, pretzel (I like the rods and not the twisty ones), Special K crackers, wheat thin multi grain crackers, string cheese, sugar free fruit popsicle, sugar free hard candies, I sometimes drink hot choc as a snack, reg old fruits and veggies cut up add dip if ya want.

basically read food labels- stick with the serving size. everything in moderation!